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tweets for 2020-11-26

Why was the Kraken released the day before Thanksgiving?!

tweets for 2020-11-25

I’d legit love to read a good book/bio about Richard M. Stallman, warts and all…

tweets for 2020-11-20

I have a message of peace to the riven lands of the git master->main controversy: adopt my sublime suggestion of naming branches Rick/Morty

tweets for 2020-11-19

Everyone is mad the Pogues are “cancelled” except @poguesofficial

tweets for 2020-11-16

the Medium is the [login here to read message]

tweets for 2020-11-11

“Body found in Canada identified as neo-nazi spam king’’ - 90s Usenet revenge fantasies finally bearing fruit!

How to be a big Star: live fast outside the Main Sequence, flare young, and leave a small, rapidly spinning corpse

tweets for 2020-11-10

Schadenfreude is the only true Fruede

Twinkle little Twitter star, how I Parler where you are

tweets for 2020-11-08

Foreign policy experts emerge from their hiding holes, astounded that someone in power will read and understand what they’re writing about

6.6.6 - the semver of the beast

tweets for 2020-11-06

OK who had “pestilential minks” on their 2020 bingo card

Trump the dirt down

The Trump Presidential Library will be a small closet where gilt-leather bound copies of The Art of the Deal are stored

tweets for 2020-11-04

SVT om cv19 i Uppsala: “Nästan var fjärde person som testas positivt för covid-19 i länet är mellan 20 och 29 år. Det är den enskilda grupp som står för flest fall. Smittskyddet har inte klarlagt varför.”

Min analys: dom nuppar. Case closed.

tweets for 2020-11-03

The Use of a Cliched Title Template That’s Been Leached of All Meaning Considered Harmful

tweets for 2020-11-01

<open Instagram to post after a while>

<click + to add a photo>

“Enable access to the microphone to post”

FU, Facebook

The meeting will be on Google Meat. Bring your own seasoning.


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