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tweets for 2022-02-27

Most things are unthinkable until they actually happen

Maybe have a little sympathy for the world’s senior politicians and civil servants whose weekend has been comprehensively ruined

tweets for 2022-02-12

“when the night turns to dusk” - that’s not how time works #mello2022

Lisa Ajax och Sarah Hector borde bilda superhjälteduo #mello2022

how about instead of Web, Web 2.0, and web3, we just let the number of B’s decide: web webb webbb

Why Hacker News is so obsessed with shoplifting, to the point of calling for the return of capital punishment for theft, is beyond me. I guess they really don’t like poor people.

tweets for 2022-02-11

Still impressed and kinda heartened by how thoroughly despised wab3 is online


🤬 GDPR, privacy, ad-blocking

I’m pretty convinced the reason Google hasn’t come down hard on adblocking extensions to Chrome (despite it hurting their bottom line) is that allowing them gives them plausible cover from any sort of serious user data protection legislation. The inherent libertarian tendencies of the internet takes care of the rest. “Fuck you, got mine” is its mantra.

Expecting online privacy exploitation to be solved by installing browser extensions that are allowed on the sufferance of the world’s largest advertizer is the height of atomistic individualism.

The GDPR is far from perfect. But it’s still distressing to see “privacy activists” in the USA dismiss it because of their built-in aversion to any sort of collective action directed by a state.


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