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tweets for 2016-06-28

“Gotland sätter stopp för förlossningar” - Bra så. Vi har tillräckligt med gutar. @eorlingur

I have an early Gmail addy. So far contacted German travel agency and NC pet hospital to let them know someone has used it as theirs

tweets for 2016-06-27

Left home without work phone, headphones or sunglasses so commuted like a 13th century peasant

How come there’s no native #Mosh client for Windows?

#newpc has bitlocker pin. I don’t have it. Visit recovery page. Corporate Windows ID not recognized. #FML


So glad I watched this match #ENGISL Fuck yeah Iceland!

tweets for 2016-06-23

LOL MS “Edge” can’t read an effing bookmarks file… “first import them into another browser” #newcomputer #win10

tweets for 2016-06-21

Remember when Microsoft decided “.Net” was cool and hip and it wasn’t and it’s messing up spell check ever since?

WAL qualifies for round of 16 before ENG, wonder if my Welsh coworker is excited now?! #euro16

Luckily for Milo Yiannopoulos, being an insufferably smug asshole isn’t a punishable offence.

I admire Paul Simon as a person and as an artist but holy crap his latest album is a snoozefest

tweets for 2016-06-20

Shorter #TheDAO - a fool and his money are soon parted - NOW WITH CODE

tweets for 2016-06-18

Life without an electric kettle - nasty, brutish, and long waits for coffee

tweets for 2016-06-17

TIL Skunk Anansie are still touring. WTF #fb

Being pre-emptively pedantic is a good way to approach many Internet venues. Defeats the dread “ACTUALLY…”

tweets for 2016-06-16

Official iOS Twitter app absolutely killing battery life! Suspect ads from web pages. Any alt where I can get ad blocking?

Realize pubs hate ad blockers, but ads are an absolute battery life killer

tweets for 2016-06-15

Can one use defunct social networks to communicate? “Ello Orkut, plurk?” @tkjaer

tweets for 2016-06-13

If you cashed in all the Bitcoins at today’s price you’d have less than half of what Microsoft gave for LinkedIn in ActualMoney(tm)

I quit LinkedIn after one password leak, then was reminded not to rejoin after they leaked a second time

tweets for 2016-06-09

Clinton on social media: “how do you tweet, fellow kids?”

tweets for 2016-06-06

Proposal: from now on, Facebook should be known as the All-Seeing Eye of Zuk.

tweets for 2016-06-04

1 beer and 2 glasses of wine under my belt, feel ready to get a snapchat account

tweets for 2016-06-02

Yet again I am brought to the realization that subtle sarcasm is not transmitted easily on Twitter.

tweets for 2016-06-01

“America is a meritocracy!” “Oh yeah, then how do you explain Bill Kristol?”

Fan, Kents första 3 skivor är så tråkiga så klockorna stannar #fb


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