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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2009-06-30


FreeBSD ports maintenance is like a blast from the past, and not in a good way


on my way to the bank to get a new security token


subway station is delightfully cool, unlike the trains themselves


.@jimh guess they’re using some form of Septic timezone, it’s amazing how US-centric most corps are


recent TPB sale a prelude to going decentralised with APIs and feeds? @patrickblixt thinks so! #TPB


Sms from the ‘rents, they’re having a good time in Georgia (not the state)


halfway through a run of #freebsd portsupgrade I’m struck by the thought that THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY


wtf there’s an “x11-clocks” ports section in #freebsd?

tweets for 2009-06-29


summer party pics filtered and posted internally


tip for pronouncing Ahmadinejad: say “I’m a dinner jacket” real fast


Giving SharePoint a run for its money


nothing like a shot of the evening sky to tell you your sensor needs cleaning #photog


latest wingnut theory: Billy Ayers ghost-wrote “Dreams of my Father”!


Battling the heat in tan sports jacket, khaki chinos and desert boots. Wayfarer’s top off the ensemble.


Soundtrack till resan hem är Docenternas samlingsplatta.. “bensin i blodet / en ensam man på en moped” #fb


Wtf is the next tram in 13 minutes? :(


out on the terrace again, cooling off

tweets for 2009-06-28


Frukost på terassen med New York Review of Books #fb


spent the afternoon playing minigolf with Viking at Lilla Blecktornsparken. Hot as hell #fb


whoah so I kinda missed 4 Tradera auctions on account of having a real life


thinking of taking MS Emelie from #Sjöstaden to Nybroviken tomorrow


IRC is for people who aren’t easily offended. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

tweets for 2009-06-27


sitting outside on the terrace with the lappy and a drink + chips

tweets for 2009-06-26


Shorter pithier @GreatDismal: Twitter rocked by megacelebrity deathquake


surprisingly, we didn’t manage to solve the #IranElection problem at #subrosa


one idea at #subrosa: crowdsourced sanctions: expose those businesses that do the regimes dirty work and shame them


ok sure #MJ was an amazing performer back in the day, but seriously, dying now was kinda smooth move. It’s been downhill for a looong time


oh wow remote desktop to LA is not lightning fast? #whyaminotsurprised


bouncing admin servers, Batman!


Breaking: Mark Sanford and/or the Iranian hardliners killed #Jacko!


ok I spent a vacation in Greece in 1982 listenign to “Thriller” on a Walkman so I’m listening to it on #spotify now


poignant article about #MJ http://bit.ly/g1T2h #fb


Lunch på Drottninggatan #fb


can’t listen to “Beat It” without hearing Weird Al’s “Eat It”


summer party time soon!


back home after a nice office summer party

tweets for 2009-06-25


iTunes too RT @johanrydberg: Tell me why I need to restart my computer after upgrading to Safari 4.0.1. The madness gotta stop, #apple.


Ah, finally got my little Swedish holidays app working: http://bit.ly/fajdi


Första IPRED-fallet avgjort http://bit.ly/2mbCv6


every time I dick around in lighttpd.conf I’m thankful that I’m not running Apache #nerd


hmm doesn’t look like there are any #perl modules for dealing with #ical calendars


now reading http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2445.txt


how the HELL did my Wayfarers get this scratched up? It’s like fscking tank tracks #fb


whoah, almost forgot I’m moving the traffic either tonight or early tomorrow


meeting time!


yay I’m GO for #subrosa tomorrow! Lessee if I can find those interesting links I read yesterday


really enjoyed the Jun 11 issue of the New York Review of Books #nybooks.com


Farrah Fawcett was an Objectivist? http://bit.ly/riz3H

tweets for 2009-06-24


tickets to write


“The Orbo doesn’t work, reports a jury of scientists and engineers selected by perpetual motion company Steorn to analyze its technology”


trevligt med torghandel på Luma torg, synd att det ser så fult ut #Sjöstaden #fb


yay got lighty to run my cgi script… but not if it ends in .cgi. Oh well, fix that later


whoah Mark Sanford implodes… I nearly feel sorry for the #GOP

tweets for 2009-06-23


testing browsing Facebook stream with #Gravity (beta code), working great so far! This will be HUGE #mobile #s60 #fb


I think I’m posting way too many pics of the local fountain


I wonder how many of the people complaining about the death of Kodachrome actually, you know, shoot with it? #photog #whine #k64


here’s a protip fpr you #k64 latecomers, order like 5 rolls instead of 1


Tunnbrödsrulle från Henkes grill, #Sveavägen #lunch #fb

tweets for 2009-06-22


importing 553 images from #midsommar, lessee how many are keepers


in the spirit of contrariness, I will be the only user of Twitter without a green overlay of my icon


end of an era “Today, Kodak has officially announced the retirement of Kodachrome 64” #photog


don’ the bugzilla tango


slogged through my entire “Finance” category in Google reader

tweets for 2009-06-21


whoah, that’s quite a pong coming from somewhere :P


been to #Sickla and bought strawberries (unfortunately Belgian)


wtf is wrong with my net connection


bit overwhelmed by my 812 unread items in Reader… I need a better tagging system

tweets for 2009-06-20


sitter på bryggan på Björkholmen och äter chokladkaka #midsommar #fb


Sharing a boat with Peter Danovsky of #spectrial infamy #gossip #fb

tweets for 2009-06-19


På väg till Ahlsvik i en fullproppad “Cinderella”. Att Viking vägrar sitta ute gör det inte lättare #midsommar #fb


Nu lagt till i Vaxholm, hoppas det kan bli lite mindre folk #midsommar #fb


So apparently people don’t believe I’m on a boat, can’t post a pic to disprove them


kinda wish I had a gps

tweets for 2009-06-18


Moammar Quaddafi must be thrilled to see to many green Twitter profile pics, cf. the flag of Libya


catching up on IRC backlogs instead of working #demotivated


Doctorow “ The Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse are gangsters, child pornographers, terrorists and pirates.” - http://is.gd/158NI


think I’m gonna hit the Sub an hour in advance


synd att DagensIlandsProblem är lite långt för en Twitter-tagg #iland #fb


it irks me that a hood for my Sigma will cost more than the lens itself #photog


dpreview get their knickers in a twist over leaks http://is.gd/15dWP #photog


bah, Antipiratbyrån får fortsätta samla in IP-adresser eftersom dom har ett undantag från lagen sedan tidigare #spectrial


PETA is more known for being weird kooks than for actually helping animals http://bit.ly/lpuaq


clocking out for long Midsummer’s weekend


On my way to Willys in Sickla to stock up for #midsommar #fb


whoah a bunch of new followers! Going through them now


they like me in Canada… wonder why


so, I’ve vetted about 50 new followers and followed some back… I’ll get back to the rest soonest!


took a 45min nap this PM, feels like a power move right now


I let Viking fall asleep in our bed just so I can carry him to his… I love that


wtf Foot Locker has stock ticker FL??

tweets for 2009-06-17


TweetDeck grip nr. 3: can’t handle Unicode URLs


so, the Acrobat reader update wants to restart my system. Seriously?


Stolt att bo i “Hammarby finstad […] elitsossarnas vita förortsborg” #sjöstaden #fb


Being very Swedish, buying Absolut at Systemet in prep for #Midsommar


I shouldn’t complain, but I’d rather have a 28/2 DX prime than the 35/1.8 DX #photog #nikon #gearwank


Heading to Enskede Gård to pick up my nephew+niece from daycare

tweets for 2009-06-16


already people are offering used “Koenigsegg-Saabs” on swedish forums :)


man the Oly E-P1 doesn’t look as tiny as expected: http://is.gd/13iZa


I kinda hate “blogs” that just cut-and-paste from press releases


#photog gear for midsummer will be: D200 SB400 18/3.5 35-70/2.8


I wonder… would any of the 3rd-tier camera manufacturers get snapped up by Apple in a “strategic partnership”? Olympus comes to mind


how can you kill a Task Manager that’s freaking out? #windows #riddle


“piracy of intellectual property” isn’t theft, it’s a breach of contract


up until I’ve taken a frame, I prefer analogue gear. After, I prefer digital #photog


someday I’ll do a side-by-side comparison of the nikkor 18mm to the sigma 18-50. Not today though


På väg in till Rival för en öl med @Petter_L #fb


oh noes, could it be my cheap D200 battery is giving up the ghost?! #cheapskate #photog


think I’ll walk to Mariatorget #stockholm #summer

tweets for 2009-06-15


Took a 15 minute walk rather than wait for the delayed tram #publictransportfail


förvånad över bristen på rapportering om Iran i framförallt DN #fb


wtf don’t I get any fucking output from my runs??? #perl #unix #fail


ser ut som att det blir lunch på Subway igen … suck #fb


thanks to a wedged NFS mount I’ve had 2 successive multihour runs just result in a zero byte file. #unix #fail


mmm new Nokia N72 looks mighty sweet! http://bit.ly/Ag8zT


thanks @SeanC for pointing me to New Model Army! #fb


power nap’d


What kind of dude presses himself into a crowded subway carriage with a huge opened lappy?


today’s commute has been a virtual cornucopia of street shooting subjects if a) i had some faster film than 100 Ektar and b) i wasn’t a wuss


“Ah reckon someone’s gonna get SUED” - http://bit.ly/6mWQ3


Twitter and the C64 - a perfect match


last episode of ER is on, listening to my headphones so as not to get sucked into the dhrama

tweets for 2009-06-14


hmm, IRC lag time is getting longer and loooonger….


made it through all my unread metafilter entries

tweets for 2009-06-13


crap, missed having “gerikson” as my FB username


waiting for my kid to come home from the party he’s at


it’s true Veronica, alcohol does reduce stress


so, what apps have been broken by the tweet ID rollover? http://www.twitpocalypse.com/


preparing for a dinner party, so long since we were at one!


weird that 2 separate people choose the Latin name for perch as their handle online

tweets for 2009-06-12


this turned out as good as I hoped http://www.flickr.com/photos/gerikson/3618364205/ #photog


wtf kind of term is “hyperlocal”? Seriously, think about it. #neologism #stupidity


funny stuff “Inside the Startup Office from Hell” (Rubicon) http://is.gd/ZFUj


I should really get some lunch


today’s #photog rumours: Nikon D300s w video, Nikkor 24/1.4, and a full-frame Leica M9


``Z was abolished in Icelandic in 1974.’’ - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z


waiting for this report run to finish so I can go home :(


You would have thought the Nazis loved Fraktur but you would be wrong http://bit.ly/fqNKz


man, I LOVE Wikipedia http://bit.ly/ZLgaL


Picking up Viking 30 minutes late #badparenting


yes! Gentoo is Rice is back!! http://funroll-loops.info/

tweets for 2009-06-11


Viking is with me at work today, prompting the usual quips about how developers are getting younger and isn’t there a hiring freeze?


I wonder why libtards, so critical of government monopolies, are so in favour of the monopolies of patents and copyright


rapidly heading towards total overengineering of this little monitor script


somehow our assigment of “getting SharePoint up and running” has morphed into “implement SP for all divisions”


gonna hit the Mickey D’s with Viking


this is a nightmare… offsite backups a must http://bit.ly/APNXz


hehe, just did an “ls *.pl | wc -l” in my “scratch” directory and found 171 files


1 svägerska på Facebook, 2 kvar ;) #fb


google-annons “Gå ned 5 kg i veckan med XYZ, det är inte normalt.” håller helt med! #fb


Documentary tonight about the battle of Bomarsund on Åland… wonder if I’ll remember to see it


konstigt hur 2 separata skribenter (AB, DN) verkar koppla mordet i Stureby till bloggar och chat http://is.gd/YXYT #media #stureby #fb


Veruca Salt’s sophomore album is better than the first


every time I get a new lens I feel that the pics I take with it are the best ever. Maybe that’s what explains gearlust


having fun reading old Dixon “world of photography” books from the middle 80s. Heavily pimping Miranda gear (house brand?)

tweets for 2009-06-10


I must say the D200’s auto white balance came through good in these here indoor shots #photog


facebook uploader plugin for picasa, nice


Nigerian crew outwits Somali pirates http://warisboring.com/?p=2230


Gonna pull 2 consecutive weeks of on-call in August #takingonefortheteam


Facebook ``Soon you will be able to have a username’’. Gee. Thanks? #meh


tackar @Veidit för att han går till Subway för mig! #fb


looks like Storable is what I want for my little monitoring script #perl


hmm Imperiets samlingsbox saknas hos TPB. Skärpning, pirater! #fb


I’ve never been there, but Scranton, PA doesn’t sound like a fun place. Apologies to residents, it’s the name!


tweetdeck gripe #1: won’t remember position, always hides below my desktops


tweetdeck gripe #2: copying a link URL includes a spurious “event:" prefix


every time I have to use long option handling in #Perl I have to bust out the manual. Seriously non-intuitive


11 new Vista updates to install… wtf


wtf kind of abbreviation is “NORK” for North Korea? Presumably chosen for its resemblance to the word “dork” #dprk #language


Shabbily clad hipster at #Gullmarsplan looks like Philip Seymour Hoffmans idiot brother


French constitutional court rules HADOPI illegal. Wonder what Sarkozy will come up with next to prevent people from sharing his wife’s music

tweets for 2009-06-09


even after a lacklustre product announcement, Apple still comes out looking good just because AT&T are such lamers #wwdc


Summer comes / new iPhone / 2 year contract pains me #haikufail


Am I bad person for always reading BFF as Best F*cking Friends?


as long as I’ve known about Urban Dictionary I’ve only used it to look up weird sexual practices


California as Poland and Florida as Angola http://bit.ly/55Z8t


stupid Sun Java installer grabbed my focus as I was typing and decided I didn’t accept their fucking license agreement #ubuntu #fail


trying to manually focus the 18/3.5 on the D200 makes me happy for its ginormous depth-of-field

tweets for 2009-06-08


I’m trying to love Tweetdeck, but the interface issues are driving me nuts


went and fetched my 18/3.5, then tried it out on the FM2 around Johannes. Ultrawide perspective is ultrawide! #photog


.@rcarmo I forgot that! Keyboard in software is obviously better for customisability in different locales


.@rcarmo I’m starting to think that Air sucks, period.


wow Mapumental looks pretty cool! Can’t help but think that it’s a lot of work for some pretty maps though


fun drilling down to my election district at http://www.val.se/val/ep2009/valnatt/kommun/01/80/index.html


what with @hostageinqatar and the tales from Dubai the little principalities around the Gulf have some image problems


Heading home with the giant 70s camera bag that the mamiya came in. Just missing a safari suit and long pointed collars #70s #fashionfail


should I care about #wwdc?


deliberately leaving IRC channels where the Apple fanboyism is too cloying


iphone gets MMS! Welcome to like… 2002?


should I friend my boss on Facebook? That feels weird to me!


fretting over the new lens


of course @DougCoupland is on Twitter


tomorrow I’ll be attending my son’s last day at school (skolavslutning) and then we’ll just hang out all day. No work!

tweets for 2009-06-07


bah, since I restarted irssi I’ve forgotten the magic command to shift the display time to my timezone


ah, it’s /script exec $ENV{‘TZ’}=’<timezone>’;”, but in my case I have to use “UTC-2” instead of “UTC+2”…


At the LPfoto auction. There are 256 lots before the one I’m interested in so I can check out how it’s done


an 18/3.5 ais lens


heh that last was for @fkoehn, bit into the IRC mindset atm


faint with hunger


I voted! #eu09


pirates on their way to brussels


Jag misstänker att Lars Gustafsson klarar av detta personangrepp av Guillou: http://tinyurl.com/pz4ypj


detta skedde helt nära där vi bodde tidigare - hemskt! http://bit.ly/uPVK2 #fb

tweets for 2009-06-06


shot a local bike race with the Mamiya, wonder how those shots will turn out #photog


waiting for Leo to leave so I can continue playing Crackdown


Oly micro 4/3 rumours http://bit.ly/fxQtx damn that looks like a sweet package!


saw “Ghost Town”, decent rom-com with a twist

tweets for 2009-06-05


Crap day for a champagne breakfast


hmm maybe this is the first Norah Jones song I’ve heard that doesn’t suck…


the local outside temp is one degree above the max refridgerator temperature :P


classic 80s pop, Jules Shear “If She Knew What She Wants”


needed an invalid URL to check a script, go0gle.com was not it !


i was planning on shooting “studentflak” today but it’s just too damn cold!


debugging a 3G dongle


I wonder which one of the faceless profiles in Facebook is my old friend…


First field test of my new Sennheiser PX100s. Observation: cable is easily twisted


wife called, ordered bacon and cheeze doodles


broderade studentmösseband tycker jag inte om #fb


ambiguosly-gendered emo dude is emo


Jag kommer rösta för Isabella Lövin på söndag #eu09 #fb


TV4 has political ads for the first time and they’re all fucking lame

tweets for 2009-06-04


somehow I managed to leave home with both the RB67 and the FM2 #photog #redundancy


glasses with clear plastic frames are the fugliest


stupid tweetdeck always hides itself under the physical desktop. Par for the course for shitty Air apps in my experience


another TweetDeck annoyance, it wraps URLs in some stupid “event:" wrapper, makes copying and pasting URLs that much harder


did some work for once


man I hate our new office printer… can’t forward faxes as PDFs, only TIFFs (!) and prints PDFs like it’s chiseling slabs of granite


So grey and rainy today, people look miserable in their cold-weather clothes


so it looks like spymaster is just Dope Wars gussied up by John Le Carre


sure sounds like eMusic has jumped the shark, maybe Sony has replaced leadership with evil clones? #emusicfail


wow the Twitter clients for Linux looks just as lame as you would expect


installed Twitterfox, because why bother with lame apps that take space when you can use Firefox? The browser is the OS!


once again into the string-to-date manipulation breach! #perl


if you don’t use the correct ISO 8601 date format, you ain’t no friend of mine!


backing up my Flickr photos via Net::Flickr::Backup and #perl


sippin’ on a Dr Pepper


Time jumps the shark, puts Twitter on cover http://bit.ly/18kOKr


Hulu is the good thing the content companies have come up with and they’re thinking of charging for it? http://tinyurl.com/oyvw7d


Swedish version of “Dragons Den” is like beyond boring


w00t! Obama comes out against illegal Israeli settlements!


Google docs has revision history… sooo nice

tweets for 2009-06-03


Stuck at Medborgarplatsen, awaiting a signal #publictransportfail


boggling at middle-aged dude in shorts, legs pink as freshly-peeled prawns


Pork-pie hat? Seriously?


Känner inte igen varken Sahlin eller Ulvskog på valaffischerna. Lyftning, smink eller Photoshop? #fb


still chuckling over the 4chan Times most influental person hack


mp3 “genre” tags show the low quality of luser-generated content


purposely closed all Flickr API tabs to prevent incipient insanity


wow, hope Wolfenstein lives up to the trailer!


Viking happy with a new Reader Rabbit CD-ROM from the local eatery


I just double-exposed my cat in glorious 6x7 b&w #photog #fail


I bet my fidgety son he couldn’t stay awake 5 more minutes. He lost


man you think photo forums are pits of ignorance and malice and then you find Usenet photo groups


man Wikipedia is a fount of knowledge for all things #photog. example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Film_speed fascinating

tweets for 2009-06-02


ha, managed to fix my #Outlook “no subject” problem with some voodo-code VBA. Gotta love scriptable apps!


amused to see that you can’t change the sort order of tweets in TweetDeck. It has to be latest-on-top


IFPI’s warning letters to ISP’s could have illegal statements according to Swedish law (in Swedish) http://is.gd/M9bi


google docs undo saved my ass


stupid ruby scrpt doesn’t seem to exit with something other than 0 even if it craps out spectacularly


perl’s system() return values bites my ass again


expect Spain to be the next target for content mafia lobbying: http://techdirt.com/articles/20090531/2312145072.shtml


Tabloid here: “What’s happened to the Swedes on #AF447?” Don’t think there’s any mystery there…


there are tons of apps for downloading your Flickr photos, but I’m still itching to write my own


I don’t understand people who don’t turn off sound notifications for new IMs


man, Net::Flickr::Backup has a ton of dependencies #perl


Template::Toolkit?? wtf do I need that for? #perl


pondering doing flickr backup to gmail… maybe too mad an idea


Leo, after watching #E3 press confs, excitedly telling me about games I’ve already heard about. Text beats video every time, baby

tweets for 2009-06-01


Making my way to work amid delays and hot weather


fuck you Adobe and your fucking resource-hogging updater


also, Apple? I don’t fucking give a shit about MobileMe, so stop fucking bugging me


nice to see @tybstar’s flickr-to-s3 script, in this day and age you cannot be too careful! http://bit.ly/RlVHM


I love being able to open a window


testing the air raid warning system here in Stockholm… pretty spooky


oh no! sent an email without a subject! self.kill


seriously, why doesn’t Outlook at least warn when sending an email without a subject?


w00t!! Crackdown 2 announced at #E3!


Oh man I just know I’ll end up with like 3 or 4 different 28mm lenses :P


so the TPB defendants have no assets (except Lundström the nazi but his are in .ch). So the content mafia gets a big fat 0


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