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tweets for 2013-04-29

Got my @peakdesignltd Capture, Leash, Cuff today! Great packaging, tomorrow field test.

tweets for 2013-04-27

Vårens första glass+kaffe vid kaféet Barnängsbryggan med Viking. #fb

Sprinkle kosher salt over pork, expecting a tiny series of religious matter-antimatter explosions

tweets for 2013-04-25

Hmm my blog text doesn’t match the sequence of images illustrating it… rewrite or not give a toss?

I’m formatting my public @Pinboard links in a separate blog but can’t come up with a good layout. Anyone else solved this problem?

tweets for 2013-04-24

Rebuilding my entire blog, damn I have a lot of crap in there!

OK, trying #Feedly as a #GReader replacement. Painless install but how will it fare after Reader is shot in the back of the neck?

tweets for 2013-04-22

Windows 7 is the new Windows XP!

tweets for 2013-04-21

Home, sweet home!

tweets for 2013-04-20

Second full day in Istanbul, having a blast with all the awesome people from #work!

tweets for 2013-04-17

Vafan DN.se slår upp “Roof man” från Boston? Trodde jag inte om dom.

“Open Bar at the Funeral Service” is the name of my next band.

tweets for 2013-04-16

TIL that Hilgraeve (company behind HyperTerminal in Win<forever>) are still in business. Since 1980. Wonder how it is to #work there…

I’m a bit miffed that the battery door latch on my expensive Sennheiser noise-cancellation headphones has broken off.

tweets for 2013-04-13

So it begins: Reader removed from the More dropdown of Google Toolbar #readerdämmerung

It’s good that LinkedIn has purchased Pulse reader, means I can cross that off the list of Google Reader replacements

OK I’m officially drunk, I grab my iphone to answer a tweet, forgetting I have a client open in another tmux window

tweets for 2013-04-12

Hey iTunes store, how about remembering I’m over 17 next time you need that confirmation?

Plans for tonight: suck down a few brews, watch the rest of Archer season 4 #fb

After weeks of a harsh Sun blazing over the frozen streets, we have some haze. Warmer weather on the way? #sthlm

It has come to this: I am excited it is raining #sthlm #fb

Två idioter i final i Vem vet mest. Heja Lund! #fb

NEJ Anton vann! Damnit #vemvetmest #fb

tweets for 2013-04-11

Maybe dropping the constraint from one of the largest tables in the DB then trying to re-add it was a mistake

tweets for 2013-04-10

Winter has come… and now it won’t leave!

tweets for 2013-04-09

Sure helps Costello that “Tramp the Dirt Down” is a pretty catchy tune, been humming it since yesterday #thatcher

Finally lining up some cases for closure #work

Not really surprised by who’s a Thatcher fan in my Facebook feed. Not gonna go there…

tweets for 2013-04-08

Guess it’s time to stop procrastinating, just gonna check out this website first…

Following UK media (books records) from the 80s onwards, only people who liked Thatcher where shits and strivers.

Regarding Twitter “replacing” RSS - I know Thatcher’s dead now, where are the informed reactions/obits/sumups? Lost in the flow

How much of the hatred of Thatcher is due to her gender?

Obit anus, abit onus - #thatcher

I get the feeling that Thatcher’s grave will have to rigorously guarded against vandals for quite some while.

tweets for 2013-04-07

Off to shave my head, with my nearly 1 inch of hair I’m a damn hippy

One of these days my 20-year old hair trimmer will give up the ghost leaving me looking foolish

Pretentious photo speak: autoportrait for selfie, contre-jour for backligt, lense for lens, whilst for while

that last one is universally douchey though

tweets for 2013-04-06

Been listening to an Aussie podcast and now all the English I read is in an Aussie accent.

tweets for 2013-04-05

Feeling the itch to do a “my camera bag” post

Google URLs (youtube, drive, plus etc) are fucking ugly

tweets for 2013-04-04

In my mind the pics on the card in my camera are masterpieces, but right now I don’t have any way of seeing them.

tweets for 2013-04-03

Sad to hear that Iain Banks, one of my “read-anything-by” authors, has terminal cancer.

First Iain Banks, now Roger Ebert? #fuckcancer #fb

How the hell can I have 5 authorized computers in iTunes?

Maybe I should upload stuff to 500px…

First they ignore you, they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you lose all your #bitcoins in the inevitable crash.

tweets for 2013-04-02

I wish Apple Update could take a hint and stop bugging me about iTunes 11

tweets for 2013-04-01

I will PAY for a blacklist of stupid April Fool’s jokes on the internet.

Sweden’s Next Top Model “highlights” are chipping away at my IQ


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