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tweets for 2013-03-28

The Easter Egg candy I got from work is lame #1stworldproblems #fb

tweets for 2013-03-27

Been gone a week from work and feel like I’ve forgotten all I’ve ever known.

tweets for 2013-03-26

Pet peeve of the day: people writing “compliment” when they mean “complement”

tweets for 2013-03-19

So much snow.

I’m betting I’m alone in using the tag “readerdämmerung” on #Pinboard…

tweets for 2013-03-16

Got a new used camera. I tell my old one I’ll use it once in a while, but I know I never will.

tweets for 2013-03-15

Trying to book tickets from #Ryanair but the site keeps timing out on me #fail

tweets for 2013-03-14

Thanks Google for killing off your most useful products.

Where’s the @Pinboard of online RSS readers?! I’d pay for the service.

Sic transit Google Reader

I use #Reader for following photoblogs, flickr, US politics, home-made classifieds feeds, friend’s blogs… maybe Twitter can replicate taht

but I doubt it

However, complaining about a free service shutting down is a the ultimate #1stworldproblem

Oh, and I keep up with Twitter using a custom blog that I can follow via RSS… #Reader

In regards to #Reader replacement, I’m waiting for the wisdom of the crowds - or in this case, the panic of the crowds

OK, nerd moment, I’ve hacked together a moonphase indicator for my #tmux statusbar

10 dagar till av denna iskyla? Jag har svårt att acceptera detta. AVGÅ, VINTERN. #fb

tweets for 2013-03-13

Just had 30 minutes of my #work day wasted listening to a company-wide presentation of our new PowerPoint template. #killmenow

Once again our monthly 30 minute meeting takes almost an hour. It’s not as if we have other #work to do.

Habemus papam.

Watching the news, people are all esctatic a pope has been chosen. Well it was kinda inevitable, right?

Snap judgement about the new #Pope finished.

Reading “Bring up the Bodies” - did Thomas Cromwell really advocate Keynesian economic policies?

Wait, are people just now finding out you can use linebreaks in tweets?

I was hardly raised religiously but I’m culturally Lutheran, and I must say all this Pope-talk rubs me the wrong way. Weird that.

tweets for 2013-03-12

The worst thing with US changing to DST 2 weeks before EU is that in 2 weeks we get to hear all the complaints and bad jokes again.

Not a fan of Hublot’s watches, but sure a fan of their ex-CEO Jean-Claude Biver. Very entertaining. #ablogtowatch

tweets for 2013-03-11

Trying hard to avoid annoying my online buddies with my gear-buying plans

Ni som har Twitter, följ @familjeliv_txt för episka lols #fb

Vilken organisation är bäst att skänka prylar till: Stadsmissionen eller Myrorna? #fb

tweets for 2013-03-09

Today’s home improvement: put up a clock, moved a print to another wall. I’ll take care of the kitchen drain next month #fb

Uppenbart att #SVT inte har råd med ytterligare en svensk Eurovision-vinst och har valt ut loser-låtar för slippa #melfest #fb

Upplägg för ny Carola-comeback, nr 45 i ordningen. #fb

All Angels and Airwaves songs sound basically the same, luckily, I like that sound.

tweets for 2013-03-07

Shedding a tear for Google Wave… it was too good for this world! ping @kazarnowicz

tweets for 2013-03-05

Last week’s soundtrack was Tegan and Sara, this week’s is Drive-By Truckers #work #fb

Nothing like working on customer issues while listening to “Dead Drunk and Naked”

tweets for 2013-03-04

Today’s reason to be proud as a human being: we have a Universal Postal Union, just just an International one.

Not even the mighty UPU can dictate how addresses should be formatted however. First point of order when I am Global Dictator is to fix this

Ah, härligt att höra civilförsvarstestet kl 15! #omkrigetkommer

Norwegian Nobel Peace prize comittee is going for the long troll…

tweets for 2013-03-03

Felt sorry for the salesguy I bothered with inane printer questions so I had to overpay for an HDMI cable.

Har inte märkt något av att 2 amerikanska delstater legaliserat marijuana i den svenska debatten… #fb

Typiskt att wikipedia-sidan om MJ är lång och detaljerad…


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