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Just like the canals on Mars and the Great Barrier Reef
I go to you beyond belief.

tweets for 2008-08-31


pondering writing a perl app that will print DoF tables


all the DoF formulas I’ve found just don’t specify the dimensions involved.


blah Generation Kill has recaps with inapropriate twanging guitars, totally out of tune with rest of the show

tweets for 2008-08-30


back from grocery shopping


finally found some Superia 400, 2 photo stores didn’t have it, but local hardware chain Clas Ohlson did!


NOW I get Jaiku’s email about new terms of service…


man now I’m feeling woozy

tweets for 2008-08-29


I have places to go, people to see today. Also, crawfish party tonite!


Commuter soundtrack: Aimee Mann’s “Freeway”.


going heads down


looking forward to lunch


the whole “Lloyds is pants” password saga is deeply disturbing. Why were the passwords EVER in plaintext???


hour-long meeting now, yay


Mothership SMTP server adds stupid email disclaimer to every mail it processes, including logmails and emails to users


waiting for the new shares from the employee purchasing program


party time! Alternative Ulster is as good a song as any to start off!


Wtf is sara palin and why is twitter obsessed with her?


I would have voted for Michael Palin no matter what the ticket


Alaska’s a joke state. Shades of Ted Stevens


dollar is rising fast against the SEK


Heading home after an alcohol-heavy night


“And I thought ‘whoah, Lloyd Cole city’. ’Cause she had had perfect skin”


“Rattlesnakes” is a good candidate for the greatest pop song of all time


c’mon train, move


well I do believe the tram is not running


“No Blue Skies” is the ultimate she dumped me song

tweets for 2008-08-28


played the Force Unleashed demo last night, much fun was had!


Bloomberg: ``Gustav May Rival Katrina as It Advances Toward Gulf of Mexico’’. Hey, I resent that!


compiling ffmpeg


what ruby version should I install from ports? 1.8 or 1.9?


1.8 it is!


putting my head down, avoiding the lures of IRC


I feel the tug of the non-existent irssi window in my secondary screen. Be strong, you can beat this addiction!


Autumn on its way… Sad

tweets for 2008-08-27


Overslept, still have plenty of time though. Reviewing what stuff to sell


Dang, forgot my ipod. So much harder to suffer fools


Girl across the aisle looks like a refugee from the 20s


Loving the twitter interface on WirelessIRC. Thanks @janole!


man when the audio doesn’t work as expected I get disproportionately mad


heading out to forage for sustenance, feeling naked w/o the camera


twitter, why do you hate me?


sweet little cream Fiat 500 with burgundy seats in R�örstrandsgatan. Sorry no pics, because I have no camera sob


been asked to move out of the comfort zone


stands in line at the supermarket (gusE61 on #mobitopia, chat.freenode.net)


Generation Kill looks like the first TV series in a while I’d like to follow

tweets for 2008-08-26


Not enjoying rush hour


punching in


hmm I seem to be curing my addiction to sweets


not me: “Gustav becomes a hurricane, bears down on Haiti”


Working late, on my way to Max and some fast by way of tram

tweets for 2008-08-25


#stockholm stopp på Tranebergsbron, 2 tåg står still Gullmarsplan


3rd flavour of public transport today: tram to subway (not running), bus, regional train


SL should have a twitter feed for each flavour of public transport to post stuff about outages etc


Gonna time the door to door times of subway vs bus+pendel


punching in


time for elevenses

tweets for 2008-08-24


Turns out my phone number has not been ported after all. Now I need to find the old SIM to check messages


the unreliable internet connection at home is driving me nuts


taking a pic of the dark cat lazing in the sunlight defeats my DSLR. Too much dynamic range!

tweets for 2008-08-23


testing posting from ping.fm


ping.fm does look like the bee’s knees right now


pity ping can’t subscribe to your services, I would have liked it to be a Twitter IM replacement


botanical knowledge acquired today: “tall” is Scots Pine, “gran” is Norway Spruce. Thanks, Wikipedia!

tweets for 2008-08-22


Migrating to Telenor on the mobile


my main shell box is unreachable, hence no console access to Twitter. Resorting to web interface


Carolina Klüft looks like a smaller, nicer Valkyrie


yet another Olympic disappointment for Sweden :P


new WR in 4x100m, Jamaica sets 37.10


tests WirelessIRC’s Twitter support (gusE61 on #mobitopia, chat.freenode.net)


So far, Telenor is a much more polished experience than Tele2. Getting online seems faster too


Huge queue of cars on Gamla Stan, wonder why


is stuck @ Slussen, train not moving (gusE61 on #mobitopia, chat.freenode.net)


well I’m calling it a night, gonna sleep in tomorrow and then try to get some pics from Skogskyrkogården

tweets for 2008-08-21


punching in


searching for “Olympics” on Live Search so much less useful than on Google. you’d think it would be worth to hand-tune some results


rainy today in Beijing


kerfluffle in the table tennis court


time to subscribe to McSweeney’s

tweets for 2008-08-20


punching in


I wonder if ping.fm is worth signing up for




reading photo gear forums is making me depressed


I can haz catnap?


I’ve subscribed to a feed that fucks up Google REader. Ironically, it’sa Blogger blog

tweets for 2008-08-19


Dropped off Viking at school, feel like a coldhearted Turkish jailer


Dude across from me likes the evil shrink from Batman Begins


Dude across from me looks likes the evil shrink from Batman Begins


Complete with Boss briefcase and two cellphones


just got an “URGENT - ACTION IS REQUIRED” email from our HR VP. The reason? New email signature block. PHB alert!


that email is right now spreading FUD around the local office, increasing our workload and causing aggravation \


SVT live streaming fail



tweets for 2008-08-18


Up in time, first workday in 4 weeks


clocking in


turning off out of office replies, the vacation is officially over


bah, windows updates demand a reboot!


media.svt.se/playos has a decent selection of Olympic coverage


syncing ipod for the first time in 4 weeks


on a serious Pogues jag ATM


Sanna Kallur == FAIL


enjoying the Olympic streaming experience on svt.se/os

tweets for 2008-08-17


made the mistake of opening work email

tweets for 2008-08-16


Looking for a present


On our way back from Lidingö. A good time has been had by all!


Georgia is beginning to sound like the latest in a long row of US foriegn policy disasters


caught a glimpse of the lunar eclipse


hello delicious, anyone home?


hmm seems to be a po

tweets for 2008-08-15


next up in crappy pirated summer CGI blockbusters: Hellboy 2


trying out the B&W profile on the D40


Hellboy 2 about 10,000 times better than Mummy 3

tweets for 2008-08-14


planning the day


Treating Viking to a McDonalds lunch


“Mummy 3” basically sucked

tweets for 2008-08-13


I have no clue what’s going on at the Olympics


On our way to Kulturhuset


Some big culture festival has pulled out every middleclass mom + kids to the center of town

tweets for 2008-08-12


up relatively early


Enjoying a packed lunch at the transport museum



tweets for 2008-08-11


lol voip company sends me the bill in the form of a weblink, the server hosting it is down


got back 3 developed rolls… I really need AF on my DSLR :P


scattered reports about Gmail fail from random IRC channels. Works for me so far

tweets for 2008-08-09


Awake, barely. Maybe I should d/l that opening ceremony torrent….


Heading North to Djursholm to look for a friend’s grave


Playing the platform placement optimisation game at Gullmarsplan


Great, Georgia’s on a war footing. I wonder why the US hasn’t been more active in restraining its client state. Yet another miscalculation

tweets for 2008-08-08


Playing with my niece


Haha Metro reports many Telia iPhones can’t access the 3G network. I’ve yet to see one in the wild


Heading home after picking up Leo at the station


It’s damn hard to get out of the buy now pay later (with credit) mindset. Photog community is too full of ppl w/ too much disposable income


Uighur separatists, war in South Ossetia, we live in interesting times


chicken not yet done :(


rocking out to the Pogues


time to start drinking H2O instead of wine

tweets for 2008-08-07



tweets for 2008-08-06


need to get my butt in gear and get some stuff out of the way


enjoying a G&T

tweets for 2008-08-05


trying to explain the big WARNING screens on DVD to my 6 year old is HARD


ironically, Jaiku seems down


wife just realised that “The Bold and the Beatiful” is NOT the same as “The Bald and the Beautiful”…


“Tainted Love” is still a damn good song


trying to get my ass to bed

tweets for 2008-08-04


Playing with my nephew Pelle


serendipity: I just found a reference to James Joyce’s wife Nora Barnacle in 2 different places today

tweets for 2008-08-03


finished “Reaper’s Gale”, now I need to buy “Toll the Hounds”

tweets for 2008-08-02


It rained when we arrived and it’s raining when we leave :(


Bus scheduling FAIL at Orminge


twitter IM still not working for me… what am I doing wrong, oh Twitter-gods?

tweets for 2008-08-01


En route to Yasuragi Hasseludden


Dude on platform has not just emo hair but an emo helmet


Slussen bus station is a grim and depressing place


Trying to keep awake on the bus… It’s hard!


Relaxing after soaking in hot baths, swimming and lounging around in general


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