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tweets for 2013-11-29


tweets for 2013-11-28

WTF Elgiganten börjar med Black Friday? Måste jag laga torr kalkon numera också? USA UT UR SVERIGE #fb

Just compared Canada:USA :: Belarus:Russia on IRC. Belarussian and Canadian not amused. Rob Ford obviously Canadian Lukashenko.

tweets for 2013-11-27

Steadily improving my LastPass security score…

How can I short BTC

Had this Nikon D700 for almost a year, today I used bracketing, virtual horizon and liveview for the first time #photog

tweets for 2013-11-26

How not to advocate for Android: 1. Use Google+ 2. Call iPhone users “idiots” 3. Be Eric Schmidt

New phone: good opportunity to change passwords to different services

Hey, remember that Facebook phone thing? Yeah, me neither.

Now I’m retweeting German tweets, this will really tick off my kid

Wanted: digital camera that uses DIN scale instead of ISO #oldskool

tweets for 2013-11-25

Taking the bus. Slow but steady. #sl

One of these days I really must stop procrastinating.

“Yo dawg we heard you liked retweets so we sent you a mail when someone retweets your retweet!” - @twitter

365 mirror selfie making Explore shows all that is wrong with Flickr … but what are the alternatives?

tweets for 2013-11-24

One of many signs you’re a grown-up: you dread Christmas and look forward to Easter

Tänkte det skulle vara kul att se på Solsidan med 11-åringen. Blev mycket att förklara… #fb

Minusgrader imorgon enligt vädret, dags att ta fram vinterjackan? #fb

tweets for 2013-11-22

How many people tweeting about the Kennedy asassination today were alive and remembered it?

tweets for 2013-11-20

Jag är för svenska termer istället för anglicismer, men “twittermeddelande” istället för “tweet” rimmar illa med mediet.

tweets for 2013-11-15

TIL (for the 1,000th time) RTFM

I’d pay $$$ to get an app letting me read/write text messages from my iphone on my computer - no, not gonna jailbreak!

tweets for 2013-11-14

Having a cat again after long time not having one is a bit like having a kid again - sleep disrupted. Also wants food all the time.

Links to reviews of both the PS4 and the Xbone. Start reading. Realize I really don’t care about either of them.

Rob Ford seems to be Canada saying “you think we’re so goody-goody nice guys?! Well CHECK THIS OUT!” barf

Feel your faith in humanity has grown dangerously high? Browse Flickr group descriptions to lower it to healthy normal levels.

Hmm doesn’t look like the twist-lock on the new Capture Pro works with their Arca plate? Or is mine defective @peakdesignltd?

tweets for 2013-11-13

One of my retweets got retweeted! Day. Made. (not a dig against @jimh, just gently mocking Twitter’s breathless notification email)

Youtube users: “Google messed up the perfectly fine cesspool that was our comments”

tweets for 2013-11-12

Great, another browser update that our online time reporting system won’t work with

Efter nya slussen vs bevara slussen kommer nu utbyggd t-bana vs fler bussar… vad ska jag tro om detta? #fb

MicroSoft - the LastRefuge(tm) of CamelCase

W00t new RC podcast to listen to!

tweets for 2013-11-11

Wow, it really is #Monday today.

o/~ The welfare lady says enough is enough / the kids ain’t been to school in weeks #dbt

Google Plus - the first social network that won’t get you laid.

tweets for 2013-11-10

Tycker “Solsidan” dragit det “ljusa, fräscha” estetiken ett par varv för långt… #fb

“Johan Falk - klyschorna haglar” #fb

tweets for 2013-11-09

The fsck my bus at, hnnnng???

tweets for 2013-11-07

Things I no longer get worked up about: bottom posting in emails. O tempora, o mores!

tweets for 2013-11-06

Wow the latest Adobe password leak sure vindicates the pirates…

God help me I’m thinking of getting a knitted tie #fb

I was never really a fan of “The Forgotten Arm” by @aimeemann but I’m giving it another shot today #fb

tweets for 2013-11-04

Drömde att det snart var dags för val till EU-parlamentet. Mina drömmar är tråkiga #fb

tweets for 2013-11-02

This evening’s Wikipedia rabbit hole - military helmets from WW1 onwards

tweets for 2013-11-01

Flight’s ok but boring but what’s with all the flatulence? #airbornetweet

Just realized I never once opened my email while on vacation (personal acct, I never open work on principle)


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