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tweets for 2016-05-31

“Of all the TABLES in this DATABASE you had to INSERT INTO mine”

Kim Jong Trump

tweets for 2016-05-30

Kent’s “Förlåtelsen” är nog den poppigaste sång om Kalvinism jag hört

Manafort: “my previous client was a corrupt oligarch who bowed to Russia and was forced to flee before an angry mob” Trump: “You’re hired!”

“vv.sm…@gmail.com added you to the Fat Loss group.” - stay classy Google+

Is Trump offering the post of Attorney General to Peter Theil?

tweets for 2016-05-28

Couple of chapters in, “SevenEves” is the most boring Stephenson novel I’ve read. And I’ve read the Baroque Cycle!

tweets for 2016-05-26

I think it’s time to re-read Waugh’s Sword of Honour trilogy.

I can see the future - the orange-clad legions, marching under standards emblazoned TRUMP and adorned with a gilded Pepe

tweets for 2016-05-25

Varje gång jag köper en Dajm i automaten på jobbet får jag SMS som påminner om tandläkarbesök #fb

tweets for 2016-05-24

LOL @ red Ferrari with custom plate “SLFMADE”. #strandvägen

Huvudbonad mogen för comeback: segerkransen. #fb

tweets for 2016-05-23

We accept modern physics because lots of smart Germans had their minds blown by it in the past

tweets for 2016-05-17

Man, the internet has totally ruined starting sentences with “Actually,…” for me

tweets for 2016-05-16

OK, can we agree that #Slack is IRC 1.5?

tweets for 2016-05-15

Has Russia left Eurovision yet?

tweets for 2016-05-14

OK, let’s give this Lightroom publish to #500px plugin a try…

Nice to see the #eurovision floor and lighting crew featured in the pre-show, @jmusarra would have loved to see this!

Vi sitter och tittar på #eurovision. Hur hände det här? #fb

igen med balladerna?! När vinner dom? #eurovision

One can track the grievances in the Caucasus by seeing what countries vote for in #esc2016

4 poäng från DK?! DANSKJÄVLAR!!

Moldovian host looks like a sexy KGB agent #ESC2016

The vote presenters are trying hard to mirror the prejudices people have of their countries… #ESC2016

0 poäng från Norge?! SILLSTRYPARE! #escse

Sonen: “Estland, kom igen. Vi ägde er en gång i tiden!” #escse

Tonight’s biggest surprise is Poland #esc2016

W T F Ukraine?! #esc2016

tweets for 2016-05-11

o/~ Jag har tröttnat på Agnetor / vida jeans, ironi och flätor #olletext #90tal

🎶 Ain’t no good life down at the Ford plant Three guitars or a life of crime


tweets for 2016-05-09

o/~ Helt igenom fel, fel som fan / Som en tysk indian / en befjädrad German #olletext

tweets for 2016-05-04

Meet Hot Single Fishwomen In Your Area - Innsmouth

Olle Ljungström RIP 😢

tweets for 2016-05-03

What’s the correct name for Craig White, alleged creator of #bitcoin?

tweets for 2016-05-02

#work is so stressful right now I’m looking forward to going to deliver my tax return #fb

Apparently I have to clarify that I believe child abuse and corporal punishment is abhorrent, and I fully support the Swedish ban. HTH.


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