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tweets for 2018-06-27

wow, vilken match

tweets for 2018-06-18

It’s “Sweden vs Korea Republic”, not “Kingdom of Sweden vs Republic of Korea” - rampant republicanism #fifa2018 #swe

All across the land people are discovering you really cannot multitask between work and watching The Match #swe #fifa2018

tweets for 2018-06-12

Reboot this timeline, I want to get off

tweets for 2018-06-04

Ballmer: screams “Developers! Developers!1 Developers!!!” Nadella: buys all the developers. So classy. Much master plan

Anspråkslöst förslag: BÖTER för de resenärer i kollektivtrafiken som rör sig i vänthallar, (rull)trappor samt perronger med näsan i telefonen #fb

MacOS New Vegas - computing in the Mojave makes you long for a nuclear winter…


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