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tweets for 2011-12-25

Wow, local mall is closed today! Some residual sense of holiness remains. That, or union rules #xmas

tweets for 2011-12-24

Christmas Eve lunch at sis-in-law

tweets for 2011-12-22

What’s with blogs no longer having easy to find permalinks? I don’t want to spam Twitter/FB etc with the link, just my homies on IRC

Reading “The Postmortal” - damn this is creepy

tweets for 2011-12-20

I should get myself a @Pinboard account for #Xmas

tweets for 2011-12-19

dear North Korea, please “elect” someone not named Kim, it’s becoming hard to keep track!

Making an exception to my “no effing Xmas music!” rule by listening to “One More Drifter in the Snow” by @aimeemann

tweets for 2011-12-18

Ledsen Fabian, men dina reklamspottar tvingar mig att bojkotta #SIBA #fb

tweets for 2011-12-13

“Cold War Polish Neon” is the name of my next band

tweets for 2011-12-10

Watching the Swedish prize ceremony

first Swedish #Nobel prize since forever, HOO-RAH #tranströmer

Having the memorial prize for economics after literature is such a letdown #Nobel

tweets for 2011-12-07

So basically the entire Eurozone is a hostage of the international bond markets. That makes me feel so happy to be a European.

tweets for 2011-12-05

I realise now that Kathryn Calder is the second coming of 10,000 Maniacs

tweets for 2011-12-03

Watching “Why We Fight” instead of the rom-com DVD we rented #serious

tweets for 2011-12-02

Thanks @BoingBoing for introducing me to Kathryn Calder!

tweets for 2011-12-01

I love how @cstross was all “eh Twitter, not gonna use it so much” and is already up to 300 tweets #addictive

Nordea’s chefsekonom heter Annika Winsth. Man måste undra om det är taget #fb

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better than today #frazzled


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