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tweets for 2019-02-28

New tagline for Medium: “Let’s make this official - we suck’

tweets for 2019-02-27

Power corrupts.

Moderator power corrupts moderately.

In my head, the “G Master” moniker on Sony’s higher-end lenses stands for GRANDMASTERFLASH

It’s weird no-one has proposed a movie based on “Monopoly” - feels like a perfect fit for the New Gilded Age

tweets for 2019-02-26

I do not understand why Microsoft OneNote lacks the ability to insert a horistonal line…

tweets for 2019-02-25

The new version of Microsoft DynamicsCRM does not work in Microsoft Edge, but does work in Internet Explorer, the “legacy” browser you aren’t supposed to use, according to Microsoft

tweets for 2019-02-20

Are wine tasting reviews less or as subjective as audio equipment reviews

tweets for 2019-02-18

Almost done with my very first #Fallout4 playthrough. Feeling the itch to restart!

tweets for 2019-02-16

I misplet when attempting to enter a website in Chrome and typed “ll” - this led to a NYSE listed company with ticker $LL that’s called “Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc”.

Modern capitalism never fails to surprise.

SÅ TAGGAD #melfest #ironi

tweets for 2019-02-15

“Rees-Mogg comments on concentration camps” qualifies as “headline I am least likely to want to click on online”

tweets for 2019-02-14

Why can’t a bot tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ box? - because it violates the 4th Law of Robotics, duh. “A robot must not say it’s not a robot”

if people followed the maxim “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything” the web would be a silent wasteland

tweets for 2019-02-13

The next Fallout game should be set in post-Brexit UK

Around this time of year I tend to get surprised by the number of couples planning VD. I mean, usually venereal disease is something to be avoided. #acronymoverload

When the decade you still consider “recent” is being mined for nostalgia by the next generation - “5 apps that’ll give your Instagram photos a dope lo-fi ’90s look”

tweets for 2019-02-12

the Russians are living rent-free in America’s head

tweets for 2019-02-09

“Att få hjärtat krossat - det är inte najs” livsvisdom från Liamo #melfest

Alltså … Eric Saaaaaaaades röst håller inte riktigt måttet… #melfest

tweets for 2019-02-02

Otippad nytt inslag i #Melfest - varje vecka röstar publiken bort en programledare

“Röstrekord” i #Melfest? Tillåt mig tvivla! Koppla in Riksrevisionsverket för att granska siffrorna!


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