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tweets for 2020-05-25

I like BlueJeans fine as an online meeting tool but it’s weird to say “Let’s have a BJ meeting”

tweets for 2020-05-18

Balrog 2020 - Make Moria Great Again!

tweets for 2020-05-16

“Tjockare än vatten” säsong 3 målar inte upp en särskilt smickrande bild av Åland @Petter_L

tweets for 2020-05-15

Awww iTunes still has the option to “burn playlist to disc” (version on Windows)

tweets for 2020-05-14

Future zombie movies will have to be updated.

Old: zombie plague spreads because politicians refuse to contain it

New: zombie plague spreads because assholes demand restaurants force the undead back to work

tweets for 2020-05-13

“Epsilon and Delta and Their Adventures in Infinitesimal Land” - this is a children’s book I’d like to read

tweets for 2020-05-12

Lost in a maze of Dockerfile FROM directives, all (almost) alike


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