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En ålderstigen släkting kommer svartklädd
ut från Elimkapellet.
Säg att du brukar tänka på henne
när du onanerar!
Hon kan behöva lite uppmuntran.

– Göran Palm, Själens furir

tweets for 2009-01-31

Oh man, working on a saturday. Looking forward to it, NOT

Waiting for the tram

shorter commute ftw

Grr fibre connection patched into the wrong basement - i.e. not the one we have access to!

workplace set up. Still no internets, using my phone to get online

making progress with the office

we haz internal office network. No internets though, but you can’t have everything!

Lolz at #googlemayhem flap. Jeez people, it’s $deity’s way of telling you to step away from the computer and get some fresh air

tweets for 2009-01-30

some chowderhead cancelled our full backup, we’ll have to wait until it finishes. Looking at waiting until <19:00> at the earliest

proposed new Twitter tag: #incompetentbastards

adding SDTs in our Nagios is a friggin pain

damn I wish Gibson’s blog was easier to quote http://is.gd/hN5i

phone number redirects seem to be working

man, the one time I didn’t bring my camera I have all the time in the world to take cool shots of the emptiness of hte office

my desk has been transported from under me

cracking a can of coke

Symantec Backup Exec - what a piece of crap software

now relegated to the server room

At Mellow waiting for dinner. Old office emptied, just gonna drop off some boxes in the new one, then home

Finally on my way home. It’s been a long day, but everything seems to be in place at the new office. Tomorrow: installation and patching

Lloyd Cole’s “Rich” never sounds so good as when you’ve had a beer and you’re on your way home

urgh this woman waiting for the tram is at least 20 years too old for her clothes. That, or s/he is a sloppy transvestite

tweets for 2009-01-29

feeling poorly this morning. Just a glass of water for now, will grab breakfast after a brisk walk

I fucking hate dealing with telcos. Tele2, please fix your fucking SMTP server

need to insert some mellowness in the twitterstream now that Tele2 have actually managed to get a clue

ok time for some bile again… contracters effing stuff up in the new office by not doing what they promised

tweets for 2009-01-28

Both Viking and cousin Theodor are home today so I’m 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Enjoying some Nada Surf

mmm hint of the ole’ RSI

movers arrive 2 days ahead of schedule, lucky we packed yesterday :P

now we have to set up a raffle for leftover computer stuff. Like we don’t have better stuff to do :P

Leitz Summilux 35/1.4 is a seriously sexy piece of glass

Leica M7 loaded with film. So far, not a fan

my plan to avoid the computer this evening has been an abject failure

tweets for 2009-01-27

punching in

if you’re in my workplace, check your email. Last chance for dual monitors before the office move!

evening meeting… bleh

Sterling is at 11 SEK, unbelievable

heading home, finally

wow just remembered I have a ton of graphic novels loaned from the local library still in the hall. “The Walking Dead vol. 1” among them

huh, looking at my FriendFeed, looks much cleaner and more me than the stuff I post to Facebook. Emulation needed

took me long enough to realise “Gilded Age” isn’t a positive term. Think a thin layer of gold over base metal

tweets for 2009-01-26

So far it’s been 100% female singer-songwriters on the iPod this commute

man the blue buses are seriously misdesigned in the seating department. It’s like we got the one for Vietnam or something

windows vista dual-monitor wallpaper pic stretch fail

Google Chrome has some sort of faux-Aero skin that clashes pretty bad with the real Aero.

wasting time and energy surfing for used gear

tweets for 2009-01-25

so some bigger fools have invested money in Twitter. Can’t say it’s a good idea, but I guess we’ll get to enjoy the service some more!

tweets for 2009-01-24

Sore throat FTL

got a burn from Steve Gillmor on FF after snarking his clueless ranting about FF - so meta! I’d forgotten I had a FF account

unread zero

tweets for 2009-01-23

Do I have a cold coming on? I know everyone says this, but I do NOT have time for this!

virtual fax solution fixed. Fax is otherwise nearly the last bastion of paper

exchanged my old 19” + 17” flatpanels for newer dual 19”… one silver, one black :P

good thing about new screens: good handling of VGA signal. Bad thing: too f*cking bright!

Friday beer in 4 minutes. Don’t tell my boss but I started early…

old friend has a new blog! bad news, no RSS feed! srsly

Family had hit Max for dinner, was surprised when I came home! Rectifying with a Hot Chipotle

Wine can handle Macromedia-based CD-ROM games – so much win!

ok who stole my sweatpants

tweets for 2009-01-22

Need more sleeps

I have a feeling this will be a failmove

Short meeting FTW

On my way home after a nuked “dinner” @ workplace. Saying goodbye to good intentions, I’m gonna need all the help I can get

it’s weird headgear night in my carriage

happy I managed to fix my Porta-Pros after their fall in my bag. Can’t really afford new headphones

keystroke command ‘u’ was the final piece missing from Gmail nirvana

tweets for 2009-01-21

Potential for decent light later

the recession is showing in Feedburner feeds, really crappy ads are showing up all over the place

Taking a look at the new office

Lunch på Texas Burger Co, Kungshallen

back to work

grr stuttering playback in Vista is back #windows-sux

Gonna put a few fish in the oven when I get home

woman beside me is wildly oversharing norovirus experiences on cellphone

more in-flight entertainment courtesy the beer-scented bum who just got on

Chrysler blog seems down, can’t get to the infamous “Thank you America” post!

checking out MrTweet.com. If @ErikT is using it, it must be good!

tweets for 2009-01-20

Commute not going smoothly

trying out twirssi - http://twirssi.com/index.php

man this move is gonna be brutal

twirssi not really getting all my updates on time

going back to #ttytter, best Twitter console app right now!

spring cleaned my itunes

I don’t see the point of iGoogle

Weirded out by the mascara lines under the eyes of the girl opposite

i trust twitter will keep me informed of any inaugaration streakers and assasination attempts

weird mascara girl replaced by dude from The Crying Game

stuck on the Johanneshovs bridge.

damn missed the swearing in. I see the Cheney-as-Strangelove meme has gotten wings! There is a creepy likeness

Lockerbie caused Pan Am to go out of business?

Nikonians.org pulls a bait-and-switch. “Basic” membership is time-limited, you have to pay for further access. Check out Nikongear.com!

tweets for 2009-01-19

meeting about our impending doom in 3 minutes – I meant impending move

ok move set to next weekend… we will have a LOT to do before then

once again my purchasing wishes have been thwarted. Damn you, internets!

omg is that the time???

As expected, PBX provider wants 4-6 weeks to move their stuff. I say f*ck ’em, move to a mobile solution. Still leaves fax and conf phones

Matthew Sweet just keeps getting more and more lo-fi

Re my Matthew Sweet remark, actually “Sunshine Lies” sounds like a return to old form. More anon

yay my HR-2 rubber hood arrived. Looks a bit lost on my Series E 28mm. Must get a 55/1.2 I guess

dear #lazytwitter, are there aftermarket foam covers for Koss Porta-Pro headsets? Or can you get new ones from Koss?

tweets for 2009-01-18

Seems my pent up blogging needs are spilling out into my delicious links: http://delicious.com/gerikson. Feel free to subscribe!

took down the lightrope strung through the terrace railing. Xmas is over

if you think about it, raising a waterlogged plane out of the water is non-trivial: http://is.gd/gkxb

tweets for 2009-01-17

today’s haul from shopping in #Sjöstaden: CD-Rs, Kodak CN400BW, kitty litter. Nice to have stuff so near, pity it’s so expensive

dear #lazytwitter: what’s the best IRC client for the iPhone? I’ve seen “Rooms”, looks decent. Any alternatives? No IRC == no iPhone for me

so both engines have disappeared “without a trace” from the Hudson Airbus. Can they have been dissolved in the river’s water?

2 thumbs up to @lazytweet, cool service, try it out! http://www.lazytweet.com/

burning Ubuntu 8.10 on a powerbook. for later install on a Dell… worlds collide

the Ubuntu installer just gets getting slicker and slicker

Thank you #spotify for saving me from downloading A Camp. As boring as the day is long

zomg new Kathleen Edwards album!!!

tweets for 2009-01-16

re latest tweet “as well as it dead”??? Inappropriate typo is inappropriate.

I need writeable CDs

oh bash, you lovable little scripting language with 10,000 different coparison operators you !

not looking forward to boring meeting, trying to find excuse not to attend. Will “monitor my twitter stream” cut it?

sucked into American presidential history http://is.gd/g7wB

höjer en burk Staropramen åt @ghostganz håll

Heading to Åhléns to check out a jacket

I’m a bit scared of the fact that one beer makes riding the subway a much more pleasurable experience

Twitter homepage not updated with the latest tweets. Without Jaiku, Twitter apparently reverting to their old unreliable ways

Oh man I need to write a review of “Fishing in Utopia”. Such a great book.

so far the internets have frustrated my attempts to give it money… hope to rectify that soon

twitter downtime and no failwhale?? We’ve entered uncharted territory. We’re not in Web 2.0 anymore

when I tire of searching photo forums for gear-related bullshit, I turn to Reddit for a potent source of Haskell bogons

tweets for 2009-01-15

Damn film, forgot I was at the end of a 24 roll and didn’t have another roll with me.

keeping an eye on DB loads

Huddling out of the wind at Karlberg

actually feeling some warmth from the sun

bus 553 to Viksjö Gård

Jakobsberg is out in the sticks where girls have big hair and tight jeans

nothing looks more relaxed than a sleeping 6 year old

nice to see the Hudson plane crash went as well as it dead. Kudos to the pilot and flight crew

tweets for 2009-01-14

Viking sick, home from work today

mmm sea kitten sushi… so cute and DELICIOUS

PETA would have a fit over this http://is.gd/fSAY #seakitten

tweets for 2009-01-13

Being the sad sad loser I am, I forgot the iPod at home

I wonder how SL gets their commuter trains the exact colour of cigarette butts

I think Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s version of “Demolition Man” is superior to The Police’s.

finding it a bit scary I listen to the same music as @jarober: http://is.gd/fGGi

Bidding on a HR-2 rubber lens hood, will be ready and waiting when I get my Noct-Nikkor ;)

I wonder why apple are still running iphone ads on TV - slow holiday sales

that last was meant to be a query but I forgot the “?”

Viking just asked me how GPS works. How do you explain that to a 6 year old?

tweets for 2009-01-12

Commute in to work, is it my imagination or is the world leached from all colour

d’oh that should of course be: leached of all colour

gah the stench of train brakes is extra bad today #södrastation

I’m in the top 30 twitterers in Stockholm… http://twitter.grader.com/gerikson

finally caving in an building a local emacs. Vim is all well and good for short hacks, but for serious work you need a real editor(tm)

our system still have exchange rates for DEM and FRF… luckily these are now just aliases for EUR

Outlook misfeaturee: you can’t make a search folder look in separate inboxes. This is so crammping my lifestyle

are hashtags officially twitter now? #twitter #hashtags #inside-baseball

“Basement Apartment” (either in the Weeping Tile or Sarah Harmer version) is today’s official soundtrack #sool

Canada’s top exports: snow, maple syrup, and female singer-songwriters

tweets for 2009-01-11

Awake. Guess what? I overslept, madly

Cleaning up

wasting time reading about medium format gear

fighting the temptation to write a blog post about the inconsistencies in “Wall-E”

The new Google favicon is butt-ugly

from 1000+ posts to 160 in Google Reader in a day… I obviously have too much fluff in my feeds

I do don’t wanna go to bed… and the cat purring in my lap is the perfect excuse!

however I do want a cuppa, and that means the cat will be evicted from her purring place

ok time for bed, finally

tweets for 2009-01-10

Breakfasted. Planning day, gonna pack as much as possible before departure this pm

Entrained. Halmstad - Stockholm with no changes. Just passed the road to the ancestral bog

train delayed due to “reboot”

“Waltzing Matilda” by The Pogues - such a sad song.

On the subway home, feet tapping to Elvis Costello’s “High Fidelity”

can’t sleep, I really should considering it’s back to the salt mine on Monday. Maybe I had too much coffee on the train or something

tweets for 2009-01-09

Overslept. Hope the kitchen at home isn’t flooded over. Not looking forward to work on Monday :(

Back after looking at scanner options for dad. Looks like a Canoscan is in the future!

Making dinner

Coffee and calvados

tweets for 2009-01-08

All dressed up, place to go to. That place being church

Heading home after service and memorial

At dinner with Oldest Aunt(tm)

Weird electrical failure at home, wish I had a teleport to help :(

Electricity is a-ok again, yay!

Now fridge is on the fritz, can you say emotional rollercoaster

tweets for 2009-01-07

Day off today, will be taking care of Viking as his school has a “planning day”. This evening I’ll be heading down to Halmstad by train.

My lack of unread feeds are telling me something. They’re telling me to do something else instead of sitting by the computer

At the museum of public transport, a perennial fav due to it being close and having a mini-subway you can ride

Phew hadn’t entered my new password into WirelessIRC and had a devil of a time retrieving it. A-OK now though, ready to liveblog my trip! ;)

on the subway heading to the train station

macbook air on plane = borderline cool. Huge-ass Dell in subway = deffo uncool

SJ are crap at predicting where on the platform a certain carriage will align. So it’s chaos whenever a train arrives as people try alight

I of course am a pro and managed to place myself exactly by the correct entrance. Go me. Large hairy man smelling of cigarettes opposite


now testing Telenor’s 3G connection while moving.

Damn running 14 minutes late. Should still make my connection though I hope

made the transfer, left Göteborg 5 minutes late. Typically, the seat on my ticket doesn’t even exist

this train isn’t direkt so I have to pay attention to where I am and shit

Students behind me are chatting about a “Facebook symposium”. Wtf

Arrived safely, late meal and conversation with my mom and aunt about old times. Single malt with dad, now bed!

tweets for 2009-01-06

Epiphany. Dunno exactly what that is, only that we have the day off. Yay!

yay finally Picasa for Mac: http://is.gd/eFJo . Dunno if it will be Intel-only, though :(

haha LiveJournal FAIL http://is.gd/eFK1

made the mistake about reading about in-camera sharpening on the D200 on Flickr. Now all unsure of what the hell I’m doing

oh and by the way. If you’re a LiveJournal user, now’s a good time to look at backing up your stuff. http://is.gd/eGr5

MacWorld keynote seems to be the yawnz unless you’re a die-hard Machead

iTunes Music Storee: no DRM, variable pricing. Free market rulez http://is.gd/eIjo

darn Picasa for Mac requires an Intel chip

tweets for 2009-01-05

Heading in to the salt mine

Weird weather, it almost looks as if mist has frozen and fallen to the ground

Commuter train shuffle

Seems incredible that Mälaren is still ice-free but you should never underestimate the latent temp of water.

where the hell is my audio?

“25 to 5 and what a way to start the day” – The Triffids can write the soundtrack to my life anytime

still no definitive date for the office move… getting concerned we wonn’t have time to move net connection and legacy landline

looking forward to an early lunch… me be hungry

Planning some sledding for Viking tomorrow, must find thermal underwear

constantly amazed seeing people dressed in bulky Arctic jackets yet no hat

also, 50s style eyeglasses that make you look like a librarian, what’s up with that?

not sure if Twitter is syncing to FB after I changed the password… not that it’s really a big deal if it doesn’t

damn holes in both my socks

when will people learn that black/whitelisting IPs is Not a Good Idea(tm)? http://is.gd/eDvk

looks like the Twitter -> FB link survived the password change

tweets for 2009-01-04

Twitter has arrived - phishing scams! I haven’t got a link yet though, does this mean I’m not a “thought leader”??

Up really early on Sunday, feels pretty ok. Better than being kicked around by a sleeping 6yr old

Staring at 1,600+ unread emails

used Picasa 3’s retouch tool to remove a huge dust bunny from an old image. There’s not much Picasa can’t do right now

tweets for 2009-01-03

Gaza ground war begins, civilians warned to “leave the area”. And go where? http://is.gd/euGi

tweets for 2009-01-02

Awake, barely. Pondering lifestyle resolutions

Productive morning! #subrosa NY prediction breakfast, new wallet and lamps. Now coffee and then home!

I paid $10 for forum access and I’m treated to 15 pages of D3X pricing buttheart. You’d think I’d learn someday :(

enjoying ththe 2008 Darwin Award nominess: http://is.gd/er3Y

exploring the madness that is the American right-wing blogosphere

tweets for 2009-01-01

On the 96 bus home. Direct route FTW! Viking dead tired but a trouper as always

I may be drunk but I still think the zunefail is the funniest right now!

Thanks Anneli and Rickard for an awesome evening! And thanks Malte for GH4 guitar newb forebearance!

New Year’s Day. I’m alive, barely. Poor Viking has Joanna’s cold

I want Google Chrome for Mac

Local pizza place is packed

figured I’d continue using #Spotify as it was so useful last night and I need some tunes on the Mac

I should head off to bed, early #subrosa breakfast tomorrow!


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