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tweets for 2011-05-31

I just ousted @makktrakker as the mayor of Oh Mama Mia on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/bGVC8s

tweets for 2011-05-30

chillin’ (@ Henriksdalskajen) [pic]: http://4sq.com/kuCDAe

tweets for 2011-05-27

Har P4 Radio Stockholm något twitterflöde med trafikinfo?

New used lenses have arrived! Micro-Nikkor 55/3.5 and 105/2.5. Both older AI’d lenses. Both also pretty beat up, the 105 most of all

tweets for 2011-05-25

waiting for the horrific queues to subside, uploading some files for tomorrow’s patching #work

tweets for 2011-05-22

spent a lot of money this weekend - new Koss headphones (w/ mic), 8gb CF card, 2 used Nikkors

tweets for 2011-05-21

I can’t believe it, but the Internet made mocking Camping and the #Rapture boring

Volcano erupts on Iceland! Is the #Rapture starting?

tweets for 2011-05-20

evening sun + beer (@ Solbryggan) [pic]: http://4sq.com/igYo0U

Kungen o maffian: it’s not the crime, it’s the coverup that gets you EVERYTIME #republikan #fb

it’s <7:15> in Tonga right now (UTC+13) so the #Rapture should start in less than 11 hours

OLW verkar tro att American Cheddar är något värt att ha i sina produkter. Protip: det är inte ost i laglig mening #fb

tweets for 2011-05-19

sorry for all the #bitcoin spam, I’m sharing some stuff with @tybstar

the #LinkedInIPO broe my Twitter :(

There’s this Verizon subscriber in the States who thinks he has my email address. He’s wrong, the spam I get proves it :(

The fact that US conservatives are defending a liberal Frenchie like #DSK proves that being a man>political considerations

thinking about #DSK in prep for tomorrow’s #subrosa. Disclaimer: I think he’s a giant dick

tweets for 2011-05-18

I just ousted Johan L. as the mayor of Essingeleden on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/brQ6st

tweets for 2011-05-15

I’m on a boat - specifically Viking Isabella, right now about an hour from Mariehamn in Åland

aaaaand - we’re on our way back #boozeboat #vikingline

tweets for 2011-05-13

Välbesökt och högintressant #subrosa om eböcker och pappersbokens framtid! Många tankar som väcktes i mitt huvud om detta. #fb

Top level domain of the day: .cat . http://lol.cat is taken, of course #internerds

tweets for 2011-05-08

deplaning (@ Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN)) http://4sq.com/kt873N

back in Sweden, thanks @tkjaer and @dubcroster for an amazing stay on #CPH!

tweets for 2011-05-06

breakfast (@ Cabinn City Hotel Copenhagen) http://4sq.com/jXk4bj

jäger http://instagr.am/p/D7pqh/

tweets for 2011-05-05

kicking off the long weekend with pasta carbonara and a “folköl”

tried using Onavo here at home but too much problems connecting

wow didn’t realize it was this expensive! (@ Arlanda Express (Stockholm C)) http://4sq.com/kBORNZ

my stay in CPH promised to be more interesting than I had imagined but thanks to @tkjaer we’ll have to explore that some other time

security checks just get more and more depressing (@ Terminal 5) http://4sq.com/irDcDF

tweets for 2011-05-03

snöstorm i Sjöstaden

tweets for 2011-05-02

I’m at Sjöstadsskolans Skolgård (Hammarby Allé 74-76, Stockholm) http://4sq.com/mPYFzJ

jeez, shut up about Osama already #moveon


tweets for 2011-05-01

Sweet, Kim Newman (@AnnoDracula) finally on Twitter!

Cat smells of piss, get away from me, smelly cat!

I see a green Republic of China flag in today’s Google logo - obviously a message from the sinister Oriental Caliphate


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