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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2008-11-30


my inability to take a keeper shot with the 28mm is starting to bother me a bit. I blame the sucky light

tweets for 2008-11-29


FB fail: “Unfortunately, the settings that control which email notifications get sent to you were lost.”


return of state ownership: “70% of Swedes want a nationalised Volvo”. Thanks Wall Street for destroying capitalism’s street cred


Swedish finance minister says no to deficit spending in the current crisis, shades of Herbert Hoover

tweets for 2008-11-28


Swedish radio news, normally so politically correct, cannot decide between “Bombay” and “Mumbai”. Foreign office is “Mumbai”


not stressed enough to pack myself like a sardine into the bus, prefer a tram seat instead even though I’ll be 10 minutes later to the o …


Weekend weather not conductive to wideangle shooting, let’s see if I can grab some details with the 45mm


gotta write a review of “The Night Sessions”


1 glass of champagne and one can of lager has given me a nice buzz. Deffo won’t be playing Far Cry 2 tonight


lazy Yanks won’t update their feeds on Thanksgiving :(

tweets for 2008-11-27


dear Adobe update, please stop fucking bugging me


Heading out to Viksjö for a meeting

tweets for 2008-11-26


what a way to start the day


jUst finished Ken McLeod’s “The Night Sessions”. Too early for snap judgements

tweets for 2008-11-25


At the dentis


heading in from the ’burbs


looks like the stores want Blu-ray players to be the present of the year…


great train stops at Odenplan :<


how come there are hundreds of low-cost airlines and the flag carriers are bleeding cash?

tweets for 2008-11-24


Ladies and gentlemen, I proud to present: Snow Chaos! #stockholm


damn using coupons instead of a swipe card in public transport makes me feel like a second-class citizen


another thing making you a 2nd class citizen: riding the old model commuter train from the 70s


ruthlessly culling unlistened podcasts


wow roads are still pretty snowy, glad I don’t drive any more

tweets for 2008-11-23


global food prices have halved since June… good or bad? Harbinger of deflation?


“Han är misstänkt för cykelstöld och mordbrand.” – http://is.gd/8FJ5


Waiting in a phone queue


waiting for the tram, it’s bleeping cold

tweets for 2008-11-22


Snow outside. Viking has already been out, bless his heart


Loving my new bought-in-Spain boots, great grip in snow and ice


Yes, snow still around. Hopefully will get some sleeding action tomorrow

tweets for 2008-11-21


why doesn’t MS desktop/outlook search support regular expressions? grrr


hmm new gmail themes. The “terminal” is monospace (yay!) but too dark (boo)


sick :(

tweets for 2008-11-20


feeling a cold coming on


köplats 5 yay


getting intimate with find’s -prune option

tweets for 2008-11-19


adding “unsuccessful” to words I consistently mispell


got a reminder bill from PWC, they have a web address prominently displayed. Said link is totally worthless for consumers. FAIL

tweets for 2008-11-18


Girl in front of me is knitting. Not often you see that nowadays


Bus fail, taken out of circulation. Now shivering in Skanstull waiting for the no. 4


mobil.sl.se tells me the commuter trains are clusterfucked, taking the subway. Today is #publictransportfail


I wish I could tag stuff in iTunes


this query is redenkolously slow


Why does Niki Lauda have his own lowfare airline and why is he pimping arms manufacturer Oerlikon? (flyniki.com)

tweets for 2008-11-17


of course his toxic ideas live on in the poisoned minds of Rove et al who’ve now managed to drive the GOP off an ideological cliff


ok I’ve had this sports jacket a couple of years but still disgusted that holes have been worn in the lining. Need a good tweed number now


Today’s first-world problem, sitting in a cafe with your sick kids because you have the cleaners at home


moleskine + ballpoint == instant kid distraction


Viking: “Pluto is a planet”. That’s my boy


Killing time in a toy store


beatiful morning today, of course I forgot the camera


finally got my new broadband provider to get the bits flowing. Here’s hoping the random cutoffs are a thing of the past


I think I need an AF 28mm. A f/1.4 would be nice, maybe Nikon will release a new one so the old one will return from the stratosphere

tweets for 2008-11-16


Spent all night playing Far Cry 2 and would like to do it tonight again but that won’t happen


fifties fondled during Fotomässanà Nikon 50/1.4, Sigma 50/1.4 and CZ 1,4/50

tweets for 2008-11-15


Saturday, planning to hit Fotomässan today


At Fotomässan, stupidly left my camera for cleaning and now have to stay 2 hours


Heading home. Some really nice exhibitions, the gear stuff was disappointing. Sigma didn’t have their new 50 in Nikon mount, lame.


also, awesome Zeiss pin and Nikon keystrap, schwag for Viking!


tram driver: “this train is more than 15 minutes late, so it’ll be taken out of traffic” WTF

tweets for 2008-11-14


unsurprisingly, trying to launch on a Friday ended in rollback


Leaving work pub night early.


I still reflexivly type “blo” (for Bloglines) in my address bar, even though I’ve been on Reader for a long time


suddenly I’m getting gmail spam


feed reader zero

tweets for 2008-11-13


Second person I’ve seen having a jacket with the stars and stripes on as a decorative patch. Bit weird


why is there a Pictures folder both in $user $user/Documents (Vista)?


yay 992 unread items!


trying to track down what’s causign one of my cores to suddenly jump to 95% utilisation. nothing in task manager


reading about Franco


boring meeting is boring!

tweets for 2008-11-12


Early to bed, early to rise


Gonna miss my meeting


Meeting in progress, didn’t have time to grab a cup of joe


hmm one of my cores is pegged, and it seems it’s causing my itunes stuttering problems… can’t see any obvious culprit though


oh well I need to reboot anyway


Rocking out to the latest AC/DC, planning dinner


Even though everyone has one now I’d like a Fjällräven G-1000 jacket

tweets for 2008-11-11


Phone meeting


Getting mildly interested in camera gear again


Re-listening to “Smilers”


Wonder if the Fotomässan trade show this weekend is worth the 150 SEK

tweets for 2008-11-10


Awake, barely


Listening to some Aimee in preparation for tonight’s show


so not looking forward to ork :P


so what joker has removed all my Windows personalisation?


reboot fixed my Vista display issues, switched to full Aero to live the crazy GFX intense desktop lifestyle


ok last call, anyone wants a ticket to tonight’s Aimee Mann concert DM me


wonder when I’ll get my Reader unread count below 1000+


seriously why do I have to add all the people I know to Facebook Linkedin Flickr … there has to be a better way


gave up trying to resurrect my LaTeX-based resume template and went for a straight conversion to Word (fech!) instead


Running a bit late, suddenly paranoid Aimee is a stickler for punctuality


Female chicken farmers in ads look way too clean and perky


Phew, still a support act. Generic blonde Swedish female vocalist w/ band


Zomg she’s a yank and praising Obama


not sure the xylophone adds anything


actually not too bad for a support band, wish I knew who they are


quite a large audience, not easy to pin down. Guess most are “my age”


i wonder who chooses the in-between acts music, this is classic soul


yay Bill Withers


i see keyboards, an acoustic guitar, drum set and an organ


awesome show


so broke


or rather I have trouble accessing funds

tweets for 2008-11-09


Arrived BCN ahead of schedule. Now waiting for bags


Damn one bag is missing. Now waiting for lost luggage claims


Apparently Air Europa simply left the bag in Las Palmas so a football team could get their stuff on


Keeping our spirits up in the Arrivals hall in BCN


found a power outlet near the Ars cafe, right under the last long bar table nearest the exits


Great, ipod charger doesn’t work :(


At Girona Airport, what a dump. Ryanair cheapens everything, including stuff like airport security


Now been up travelling for 24 hours. Feel pretty beat, running low on energy


Ryanair runs like a bus company, we’re standing in line waiting for a delayed “bus”


on the bus to Stockholm, Ryanair much more service-oriented this flight. Sweden cold foggy and rainy


back home, stupid internet is still not fixed


Dinner at the in-law’s


Found out which footy team bumped our baggage off the plane: Gimnastic de Tarragona. Played 2 all against Las Palmas

tweets for 2008-11-08


Waiting for the bus to the Aeropuerto, 1st leg of the trip home (via Barcelona/Girona)

tweets for 2008-11-06


In Maspalomas/Playa des Ingles. Touristy resort is touristy


South coast of Gran Canaria is a pretty depressing place. Giant resorts hewn out of the living rock, facing the sun

tweets for 2008-11-05


Woke from a McCain victory nightmare. Turned on CNN to catch the end of Obama’s victory speech. So happy


Glad to hear Prop 8 was defeated too. Stop the h8ing, peeps


Aw man, prop h8 passed :( ?


saw an awesomely cute little Atom lappy at El Corte Ingles, bit steep at 300+ EUR. Better never let Viking see it, he’d wear us out nagging


mibbit is pretty awesome, I thought I’d nuked it on this machine but I wasn’t doing it right(tm)

tweets for 2008-11-04


Waiting for our order at a seaside restaurant


Watching CNN, updating my knowledge on US geography.

tweets for 2008-11-03


Hmmm seem to have blocket mibbit.com on this computer (internet terminal at the hotel) That sucks. OTH maybe IRC isn’t a top prio right now.

tweets for 2008-11-02


At BCN. Our flight to Palma is delayed, that doesn’t stop people from starting a queue. Rediscovered the pleasure of checked luggage.


Re the rental @ Palma, I’ll try to sweet-talk myself a car with the help of the police report of the theft


Safely landed in G Canaria, waiting to deplane

tweets for 2008-11-01


Bummer, got my pocket picked on the Metro. Lost 2 cards, driver’s license and the coolest wallet ever. No car on Gran Canaria :(


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