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tweets for 2017-09-19

Spotify finally figured out my true age and offered up an “Adult contemporary” playlist

tweets for 2017-09-15

“Common sense” is so oldschool, disrupt it by calling it a “Life Pro Tip”!

tweets for 2017-09-06

TIL Orchestral Manouvers In The Dark are still recording

Been using Windows since 1993, #TIL that “cd " will go to disk root

tweets for 2017-09-04

Just had Skype for Business literally crash when trying to answer a call. Enterprise quality at #work

Now “normal” Skype crashes, and I can’t access the Start menu. Heckuva job #Microsoft

Oh well, time to restart because MS can’t get 2 products THEY OWN to work on their own damn OS


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