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tweets for 2017-11-29

The price of Civility is Eternal Moderation

In retrospect, I think my fav Gibson series is the Bridge Trilogy. Mostly it’s the characters that stick in my memory, and the depiction of Japan.

tweets for 2017-11-23

“The banner bright, the symbol plain, Of human right, and human gain.”

So, if your sibling gets kids and you reach a certain age… are you automatically designated “racist uncle”, or can you choose?

tweets for 2017-11-22

Maybe the furor over net neutrality can gain some mainstream appeal if the Russian trollbots get involved

So we have #BlackFriday here in Sweden now. What’s next? Dry overcooked turkey? Stressful travel? Arguing politics with relatives? Just say ¡NO! to Yanqui cultural imperialism!

yo we heard you like screen multiplexers so we’re running a ‘tmux’ in your ‘screen’ so you can multiplex while you multiplex

tweets for 2017-11-21

Not gonna lie, didn’t think the local Lidl would be the first place I saw advertizing Apple Pay

tweets for 2017-11-20

Spotify: stop trying to make the latest crap by U2 a thing. It’s not gonna happen

I was named “closer of the week” at #work. To encourage me to be named again, I now have even more cases.

tweets for 2017-11-17

The best rebranding exercise? Transforming “statistics” into “AI” #bigdata

I’m really happy the animated emojis in MS Teams stop moving when the window loses focus… #work

#Tether supply has increased! There are now 644,999,472 tethers issued (+30,000,000)

tweets for 2017-11-15

Ooh, a coup! It’s been a while.

tweets for 2017-11-14

There are shell scripts Man was not supposed to write - we have a ~home in a vast and uncaring system, and it was not meant for us to cd(1) far

Quick poll (not really a poll): when tweeting a parody of a famous quote, do you look it up first or just wing it?

Not gonna lie, I like the new 280 character limit #suckithaters

tweets for 2017-11-13

Ranting about open workspaces is practically its own art form now, like the sonnet or the epistolic novel #nerdscomplaining

tweets for 2017-11-11

You know WW1 is finally so over when 11/11 is now “Singles Day” #remembranceday #neverforget #imeanit

tweets for 2017-11-08

After literally decades of using #Emacs I’ve implented abbrevs for the first time #slowlearner

Every time I think a government has made the dumbest decision ever, another one says “hold my beer”

“when the five-star Ritz Carlton was transformed into a prison” is a very 2010s sentence

Bitfinex has issued 515M worth of Tethers with no more backing than a couple of tweets. Fiat money indeed

tweets for 2017-11-07

how the heck do I fav a tweet using @oysttyer? /fav doesn’t work

tweets for 2017-11-06

I honestly didn’t thing Windows VPN clients could get any worse … then I tried FortiClient #nolowerbar #work


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