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tweets for 2019-09-30

code monkey C, code monkey doodoo

I guess it was only a matter of time before CRT monitors joined the ranks of vinyl records and silver-halide photography as the new hip retro-thing

Not really looking forward to travelling to the US next week #civilwar

tweets for 2019-09-26

unwelcome development - I see “golang” and read it as “gulag”

tweets for 2019-09-24

L’enfer, c’est les nerds

tweets for 2019-09-23

Did Millenials Kill Thomas Cook? - NO! he died of old age

tweets for 2019-09-18

RMS is a bearded hippie who believes software should be free, but the same people who are Very Concerned about Conservatives Being Silenced are also Very Concerned about him. What’s the connection, I wonder…

tweets for 2019-09-16

We changed the cushions on our easy chairs and I feel as if I’m sitting a foot higher and every breath makes me bounce up and down

tweets for 2019-09-11

I for one am disappointed we won’t be seeing a Tesla Model S slide off the Caracciola Karussell like a bar of wet soap

tweets for 2019-09-09

History repeats itself, first as a Philip K Dick story, then as farce

tweets for 2019-09-02

Desktop Window Manager was gobbling up 30% CPU (pegging it). Closing the open Skype window resolved it. Way to go, #MSFT


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