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En ålderstigen släkting kommer svartklädd
ut från Elimkapellet.
Säg att du brukar tänka på henne
när du onanerar!
Hon kan behöva lite uppmuntran.

– Göran Palm, Själens furir

tweets for 2008-04-30

Stayed up until <12:30> last night reading “Black Man”. Richard Morgan is great

tomorrow is a holiday, yay for Internationalist Socialist solidarity!

stupid mothership hasn’t realised that there are real live people in the EU that THEY HAVE TO SUPPORT

yes, I am a bit miffed, why do you ask?

wtf slashdot.org down??? ALIENS ARE HERE

w00t got a new used ergoforce keyboard belonging to the coworker who’s gone to China

had to take a low-power nap to prevent me from seeing double with fatigue

Waiting for the Last day of April bonfire

tweets for 2008-04-29

I can kiss the Xbox goodbye now that Leo has got GTA4

“Oracle7 Server SQL Language” – best reference EVAH

hmm Disqus now hooks into services like del.icio.us, flickr, and inevitably, Twitter

I’ll grab a coffee NOW(tm)

Waiting for the end of Viking’s gym class

tweets for 2008-04-28

planning on selling the car, even if we don’t get much money we’ll be out ahead by not paying for gas, repairs, insurance

after a rocky start, Nick Sagan’s Idlewild is hitting its stride

man i love my old keytronics ergoforce kb, pity some of the keys are wonky

the dearth of new blog entries on Monday makes me sad…

big-name car dealer didn’t want my car, time to look at the second-tier

3 new spam followers, blocked. Fruitless but you gotta do something

tweets for 2008-04-27

You know what Twitter? Feel free to truncate my tweets to 140 chars, but fucking lay off hijacking my keystrokes if I cross the limit, mkay?

tweets for 2008-04-26

First half of day done: fixing stuff and cleaning at daycare. Now for the housing association spring cleaning

Staying up until 3am playing Crackdown was, in retrospect, not the best decision

Yay car still where I left it

vero we recently added ourselves to the Swedish list, it takes 6 months to go into effect and we’ve never received more calls :P

sort of a spam filter for phones

fetching Hanna

tweets for 2008-04-25

Woke half an hour before the alarm, now eating a leisurely breakfast

punching in

getting messily involved in email “marketing” for work and not liking it one little bit

Like most things SOX-related at $mothership, the latest access tracking app seems rushed

LOL @ GTA4 pirate release

thinking of knocking off early and spending my paycheck

heading home early

Awkward weather, just too cool for just a suit jacket but you feel like a Snowman in a coat

Dude just because you have Ibrahamovic’s nose doesn’t mean you should have his haircut

On the bus heading towards Systemet and some not-so-cool brews

Stupidly we threw out Leo’s old cards in the move

tweets for 2008-04-24

starting the day with wrestling with Outlook. DO NO WANT

Zeropunctuation has its ups and downs, but even at its worse it’s TEH AWSUM

time to sort out some lunch

doing the timesheet

waiting for the conference call to begin

more SOX stuff on the immediate horizon, yay

tweets for 2008-04-23

on an Elvis Costello jag, dunno why

waiting for the queue at Gunthers to die down

back from Günthers, half hour wait for a double kabanoss in French bread but worth it. Sauce and mustard are HOT

my oral cavity feels as if it’s been napalmed

now using irssi for work IRC, feels good

Consolas is a really nice fixed-width font

ah the last half hour before going home… productivity plummets

time to move off home, I hope my new used lens has arrived!

Waiting for my burgers at Max

tweets for 2008-04-22

cannot help but follow @jwz, in spite of (or maybe because of) his message to new followers: http://tinyurl.com/3ueb6x

I say: all follow @jwz, let’s get him more followers than @scobleizer!

tweets for 2008-04-21

SE newspapers bought the Google triumphalist propaganda hook line and sinker


damn forgot both my memory card and “Accelerando”

crackdown would be a mite cooler if you could play as a woman character

tweets for 2008-04-20

At the playground, lovely weather, perversely wishing being inside playing Crackdown

Viking has found another boy his age to play with. Lucky for him because I lack all energy

The other kids mom and her friend are on a conference call planning a wedding on conference call

Whoops didn’t rewrite that last tweet b4 posting :P

ok so megacorps are tracking mentions of themselves in Twitter, has the service “arrived” or has it jumped the shark. And why should I care?

tweets for 2008-04-18

punching in

created a playlist with songs w/ playtime <2:42> as per http://www.scalzi.com/whatever/003073.html

testing AlertThingy

FriendFeed serves no purpose for me whatsoever

hmm looks as if I can’t access TechCrunch from work. No great loss.

God my spelling has gone to pot

tweets for 2008-04-17

Starting early, Joanna is leaving Viking to daycare

Always surprised to see affluently-dressed people smoking

Note to young Swedish women: black scarves with bright floral patterns are fugly

Seeing a messenger bag with the logo “Bonnier Gaming” - cognitive dissonance. Bonniers is the local century-old publishing/media company

Half past 7 tram crowd is different from the half-past 8 one

Ticket line at Gullmarsplan is suboptimal during rush hour

my sound system is flakey :( no sound in the right channel. Maybe it’s my reciever from 1982 that’s giving up

moved the mouse out of reach so I will be forced to use the trackball on the other side

one nation, under Twitter

“In the United States, the (avoirdupois) pound as a unit of mass has been officially defined in terms of the kilogram since the Mendenha …

amusing myself by writing LOLwords in bug report screenshots

I lead DN with about 1.2 years: http://xrl.us/bjg5e vs http://xrl.us/bjg5g. Go me!

what’s with the sudden spate of stupid popup survey requests? every other site I visit has them now!

tweets for 2008-04-16

reading http://www.irvinehousingblog.com/, fascinating

unfollowing the tweets from CNN

finally the 24mm I’ve bid on is on its way

tweets for 2008-04-15

heh, Iraq buys arm from Serbia, ticks off the US: http://tinyurl.com/59gdxl

GTA4 sounds impressive in preview: http://tinyurl.com/6qyvvy

tweets for 2008-04-14

punching in

Dell customer satisfaction surveys SUCK but I was very happy with the service and I hope the rep gets the feedback

just got a call from wife, the unemployment office she works at is to be shut down on 1 Jul

having great fun shooting coworkers in SoFII

going home

tweets for 2008-04-11

punching in

The twitter backlash begins. Soon all the cool kids wil be moving to some new hot service w/o spammers. It’s like slash and burn.

I suck at leaving comments

Lunch @ Bonnier konsthall

counting down for beer

mmm coffee

down to 2 tickets in the support queue, which is nce

100.00 USD = 63.16 EUR, it’s not funny anymore, starting to feel scary…


smirnoff ice is a guilty pleasure

shutting down Outlook

In a pub cellar, Cowboy Junkies on the stereo

Wtf the kitchen is out of filet of beef @ 19 local?!!

Waiting for my Philly cheese steak sandwich

Mmm sated

tweets for 2008-04-10

gah, another gray day

After using twhirl a bit, it’s just not cutting it. Web and gtalk ftw!

Made the mistake of taking the bus instead of the tram and missing the subway connection. So now we’re running late :(

This day has “crap” written all over it

“Jennifer Government” is getting better from a slow start

heading home

Heading to the car, then to pick up Hanna

Feel like kneecapping the whooping kids in the tram

tweets for 2008-04-09

having breakfast

running late

creepy how lots of SA military hardware is in use around the world: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mamba_APC

penny-wise, pound-foolish: http://techdirt.com/articles/20080407/172509780.shtml

recommended wordpress.com and tumblr.com for coworker on his way to work in Shanghai

damn union has lost my email addy

installing Soldier of Fortune II, selecting the Full Violence option!

man I so want to play Call of Duty 4 right now… I wonder if I could get approval for an Xbox 360 in the office?

hmm, perhaps I will ;)

heading off

tweets for 2008-04-08

It’s <6:35am,> d’you know where your brain is?

stress testing the new motherboard and LCD panel, just got replaced by Dell support

added to the list of “things that are slow as molasses”: importing Outlook archives

wow this is a good day for @mc, KU won some championship and Google just said “Python is the shit”

tried out Safari on Windows. Weird-ass keyboard shortcut for switching tabs. DO NOT WANT

unsubbed from dave winer’s blog… should have done that a long time ago

tweets for 2008-04-07

yawn time to get going

what does it matter if my US stocks are rising when the friggin USD is heading for the ocean depths?

does that mean no Olympics, or will they have to backtrack and get a new flame?

there’s talk of letting some leaders “protest” by not attending the opening ceremony, but afai concerned you either boycott it all or not

“extingiushed by officials”???

mmm 430g bag of M&Ms on the desk

I’m equally torn between reading “The Execution Channel” and wasting time on the internet.

time-wasting on the internet won!

tweets for 2008-04-05

Up early on a Sat, preparing for the arrival of kid guests later

we may have survived the Great 6 Year Party of 2008

my Bloglines sub of my del.icio.us contact’s links is maxed out at 200, time to dig in…

found some interesting mil aviation links in maciej’s feed

also I know BSG isn’t on HBO but the issue’s the same. TV is global now

time for bed

tweets for 2008-04-04

In the subway on my way into work

i had a meze wrap with chicken, not bad

man people are haussing The Wire

this is weird, as late as 1970 Helsingborg was spelt “Hälsingborg”

“Brazil” is looking more and more timely each passing day

time to submit some tickets

I need new clothes

just got a call from the wife, they’ve waited 40 minutes for the tram and Viking is cranky. gonna head home and cheer him up with pancakes

ok installed Twhirl, and so far I can’t see the point..

where the fsck’s the fscking point…

time for bed…

tweets for 2008-04-03

So, plan was to get up at 6 and do some stuff. Like there was any chance of that happening :P

wow lots of stuff going on at work today

god Maria McKee has a heavenly voice

does anyone under 21 use Twitter, I wonder

really enjoying the tumbleblog blogging lifestyle, even if it does replace creative thought with mindless meme-replication

marked 3 gmail screens of Gunroom messages as read, gotta start over

tweets for 2008-04-02

It’s always disappointing to hear a pretty girl sound stupid on a mobile phone

thank god April Fool’s is over… people who aren’t funny shouldn’t try to make jokes

taking half the day off to prepare for the b/day party on Sat

I’m the 4th oldest employee by hiring date at this time

tweets for 2008-04-01

god I’m stressed

best 04-01 joke so far: http://tinyurl.com/39rxvp

anyone know the specific shade of magenta that T-mobile have trademarked?

the colour is RAL 4010…

“4010 Telemagenta”: http://tinyurl.com/2llqkr

fun fun fun, new webbased time sheet s/w only accepts IE

follow-up question from the time reporting support: “what internet are you using?”. Not AFJ

digging some old Lone Justice

Danish and Swedish Posts are to merge, maybe they should have announced it tomorrow

i’ve gotta get moving soon, haven’t done too much work today unfortunately

heading off to pick up the sprog

Preparing to toodle off and get an Olympus XA or 2


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