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tweets for 2015-09-30

Listening to my iTunes collection (486 albums) in alphabetical album order. As good a sort as any. Some forgotten gems.

tweets for 2015-09-29

Ingen höst utan infekterad kulturstrid #fb

Drafting epic defence against charges I scratched our rental car. Cicero ain’t in it.

Holy crap the leering face of Zuck from FB’s follow recommendations is giving me the creeps #fb

My poor little Macbook Pro’s fan is whining as it downloads via SFTP, Handbrakes, and updates an iPad

tweets for 2015-09-28

One has to wonder how many #BloodMoon shots are just the regular moon with a red gradient added

tweets for 2015-09-25

Time to update this old iPhone to iOS 9.0.1 now that the eager beavers have rooted out the worst(?) bugs

I’m old-skool enough to do the software update from iTunes, after taking a manual backup. #trustno1

tweets for 2015-09-23

Happy September equinox everyone! (55 minutes late but was in a meeting)

tweets for 2015-09-21

Seems like Skype is down. Lucky I only use it for #work ;)

If you’ve woken up to the Skypeocalypse, remember that IRC was designed to survice nuclear war.

What yooge, classy beast, its Tower built at least, slouched towards Washington to be inaugurated? #fb

tweets for 2015-09-18

Maybe it’s time to take a break from listening non-stop to this Revolutionary Girl Utena 10-box CD set

tweets for 2015-09-17

Today’s pop culture items referenced on Twitter: Dune, Ghost in the Shell, Warren Zevon.

tweets for 2015-09-16

Holy sh*t the Java experience nowadays is such utter misery

tweets for 2015-09-14

My mind is fading. I can feel it.

Just got Kik and am encouraged to see I’m not actually the oldest person it suggests as contacts.

tweets for 2015-09-09

Inte för att jag bryr mig om skolfoton, men det är ändå lite irriterande att skolan ändrar tiderna för dom med en dags varsel #fb

It’s fascinating that Twitter uses email so much to promote its service… if only there was another communications network they could use?

I’m a prolific user of Twitter (albeit via a 3rd party client) and yet Twitter insists on reminding me they exist.

Look at the sheer number of tweets I’ve made, oh Twitter, and leave me the eff alone.

Twitter - our network is so awesome we send you multiple emails per day to tell you about it

Prince Charles is starting to suspect his ma is some sort of human-spice worm hybrid by now…

All hail Goddess-Empress Elizabeth II - may she rule for 10,000 years!

tweets for 2015-09-07

Bakelite and plutonium - the stuff the 1950s were made from.

tweets for 2015-09-03

“Oral galvanism” - det var länge sedan #JuliaCeasar

Oral galvanism är väl ändå att föredra framför Anal Magnetism (tror det var en sketch från Galenskaparna(?) men kan ha fel) #fb

tweets for 2015-09-02

“Why is this query taking so long? How many entries does this DB have?” 18M. “Oh.”

“Indexes? What indexes?”

Looking to re-use an old wifi router. The missing wall-wart costs 250SEK. An entirely new router costs the same. Decisions, decisions.

Is there any feature online that’s treated more like a red-headed stepchild than Twitter lists?

The problem w/ Reddit: site ambience rewards confrontation. Those that thrive on that stay and reinforce, the rest leave.

tweets for 2015-09-01

Ett hörbart sus går genom de församlade föräldrarna när fältassistenterna berättar att kidsen krökar och röker på #föräldramöte


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