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tweets for 2019-12-30

it’s a race whether AGW or the 2k38 bug will finish us off… (@DanTilert)

tweets for 2019-12-27

Every once in a while, I am seized by the urge to learn Lisp. I usually lie down until the madness passes.

tweets for 2019-12-26

Playing Assassin’s Creed: Unity and getting bugged by the historical inaccuracies. There was no Tricolor before the Revolution, for Pete’s sake!

tweets for 2019-12-17

Postel’s pundit reads Jacobin and writes in The Federalist

tweets for 2019-12-13

“Brexit II - The General Election Buggaloo”

tweets for 2019-12-10

``Kubernetes as a Service with Rancer2 at Hetzner using Terraform and Helm’’ is like (bad) modern poetry but it’s actually DevOps


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