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tweets for 2011-10-26

Between the closed polish of iOS and the open crappiness of Android, Windows Phone and #Nokia have a chance at a middle ground

tweets for 2011-10-25

Det är taskigt att skoja om folks fobier, men tjejen som är rädd för dinosaurier är svår att ta på allvar (“Outsiders” i TV5)

tweets for 2011-10-22

watching Transformers 3 and facepalming ALL THE TIME

tweets for 2011-10-21

It’s so tacky that Java update wants to install Ask Jeeves as part of the upgrade process. They’re 2 steps from RealNetworks asshattery #fb

tweets for 2011-10-19

There Should Be A Word For: stuff that looks super hot in pr0n but in fact is just tedious and/or uncomfortable

tweets for 2011-10-17

Heading off home, tomorrow I will start the day with helping out my fav customer in Bulgaria

tweets for 2011-10-13

greppar mina Twitterloggar för “#juholt” för att få lite grepp om flödet kring allas vår mustaschman

tweets for 2011-10-11

Hmm, about half the images from 2 days shooting can’t be read from the card, hope I can see them using a card reader tomorrow

tweets for 2011-10-08

Sure, Delicious really sucks now, but is it worth paying ~$10 for Pinboard? I might as well code my own bookmarking service…


tweets for 2011-10-07

I now wince at apostrophied possesive its. I am a Grammar Nazi First Class!

Hey, right-wingers, the IDF allows gays to serve, shouldn’t you be all over that?

tweets for 2011-10-06

It’s pretty weird a billionaire’s death causes the Twitterverse to mourn. Guess I’ll leave it alone for a couple of days

Most awesome troll ever: Svenska Akademien gives #SteveJobs the Nobel Prize for literature

Can’t see any images from Flickr. Looks like a CDN server’s down

ah, now Flickr’s working

YES Tomas Tranströmer fick Nobelpriset!!

Really enjoying Walter Jon William’s “The Praxis”. It’s that rare thing, believable space opera

tweets for 2011-10-05

Hmm ringde #Ownit i morse och det var tydligen ett fel hos dom. Leo säger att det funkar nu #fb

You know we’re on the brink of a horrible worldwide depression when even Apple has failed to impress #endtimes #econocalypse

tweets for 2011-10-04

No Apple 5, this fall looks to be a great season for annoying the fanboys. Now for Canon to let them down #mwhahahaha

Helt otroligt, nu måste vi logga in på #Ownits portal, som om vi inte bott här ett år! Vilka jävla lallare #fb

tweets for 2011-10-03

Reading list: Restoration Game by @amendlocke, Lev Grossman’s The Magician King, Stross’ Rule 34. What to start with?

tweets for 2011-10-02

You know what Jack Bauer likes even more than being tortured? Being shot and getting a collapsed lung #final24

US state and federal officials are never as effective as when they’re in Jack Bauer’s way in the middle of the night #final24

now we have the mole in the CTU, the only thing missing were rogue elements in the US gov… and here they are! #final24

Aaaaaand we’re back to the Russkies #final24

CTU has the worst background checks ever #final24

Rules of succession are indeed vague in the Islamic Republic of Kamistan. OTOH it’s a bit like real-life Pakistan #final24

Chloe as boss of the CTU is a triumph for Aspies everywhere #final24

Poor Jack Bauer just can’t find love, and now it’s effing PERSONAL #final24

Here’s my predictions for fanboy gnashing-of-teeth going forward: iPhone 4S (not 5) next week and no new Canon DSLRs. It will be epic

Leo playing FIFA 2012: “I bought this damn Chinese and he’s fucking useless!!” #gamerrage

tweets for 2011-10-01

Today Leo asked what war “The Pacific” was set in, Vietnam? #kidsthesedays

Went to the farmer’s market on Katarina Bangata on Söder today. Crazy scene, in a very Söder way #stockholm


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