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tweets for 2017-12-29

Dear Apple - stop trying to make High Sierra a thing on my computer. It’s just not working out.

tweets for 2017-12-24

Best Yahtzee result ever personally? 314 with Swedish rules 🤘💯🔥

“stengolvet på Fragila avdelningen” - klassiskt #karlbertil

“Kör till slumkvarteren!” #karlbertil

“Les Mots” de Jean Paul Sartre #karlbertil

“Jag har närt en KOMMUNIST vid min barm!” #karlbertil

“Det var banne mig det finaste jag hört sen jag konfirmerades!” #karlbertil

tweets for 2017-12-20

If Emacs is Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping, what’s Atom?

tweets for 2017-12-19

this evening on IRC - a discussion on whether it would be ok to have dinner with Werner von Braun

tweets for 2017-12-15

Skämskuddarna räcker inte till i #påspåret. Skäms <1:a> klass!

tweets for 2017-12-14

UTF?! More like WTF! (h/t @varjag)

tweets for 2017-12-11

So far I’ve discovered that I cannot resolve my cases when using Dynamics CRM with Edge. This boggles the mind (ping @koehntopp) #work

Yet more Windows 10 weirdness. Installed (or so I thought) Spotify from the Microsoft Store. But the item in Start doesn’t … start. It’s just a weird placeholder, not a shortcut.

You’re in a twisty maze of nested RDP sessions, all alike #work

tweets for 2017-12-08

Second day with newly installed Windows 10 computer and Edge has lost all my settings and bookmarks, WTF?!

Water and Electricity and Dry Rot - the three horsemen of home ownership apocalypse

tweets for 2017-12-02

first step in problem solving: find the right terms to google

Google+ is the /dev/null of social networks


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