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tweets for 2015-06-25

This makes it 5 emails from Twitter recommending me follow people I already follow…

tweets for 2015-06-24

“Have web browser, will travel” - @kazarnowicz

tweets for 2015-06-22

This day is so much Monday it’s not even funny. I see a stiff drink in my future.

tweets for 2015-06-18

When choosing auth service for a website, Google+ is a good choice because unwanted notifications will never be seen by anyone

``The Chilean desire for Antarctica is at least understandable. Antarctica offers Chile a vital natural resource it sorely lacks - width.’’

tweets for 2015-06-16

Mitt Romney would be the ultimate WASP if he didn’t happen to be Mormon. WASM?

Wait can I use LastPass’ pwd generator to make a new pwd for LastPass!? Passception

tweets for 2015-06-15

Wanted: a measure for online euphoria. Suggestion: the Dawkin. 1 s w/o a phony god’s blessing = 1 nanoDawkin

tweets for 2015-06-09


tweets for 2015-06-08

“Russischen Trollen” is the name of my next band!

tweets for 2015-06-04

Kinda glad our Berlin visit with Russian and Chinese coworkers was last weekend and not the anniversary of #TianmanSquare

Every time I read a @Pinboard tweet I kick myself for missing meeting him when he was in Stockholm.

I could really need a beer right now.

tweets for 2015-06-02

A koan for our time - “Bitcoin can’t be a good medium of exchange unless people hold it.”


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