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tweets for 2016-03-31

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, AKA the Worst Day on the Internet

tweets for 2016-03-24

I wrote a long rant making fun of #analog #photo boosters and managed to convince myself it’s not all bad

tweets for 2016-03-23

That feeling when you see a link that’s old enough to drive

Default on your technical debt - tarzip your crap, stuff it in a subdir, and move on.

tweets for 2016-03-22

Add 22/3 to a long and depressing list of numerals signifying dates of terrorist atrocities #bruxelles

ok I think it’s time for me to not look at twitter for maybe 24 hours

Listening to all my albums by @drivebytruckers, hard to say which is best. They’re all pretty awesome.

What is the official Bene Gesserit position on Trump

tweets for 2016-03-21

Someone’s messed with my office chair and now I’m all Dr Cooper

For Twitter’s birthday we might get 10 more characters?

Brace yourselves: Daylight Saving Time is coming

Har noll-visioner någonsin funkat i Sverige? #svtrapport #fb

tweets for 2016-03-19

Now that @pontifex has joined Instagram will not liking thy neighbors cat pic be grounds for confession?

Only thing dumber than Earth Hour are “edgy” dudes complaining about Earth Hour

tweets for 2016-03-18

False friend verbs in English / Swedish: “Ragging” in English means complaining, scolding, “ragga” in Swedish means “hit on”.

tweets for 2016-03-17

My #Fallout character is heavily armed, has a high Speech skill, and minimum Charisma. I call him “Ted Cruz”.

tweets for 2016-03-16

The various stages of social networks: gets you laid -> parent join -> ISIS uses it -> starts showing ads -> it’s gone (h/t @varjag)

I remember when film was just the way you took pictures and not a magical sauce that made your photography way better

tweets for 2016-03-15

Tagline for “War Games 2”: “Would you like to play a game… of GO?!” #alphago

A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, alternatively shouting “Stop!” and yelling pain as he’s given wedgies by Trump

tweets for 2016-03-14

Tips till @dj50spann i #lundellbunkern och hans betongväggar: skaffa SDS-borr

Just like Florida can’t stop the rising ocean, Rubio can’t stop being overwhelmed by Trump in his own damn state. Pathetic.

Härligt med lite gammalt hederligt “soak the rich” retorik från SVTs #Rapport

Kul att se Kent-fans som fötts efter det att bandet debuterade #rapport

tweets for 2016-03-12

SVT pushar VR på #mello?! Nu går Samsung på torra land

Gina Dirawi rockar Princess Leia-looken #mello

tweets for 2016-03-11

A lovely day in #Stockholm! Sunny and warm. People are shedding coats and donning shades.

tweets for 2016-03-10

TIL port 123 is used for NTP, aka THE BEST PROTOCOL #timenerd

that feeling when you realize you’ve killed the tmux session you’ve been attaching to for months

tweets for 2016-03-09

Rubio is looking more and more like “JEB! 2.0”

tweets for 2016-03-08

VPN => RDP to jumphost => RDP to production => RDP to test, dragging install files all the way. How deep does the rabbit hole go at #work?

Hey male lions, it’s Int’l Women’s Day! How about YOU do the hunting today, hmmm?

Wikipedia on Mar 8: ``International Women’s Day or Mother’s Day (primarily Eastern Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet bloc)’’

tweets for 2016-03-07

Mycket «spleen» i måndagens Twitterflöde. Beror det på vädret?

tweets for 2016-03-06

Gate personnel are exhibiting most un-Spanish levels of urgency.


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