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tweets for 2022-03-31

US State dept has the same level of warnings (“Level 4: Do not travel”) for Ukraine, Russia… and Sweden

TIL Int’l G&T day is 9 Apr

tweets for 2022-03-23

Pretty sure Poland figure they can handle a 1922 rematch with Russia right now…

tweets for 2022-03-21

If Trump had been re-elected he’d have let Putin have Ukraine.

tweets for 2022-03-19

Slötittar på “Gift vid första ögonkastet” AUS & UK.

Någon har bytt producent eller så har formatskaparna tänkt om.

Nu är det “Paradise Hotel” för yngre medelålders.

tweets for 2022-03-18

Why is everyone linking to that dumb NYT opinion piece instead of shaming or shunning it?

tweets for 2022-03-17

Need Javelin-over-IP to deal with online tankies

tweets for 2022-03-16

Not really happy I’m getting better and better at reading Cyrillic…

tweets for 2022-03-15

Intellectual Donbas Web

tweets for 2022-03-05

kriget i Ukraina riskerar väcka min inre MÖP ☹️

tweets for 2022-03-04

Has anyone suggested Russian truckers should block streets in Moscow yet

Tired: global pandemic Wired: World War III Inspired l: Elden Ring

tweets for 2022-03-03

It’s laundry day - money laundry day

Putin: stopp krenking our luftspejs!


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