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tweets for 2010-10-31

I just unlocked the “Explorer” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/avTGW6

apropå senaste #subrosa RT @DNDebatt: Timbros nye vd: “Borgerligheten befinner sig i ett mycket utsatt läge” http://ow.ly/327Cc

dinner for Joanna (@ Erikson residence) http://4sq.com/9GX3S7

tweets for 2010-10-30

returning purchases (@ Sickla Köpkvarter) http://4sq.com/5x815v

scored Bank’s “Surface Detail”! (@ Dieselverkstaden w/ 2 others) http://4sq.com/8Xh8ml

tweets for 2010-10-29

sub rosa! (@ Café Birger) http://4sq.com/6otysb

lunch (@ Lawson Danderyd) http://4sq.com/b69KyV

back to the salt mine (@ Teleopti AB) http://4sq.com/ddt3GH

The letters of Bruce Chatwin http://icio.us/pwiafo

tweets for 2010-10-28

it’s a truism, but the iPhone rocks on public transport. Taking a break from driving tonight

skipping the car tonight in favor of public transport (@ Danderyds sjukhus tunnelbana) http://4sq.com/8haOP4

yay, Daily Beast’s feed goes full content! Hope it lasts

tweets for 2010-10-27

Hade glömt att det var #lila27okt, vilken tur att jag tog på mig min lila skjorta av bara farten!

Står och “pappadansar” vid stå-skrivbordet till Docent Död. Ja, jag är gammal #fb

det är ju bara ickesvenskar som får Nobelpris, varför vill SD vara med?

emergency fast food! (@ Max Sjöstaden) http://4sq.com/63dJ4h

Charles Stross on steampunk. Spoiler: does not want! http://icio.us/cxnajt

tweets for 2010-10-26

I usually disable wifi at work, #firesheep makes this an even better idea #paranoia

gettin’ jiggy w/ transactions (@ Cornerstone) http://4sq.com/a10kuP

wtf is “ZOMBIE COUGARS” a promoted trend???

lunch! (@ Forno Romano) http://4sq.com/aZ714i

Detta är lite roligt ryckt ur sitt sammanhang: “Malmöpolisen jagar en man på cykel”. I verkligheten, inte så kul #malmö #fb

Ytterligare rubrik från DN.se: “Illegala vapen flödar i Skåne”. Är dom smälta, eller? #malmö #fb

är alla nättidningsrubriker så här konstiga numera? “Trafikkaos i mystisk dimma”. Rena Stephen King!

lazy dinner - takeout! (@ Café Soir) http://4sq.com/a7uEmr

tweets for 2010-10-25

effing SQL server, how does it work? (@ Cornerstone) http://4sq.com/a10kuP

Hey Tea, Douglas Coupland tweets at @DougCoupland [this is mostly a message for my sister in law, as a way of getting her on Twitter!] #fb

no email in the web interface leads to suspicion that mail is down at work

#newtwitter looks like shite in IE7. Not that I care.

OK now I understand why I can’t see retweets… IE7 crappiness strikes again!

tweets for 2010-10-23

tycker att Roland Poirier Martinsson har helt fel om Tea Party-rörelsen http://is.gd/getqa. Budgetunderskottet kommer inte minskas

undrar hur många av Sveriges konservativa som beundrar Tea Party-rörelsen tycker #prop19 är en bra ide #warondrugs

California’s pot economy and Proposition 19 http://icio.us/sftt21

I think my 8-year old son is a bit too young to see “Juno”. Trying to get him to bed

tweets for 2010-10-22

made it to work through the snow despite still having summer tires… but it was dodgy! #fb

The wheel of history turns to the gods http://icio.us/vi1rf2

TGIF! #fb

tweets for 2010-10-21

I’m gonna buy a wallet-sized portable harddrive, any marques to specifically avoid? Not a fan of LaCie

started to read reviews about Windows Phone 7 then realised life’s too fucking short

how come Twitter, IRC and even Google Reader become radically more interesting when I have to sort laundry?

tweets for 2010-10-20

today’s downer: Consolas doesn’t seem to support Unicode box drawing symbols

waiting for the rest of the family for Leo’s b/day dinner (@ Jimmys Marina Steakhouse) http://4sq.com/bexXxC

tweets for 2010-10-19

I just unlocked the “Super User” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/cq7Ypy

finally home (@ Erikson residence) http://4sq.com/9GX3S7

tweets for 2010-10-18

learning some SQL Server-fu (@ Cornerstone) http://4sq.com/a10kuP

vet inte riktigt vad som jag inte gillar med Våra vänners liv… too close to home? #svt #fb

wow I have a 2.5 issue New York Review backlog, maybe I should stop dicking around on the internets and read some real content #don’tthinkso

Robert Gates admits no Afghan informants targeted by #Wikileaks Afghan papers: http://is.gd/g7gWq

London’s Ring of Steel http://is.gd/g7kkf (via @UnlikelyWorlds)

tweets for 2010-10-17

hmm I’d really like a beer for my forthcoming fish ’n chips but I need to drive later. Car == teh suck

Gapar åt “Dansfeber” #fb

I just unlocked the “I’m on a boat!” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/cMf45G

för @isobelsverkstad: http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/2010/10/at-farmers-marketdavey-new-york.html

tweets for 2010-10-16

late breakfast (@ Erikson residence) http://4sq.com/9GX3S7

tweets for 2010-10-15

punching in (@ Teleopti AB) http://4sq.com/ddt3GH

hmm if you change the format of a logfile, don’t forget to change the script that scans it #duh

Vad är det Bodströms ungar gör i USA egentligen?

Man kan aldrig ha för mycket Elin Sigvardsson i sin spellista #fb

Mörby centrum lockar med Systembolag och potentiella 4square-incheckningar #lunchtimme

I just want it to be Friday so I can go home, drink beer, and watch The Big Bang Theory

Foursquare badge I will never get: CRUNKED

picking up the kid, tgif! (@ Sjöstadsskolans Skolgård) http://4sq.com/cGwAfl

home, what a fscking week

ok, time for some @billybragg on Youtube and then Big Bang Theory! Oh, and a beer too

tweets for 2010-10-14

wrapping up for today (@ Teleopti AB) http://4sq.com/ddt3GH

waiting for pizza (@ Café Soir) http://4sq.com/a7uEmr

bye bye rinderpest, you won’t be missed http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-11542653

wonder when we’ll see a Windows 7 phone here in Sweden

wow, systems maintenance, like visits to the dentist, only get more painful the longer you wait

Hmm my flashblocker prevents me from uploading a cat pic to Facebook. Probably for the best

Brazilian elections http://icio.us/u5kngt

Leo predictably thinks “Not Another Teen Movie” is “the best film ever”

tweets for 2010-10-13

Considering I just added my workplace to Foursquare it shouldn’t be too hard to become mayor of it…

wow, the support in #ttytter for “in-reply-to” and threads is awesome. It’s what I was missing in tircd

definition #3 is a bit different from the others http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=suit%20up

Ska ta mig en kall öl till dom ugnsstekta isterbanden och senapssåsen #husmanskost #fb

waiting for dinner (@ Erikson residence) http://4sq.com/9GX3S7

mmmm palsternacka, ++++AAA will eat again #fb

tea time! (@ Erikson residence) http://4sq.com/9GX3S7

seriously these cats are driving me nuts nowadays

tweets for 2010-10-12

our case handling system can’t send or receive mail, makes for a “relaxing” workday #notreally

why is my server updating X11 packages…

interesting problem, solution is OK I guess but the name is effing twee http://engineering.twitter.com/2010/06/announcing-snowflake.html

finally time to punch out #tuesdayisthenewmonday

lol Holland - Sweden 1 - 0 … we didn’t even have a chance

lol 4-0, vilket fiasko #emkval

“Sverige har egentligen aldrig varit nära” - no shit sherlock #emkval

Tomorrow I shall be posting cat pics. You have been warned #photog

tweets for 2010-10-11

angående vindsvåningsreportaget i DN… jag tycker det är som reportage skrivs i största allmänhet i inredningstidningar #fb

wow, the new version of @ttytter looks cool! http://www.floodgap.com/software/ttytter/dl.html (scroll down)

testing the new @TTYtter, wow character count! MAD #PERL SKILLZ

nu: fylla diskmaskinen. Efter det, Venture Bros!

tweets for 2010-10-10

grannens borrande låter som ett jetplan som startar, no joke #fb

hmm this table surprised me http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_atheism#Europe

lazy Sunday evening: crisps, beer, and Google Reader #goingtoseed

now adding the magical 4th ingredient: @aimeemann!

tweets for 2010-10-09

just found out just how fragile the battery retaining clip in the MB-D200 is by dropping the camera and breaking it :(

tweets for 2010-10-08

väntar på pizza hos CGs

turns out that if you give the wrong command line arguments, stuff doesn’t work. Who knew?

Känns som om jag borde utforska Hagaparken för fototillfällen #fb

thinking of blogging about my crazy Twitter link-snagger setup

tweets for 2010-10-07

roligt att det bara finns ett #Nobel som verkligen gäller: litteraturpriset

lol DN.se nere #medelklass

Timezones are hard! Let’s go shopping!

ok I’m officially hooked on Civ Revolution on the iPhone

tweets for 2010-10-06

Hittills har den här dagen sugit rätt hårt #fb

tweets for 2010-10-05

all the software slowing my computer down is by Microsoft. Does that count as #ironic?

wow, our app is not happy running in remote desktop over a 3G data connection

varför har regeringen både en landsbygdsminister och en regionminister?

Har svårt att fatta att SD lämnade kyrkan under predikan. Är det att “ta ansvar”? #svpol

I love eurogamer.net for their Xbox reviews, any similar resource for iPhone games?

Antar att SD nu vill undersöka om Eva Brunne är medlem i AFA… #svpol

visste för övrigt inte om att Eva Brunne är gay, fett coolt! Rött skynke nr 2 för SD så klart

tweets for 2010-10-04

Punching in. There’s been an attempted break-in, and our issue tracker isn’t working #monday

could not resist buying Peggle Nights for the iPhone #appaddict

I’d like to sync my iPhone (contacts) via Bluetooth, can you do that? How about editing SMS on the desktop?

ugh, I can’t post UTF8 via #ttytter, that kinda blows. I’ll have to try to find the reason

hmm is this thing on? tap tap #tircd

ok that was weird, I can post Swedish UTF-8 characters but I get spurious commas along with them? Wëïrd

fuck yeah Venture Bros

tweets for 2010-10-03

I remember “visual voicemail” being a big deal at iPhone launch, how’s that going?

tweets for 2010-10-02

OK, turns out @ttytter has wordwrap (always RTFM). This means I’ll be using it in the future instead of @tircd which I can’t get working

next step, code a filter to save all tweeted URLs to a logfile

tweets for 2010-10-01

There are many ounces, but only one kilogram: http://is.gd/fEfS1 GO METRIC

Space Pirates of KPMG! http://icio.us/dgjrjf


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