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tweets for 2014-01-30

I am so happy there was no internet in my teens that could amplify and preserve my stupidity then.

Clarification: the internet did exist when I was a teen - I’m not that old. But it was way smaller then.

So you can buy pr0n, pizza and guns with #bitcoin. Only things missing are fedoras and neckbeard styling services.

tweets for 2014-01-27

Is there any internet term more devalued than “epic fail”?

tweets for 2014-01-22

So far, 2014 is The Year of Internet of Things, Bitcoin, and OF COURSE Linux on the Desktop

tweets for 2014-01-19

Time to re-read The Baroque Cycle?

tweets for 2014-01-16

I’m turning my son off Twitter by spamming him with “funny” links. #evillaugh

Surprised no-one has yet tried to rebrand “smog” as “Freedom Air”.

tweets for 2014-01-14

ru-RU ru ur boat / gently down the Volga…

tweets for 2014-01-13

Turns out there are a lot of Hijri <-> Gregorian calendar converters, unfortunately they all have terrible UI

``From the A.B.C Telegraphic Code (6th Edition): ENBET — Captain is insane’’

tweets for 2014-01-12

I’ve got a brand new phone with a new OS but some things stay the same: the Facebook app crashes.

TIL there’s a Transformers wiki, because of course there is.

tweets for 2014-01-10

I’d be more up in arms about everyone on Google+ emailing me if there were actual people on Google+…

tweets for 2014-01-07

Funniest thing about Far Cry 3, even at the end of the game, your character find skinning animals disgusting. Knifing people? A-OK!

tweets for 2014-01-01

I wanna play Far Cry 3 but @KetchupSenap is using the Xbox to play Walking Dead #woeisme


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