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tweets for 2019-07-25

New Twitter is even more horrifying than reported.

tweets for 2019-07-24

When I read “my right to free speech is being infringed online”, I read it as “my ability to easily monetize my offensive opinions is being hampered”

There ought to be a Strava category for mowing the lawn

tweets for 2019-07-19

Tweet like nobody’s following you

tweets for 2019-07-17

The #Tesla robot taxi will deposit #Bitcoin directly into your brain via #Neuralink

tweets for 2019-07-11

I thought my Slashdot account pre-dated my gmail address, but I was able to reset the password to it using that address, and could confirm that my ID has 5 digits.

tweets for 2019-07-09

Best soap opera right now: The Brexit Show

tweets for 2019-07-01

I’m glad my bullshit detector regarding the “concrete milkshakes” was correct


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