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tweets for 2018-07-22

TIL that Google will translate EU gas prices to US prices, and shock my US buddy with how much I pay for gas

tweets for 2018-07-17

Löpsedlar 3 veckor sen:

”Nu kommer sköna sommarvärmen!”

Löp idag:

”Extremhettan gör dig sjuk”

tweets for 2018-07-16

about half the hashpower behind Bitcoin Cash is spent complaining about censorship on /r/Bitcoin

If Amazon Prime day isn’t prime (in either MMDD or DDMM) I want my money back

tweets for 2018-07-15

The literal World Cup is one ugly piece of statuary

The World Cup of the Anthems is as always won by France. Aux armes, citoyens!

tweets for 2018-07-12

If God is Dead, who is the Final Boss?

tweets for 2018-07-11

#CROENG is Black vs White - how symbolic

tweets for 2018-07-07

The problem with the Sweden side seems to be, objectively , too many white people

tweets for 2018-07-04

It’s been 25 years since @aimeemann released “Whatever” and it’s still one of my favorite albums

tweets for 2018-07-03

En kuslig tystnad sänker sig över kontoret… staden… ja, landet #SWESWI


Sides are Sweden and Switzerland, and the ref is from Slovenia. Europe needs more initial letters

Yanqui ref none too popular #COLENG

Shit just got real #COLENG


tweets for 2018-07-01

God knows I’m no fan of Russia’s leadership but I’m rooting for the underdog #SPARUS

Switch on the telly after 4’ to find 1-1, damnit #CRODEN


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