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Wishing she could call him “Heartbreak”, but it’s not a boy’s name

tweets for 2013-02-28


Looking for the single-serving website covering the papal election.


In XP Hell again - cos I want to make my kid happy even though it means I scare him when I swear at the fucking computer #doingitwrong

tweets for 2013-02-25


3 days left of the month and it’s ABC time at the office #work


ABC day one results: +1 case net #coffeeisforclosers #fail #work

tweets for 2013-02-22


Soundtrack of the week: Tegan and Sara’s new album “Heartthrob”. Recommended! #fb


Giving up booze for Lent is hard a day like this. Guess I’ll burn in Hell then.


South African courtrooms sure are dark and moody. All #pistorius pics look like they’re shot in a pub.

tweets for 2013-02-21


Late to work this morning due to minor accident I was involved in. More unread mails than I’ve ever seen. Gonna be One of Those Days(tm)…


Dude who hit the car that hit me was driving a car on his dad’s insurance. Dad was not happy…


Today’s second webex starts #work

tweets for 2013-02-20


“So boring you fall asleep just looking at it” - describes every corporate intranet ever


TIL that “Björg” is a girl’s name in Norway


New name for the FSU: Daschkamistan

tweets for 2013-02-19


Not happy I have to visit the dentist so often, very happy I can afford it though.


Wow, BMW is getting a thorough tonguebath in this week’s ep of the #Neutral podcast


Today’s Freudian near-slip in email to customer: screenshit


My 8 year old nephew wants to be friends on Facebook. #WTF.


Does @Cthulhu tweet? And can you follow Him, while keeping your sanity?


No good deed goes unpunished #work


It’s anything but irrational RT @dubcroster: “Horror Ikeaum” sb. The irrational fear of going to Ikea.


50% av nyheterna i Aktuellt ikväll är rena själklarheter #fb


New HTC One has an “IR blaster” integrated into the power button. WTF is that?

tweets for 2013-02-18


It sure is Monday #work


Helped set up my dad’s Galaxy Note yesterday, he made fun of my tiny iPhone


Damn this is one tasty orange.


Minus: dentist’s appointment tomorrow. Plus: more time to put stuff in order for the cleaners. Net: February.


Running a database off a USB disk… it’s slooooooow #work

tweets for 2013-02-17


Uppgrayded my dad’s Galaxy Note with @waze, @instapaper, and @dropbox

tweets for 2013-02-16


“Tack”, TV4 för att ni påminde mig om att Coldplay någonsin funnits. #fb


Familjen bänkar sig framför #melfest, ser fram emot pausunderhållningen som brukar vara bäst


Det här var inget bra #melfest


Det här var tråkigt #melfest


Är det här ett skämt, eller? #melfest


Det är ett skämt! #melfest


Det här var ju heller inte bra! #melfest


Men vafan det här skulle ju vara tävlingen med bra bidrag!


Standardformulär 1A #melfest


minst dåligt hitills men det säger inte mycket #melfest


Jag tror att gubbarna går vidare #melfest


Sista låten lika tråkig som alla andra #melfest


Min fru har somnat #melfest


Jag hade rätt!!! #melfest

tweets for 2013-02-15


+1 RT @isobelsverkstad: den här dagen som hade så fin potential


I may have made friends with #tmux #touchwood


This truly is the Day of the Russian Dashcam


With the Pope on board RT @Popehat: Wait, a cruise ship got hit by a meteor now?


Best part of these dashcam vids are the driver’s total indifference. Flaming cosmic phenomenom in the sky?! Meh. Might slow down a bit.


If all goes well I’ll have a D700 on extended loan for a while, just in time for trips to Istanbul and Rome

tweets for 2013-02-14


I hate this time of year.


I’ve reached the point in my #irssi career when I need a separate config to try stuff out.


A software training firm just sent me a Valentines offer: “How to woo SQL server using advanced T-SQL, chocolates, and cleaning up for once”


This is what Twitter is for: following @doctorow slowly freezing to death in an airplane in Newark


OK, so I’ve converted my irssi and my emacs to #Solarized, what’s the next step in my nerd upgrade path? Github account?


I wonder why the hashtag #vd hasn’t taken off today ;)

tweets for 2013-02-13


I may have solved my #tmux problems, #touchwood


In an attempt to appeal to younger people, the next papal election will be televised: “White smoke/Black smoke - YOU DECIDE!”


OMG new Idle Words entry from @baconmeteor! This day has been upgraded from “meh” to “cool”!


Dear Universe, please supply me with some motivation. #kthx


Testing xfce on this old Ubuntu lappy, it’s pretty pants. The state of Linux GUIs is dire.

tweets for 2013-02-12


THIS. IS. SEMLOR!!!! #omnomnom


Spent the day testing out #tmux. Lots of nice features but doesn’t play nice with the version of putty I’m using (puttytray). URLs b0rked


Maria Montasani: “‘kudos’ betyder en klackspark i stjärten” #tv3 #skämskudde #fb


Discussed #Lent with some Muslim coworkers. They were unimpressed.

tweets for 2013-02-11


Great crop of podcasts to start off the week: The RC, Neutral, Skeptoid, HourTime, and The Talk Show.


TIL it’s not “papal abdication”, simply resignation. Also Benedict IX was a dodgy dude.


Pope resigns, everyone becomes instant canon law expert. When’s the next election due? I’ll be in Rome early May.


Old man starts twittering, quits job in disgust #exbenedict


The Catholic Church should elect Dick Cheney as pope, he’s got lotso miles left in him.


Next pope, maybe not white, probably not an ex-Nazi #exbenedict


Which Star Wars character will the next pope resemble? I’m hoping for Mace Windu #exbenedict


Stor nyhetsdag, Danny och Molly blir ett par och påven avgår i protest mot detta när han ser nyheten i Eric Saades twitter. #truestory #fb


Wikipedians are quick to amend articles about the papacy with news of Benedict’s resignation. Impressive.


Rules for papal election secrecy fail to mention Twitter specifically. LOOPHOLE


Embracing my inner geek and testing out another terminal multiplexer


What’re the odds I’m listening to @aimeemann and reading Big Lebowski quotes at the same time?! (actually small odds, I listen to her a lot)

tweets for 2013-02-08


Dokumentation is really not our strong suit. Guess we’re not alone though. #work


Citerar min farfars kortaste snapsvisa: o/~ Det hängde hästkött på vägga / Det var så färskt att det gnägga! #fb

tweets for 2013-02-07


Shit has hit the fan from 3 different directions at once. #work


I wish I knew the secret behind perfect pancakes :P

tweets for 2013-02-05


The way this is going, we’ll soon have better authentication for FB and Twitter than for our banks…

tweets for 2013-02-04


Today’s tip: backup your irssi configuration :P

tweets for 2013-02-02


Twitter has reset my password? That’s weird.


According to @paulmutton this breach affects the first 250K users of Twitter


Sign you’re at least partly net-savvy: you automatically distrust emails from Twitter, Paypal etc as phishing attempts


Burning Flags, inte Burning Flax. Noterat. #melfest


Vafan SVT, så här kan ni inte hålla på. #melfest

tweets for 2013-02-01


The most common reaction to MS SharePoint: “thank god we’re getting rid of that crap!” #work


Dev team showing quick “Fedex” projects, having a PBR for the very first time. Not impressed .


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