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tweets for 2016-11-30

O tempora! O mores! ``Marcus Aurelius saved 1 of your Pins’’

A glorious hairball of multiple single points of failure at #work

Twitter now emailing me suggesting my own damn account to follow… ffs

tweets for 2016-11-28

iTunes is the mad aunt in the attic of Apple

tweets for 2016-11-24

o/~ I’m a logging framework and I’m ok I write to files and I WARN all day

(h/t @varjag)

tweets for 2016-11-18

Feeling a bit low, it’s probably time to start re-reading the Aubrey-Maturin series - literary comfort food for me! #fb

tweets for 2016-11-14

Trump just needs to transform the US to a country no-one wants to emigrate to, shouldn’t be too hard given his previous track record.

Fidel Castro thinking “no way I’m gonna share 2016 with a bunch of decadent rockers, gonna hold on until 2017”

Don’t blame me, I voted straight Cthulhu

tweets for 2016-11-10

More snow. Oh God. #stockholm #fb

It will be intersting to see the Trump supporters reaction when he implements the plutocrat agenda.

tweets for 2016-11-08

Please America don’t elect Trump - minimum 4 more years of his unique style of speaking would drive me mad

tweets for 2016-11-06

TIL Belarus still celebrates October Revolution Day (which is of course tommorow, because Julian)


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