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tweets for 2013-08-31

Installing Ubuntu on a spare machine. Linux has come a long way since I used floppies to install Debian on my 386…

tweets for 2013-08-30

Knocking off for the day, the week, and the month #work

tweets for 2013-08-28

Norway guards against future Snowdens, enforces pwd discipline from first grade according to @varjag

Welcomes son to Twitter, tells him to be careful out there.

Ah, public transport. 790 SEK for 30 day pass feels steep but I suspect it’s cheap compared to other cities.

The day I hand over the car for sale both Waze and Taxi Sthlm update their apps. ITunes Store is a crap oracle.

Ute på promenad med @KetchupSenap

Every day we’re moving closer to the US/UN regime of @amendlocke ’s Fall Revolution series #Syria

tweets for 2013-08-21

Can’t decide whether Feedly Pro is worth $5 a month…

tweets for 2013-08-20

Just did Select all and # on all the messages in Social and Promotions #feelsgood #gmail

Skype call to Egypt. Hope #NSA found it interesting! (it really wasn’t)

Every time I dial Egypt (+20) I remember how #NSA wrote +202 and got Washington DC instead. #Whoopsie.

FMR @Lloyd_Cole playing Stockholm the day before my bday?! /me orders tickets

tweets for 2013-08-19

Rumours of a gold iPhone abound… War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Gold is the New Black.

tweets for 2013-08-17

I survived IKEA

tweets for 2013-08-14

Re-reading “Holy Fire” by @bruces for the Nth time. So good.

tweets for 2013-08-12

blockerar alla Tweets av typen “slut på semestern / tillbaka på jobbet, <reaktion>” #fb

Any second thoughts I’ve had about selling the car disappeard in the post-vacation traffic jams this morning.

tweets for 2013-08-02

Slowly becoming allergic to the term “maker”.


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