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tweets for 2011-02-25

Friday ’zas (@ Café Soir) http://4sq.com/ezflqq

dear lazytweets, how do I get the RSS feed for a Twitter user nowadays?

tweets for 2011-02-22

meeting http://instagr.am/p/BxW5w/

tweets for 2011-02-19

vafan nu blev låten ännu sämre #mel2011

scenshowen verkar designad av Scientologer

Lena Ph: I see what you did there… #mel2011

Rockabilly-maffian rör på sig! #mel2011

Enjoying the NYT’s “Disunion” blog - http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/category/disunion/ #civilwar

tweets for 2011-02-18

I just became the mayor of Katten Ester on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/fbYkQ8

hi there Twitter, I’ve missed you

Varför tittar vi på På Spåret?

tweets for 2011-02-17

pizza for the boys (@ Café Soir) http://4sq.com/girWc1

tweets for 2011-02-16

I just unlocked the “Bender” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/egCqxT

tweets for 2011-02-15

DN: “Dubbelt räntestraff för borättsägare” - oj vad synd om dom med miljonlån då! http://is.gd/sgEJb5

tweets for 2011-02-14

I just unlocked the “Super Mayor” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/dJzyKW

tweets for 2011-02-13

på väg till Fotografiska (@ Sickla Kaj - tvärbana) http://4sq.com/gy4ypH

Back from a winter trek to #Fotografiska. Pictures were taken, maybe some will be uploaded

These where the big shows: Chris Makos “Lady Warhol” http://is.gd/6EtJFD and Sarah Moon http://is.gd/EBofTq #photog

Sunday burgers (@ Texas Burger Co) http://4sq.com/dS4Uco

tweets for 2011-02-12

what a wonderful day out!

Tunisia, Egypt… is Algeria next?

it begins #mel2011

wtf is this shit #mel2011

bah, Sjögren kör Bowie straight - kunde varit hur bra som helst om dom satsat lite #mel2011

All this about #Nokia’s CEO Elop owning MS stock - it’s not at all sure this deal will be a win for MS!

tweets for 2011-02-11

kebabpizza! (@ CG’s Pizza) http://4sq.com/estiAV

tweets for 2011-02-10

Dave Lindorff: The Deepening Mystery of Raymond Davis and Two Slain Pakistani Motorcyclists http://j.mp/hQm0XI

tweets for 2011-02-09

public transport, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: <NULL>

tweets for 2011-02-08

heading home (@ Slussen Tunnelbana) http://4sq.com/fRYX7S

tweets for 2011-02-06

I just ousted Victor S. as the mayor of Willy:s Sickla on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/aMJJUM

Ingen i den här Wallanderfilmen (som utspelas i Ystad) talar skånska. Ingen! #tv4 #fail #fb

tweets for 2011-02-05

Follow @amendlocke (Ken MacLeod) for a good leftist perspective on #Egypt

A biometric ID for every Indian http://icio.us/vtd0rR

tweets for 2011-02-04

pannbiff! (@ Restaurang Vernissage) http://4sq.com/ekQ8vF

fredagsmys! (@ Erikson residence) http://4sq.com/gQDCU9

tweets for 2011-02-03

Economics of POW Camp http://icio.us/vsrxfx

How to win the lottery http://icio.us/c8OAFf

A tale of the Irish crisis http://icio.us/EUzvL7

tweets for 2011-02-02

Good look at the legal background to healthcare debate http://icio.us/DAIgfx

tweets for 2011-02-01

American military spending - why it’s inefficient, and why it can’t be cut http://icio.us/La9gMY

The secret of getting an upvoted question in #Photo #Stackexchange is apparently to include something computer-related


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