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tweets for 2019-11-28

I wish I could relive the sheer sensawunda I got from reading “Consider Phlebas” for the first time

tweets for 2019-11-27

I’m a huge fan of @LloydCole but I must admit I think “Broken Record” is his weakest album

The only skill I retain from working as a bank cashier in the late 1990’s: I can touch type on a numeric keypad.

tweets for 2019-11-26

so Richard Spencer the former Navy Sec is not Richard Spencer the current Nazi. Got it.

downunder it’s the Tesla CYBERUTE

tweets for 2019-11-25

Are there any EU-wide rules for how trucks (as opposed to cars) handle collisions with pedestrians?

I know cars have specific crumple zones in hoods, etc, to lessen risk of injuries/death of pedestrians. Do they apply to trucks too?

tweets for 2019-11-19

Värsta med att glömma hörlurarna hemma är att tvingas lyssna på Östermalmsungar undra varför folk blir kommunister

tweets for 2019-11-15

I wonder if I have what it takes to tackle Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall”

tweets for 2019-11-04

Increasing your tolerance for stuff to get annoyed by is the key to handling social media. I’ve taken to writing drafts offline before deciding not to post

tweets for 2019-11-01

har nyligen lärt mig uttrycket “OK Boomer” och det kan appliceras direkt på Leif Östling och hans uttalande


I have learned about the “Asuka Prophecy” ($BTC silliness) and I am dumber for it


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