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tweets for 2011-04-30


tweets for 2011-04-29

underbar #subrosa idag om personlig och kollektiv skuld - tack som vanligt till @gunderhaegg

Humming La Marseillaise #royalwedding

New princess is “Baroness Carrickfergus” which sounds like slang for doing unnatural things to sheep #royalwedding

tweets for 2011-04-28

Time to att “Klout” to my twitter aggregation script’s blacklist…

tweets for 2011-04-26

I just became the mayor of Carpark Luma on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/dfdT8X

The “extraordinary rendition” of 15-century Spain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relaxado_en_persona

just re-read one of @GreatDismal ‘s best chapters, “Cruising with Gunhead” from Virtual Light. It’s awesome

tweets for 2011-04-25

lost my wallet but a nice lady found it! I had cancelled my cards by then but still very happy #fb

bonussonen ville vi skulle satsa pengar på #AIK seger, tur vi inte lyssnade på “rådet” #allsvenskan #fail #fb

tweets for 2011-04-23

I’m at Tempo Gullbrandstorp (Halmstad) http://4sq.com/ibAOCw

I just became the mayor of Kristiansgård on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/eWMmRP

tweets for 2011-04-22

time marches forward here in my parent’s cottage - we now have wifi! #fb

tweets for 2011-04-20

Katz-Eye screen succesfully installed on the D200! Now to try it out… #photog

tweets for 2011-04-18

hacking CSS demands a certain state of mind

tweets for 2011-04-17

damn I got a lot done today

protip: if you set up a crontab to delete old weblog entries, make sure to exclude formatting templates and CSS files #backupswhatbackups

tweets for 2011-04-16

I just unlocked the “#4sqDay 2011” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/ebW9Hw

FullTiltPoker kör fortfarande reklam trots att FBI har stängt ner deras sajt #fail

tweets for 2011-04-15

Mycket intressant #subrosa om utbildning och “utbildningsbubblan”. Tack @gunderhaegg för ämnet! #fb

Jared Diamond: agriculture was “the worst mistake in human history” - http://is.gd/RwJGJF

tweets for 2011-04-14

Någonstans finns disketten med den lilla uppsatsen jag skrev för litteraturhistoria i Lund 1992… i Wang-format

Det var ett j-a kackel i kontoret just nu. Öppna planlösningar har nackdelar :( #jobb

Enligt Sjöstadsbladet är det högerregeln som gäller längs hela Hammarby Allé. Alla ser det som en implicit huvudled #fb

tweets for 2011-04-13

monthly meeting (@ Teleopti AB) http://4sq.com/gODqv6

vrålhungrii (@ Restaurang Vernissage) http://4sq.com/hGh4Bh

weird how the feel of this maroon Pilot G-2 pen is totally different from the black one

Looking for fun passages in Deuteronomy

What’s the biblical (KJV) “coney”? Turns out it’s a hyrax. It’s also unclean.

Nice, man kan SMS:a via #Viber nu #fb

tweets for 2011-04-12

So apparently the only thing that’s changed with the #NYTimes paywall is I can no longer navigate to another article from a Times article

But getting to the original article via RSS works fine. That’s nice #NYTimes, but I don’t think I’ll be signing up for the paywall right now

tweets for 2011-04-11

waiting for the customer to join the webex

reminded the customer after 30 minutes waiting

tweets for 2011-04-08

early lunch, need to patch a customer soon! (@ Forno Romano) http://4sq.com/h6i2LH

shouldn’t admit but I can still access #NYT content via RSS even though my 20 article limit has expired. Maybe they’ll “fix” this #paywall

tweets for 2011-04-07

upgrading from a release from Oct… this is like navigating a minefield.

Who is more crazy, Charlie Sheen or Donald Trump? http://is.gd/yJe8Zb

tweets for 2011-04-05

slow commute today (@ Teleopti AB) http://4sq.com/fZzXaZ

started the day by spilling #coffee over my docking station and external HD #tuesdayisthenewmonday

Sullying my Win7 install with Live Essentials simply to open .EML files from customers #weepinginside

wondering if I dare continue following @rcarmo…

Ni som handlar mer kläder än jag: tips på bra svensk sajt för märkeskläder? Bekvämlighet över pris för min del

tweets for 2011-04-04

Wow I failed at frying bacon. Eating these charred fruits of my labour now, fearing stomach cancer

I’m 8 tweets shy of 10,000 with this tweet here… guess it’s a sort of pathetic milestone

tweets for 2011-04-03

kids are still allergic to cats these days? seems so old fashioned

so I shot my kid’s party at ISO 1000 (that’s bad on flash pics w/ D200). Luckily the theme was ROCK so I’m going for the gritty look

tweets for 2011-04-02

Am I detecting a trend of blogs not having syndication feeds, but only Twitter/FB feeds? If so, it sucks

tweets for 2011-04-01

You know what’s totally ruined April Fool’s? The Internet.

40min left of the workweek from Hell. The beers, they call, offering obnubilation.

the Swedish voice actor for Ben in “Ben 10 Ultimate Alien” is pretty damn bad #cartoonnetwork

I’m trying to determine is a tweet is a DM in @ttytter but not getting any help from the API docs. As in $ref->{‘user’}->{‘protected’}

You know you’ve been hanging on RangeFinderForum too long when you can identify a Leica M3 on sight

Fuck yeah Archer - funniest one in a while #pamwhuppingass


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