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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2009-02-28


At Sickla doing my bit for the economy. iPod dock, wine, dvd cleaner. Now burger + hydrate, next ingredients for tonights dinner


of course camera is with me, but light is dull and flat. Listened to an entire Stackoverflow, I love that show


ok, prepared to do battle in the supermarket


Supermarket vanquished, but missed bus by 2 minutes. Twitterverse, keep my entertained!


loaned 2 more Moomin stories for reading aloud to Viking. Hey Author’s Guild of America, you can sue me if you want! #kindle #copyright


bus came early!


relaxing after making my way home with lotso stuff from Sickla


wtf is @beethamtower following me on Twitter? Seriously

tweets for 2009-02-27


Hi there Small Business(tm)! Even if you only have 1 page on your website, please put your opening hours on it. kthxbai


of all Zevon’s songs on “Transverse City”, “Networking” has aged the worst, yet it’s still such a happy, life-affirming song


hi there Emo Girl! Despite your obvious low self-esteem, you can do better than current Scruffy Boyfriend


dollar inching towards 9 SEK #currency #fail


plowing through 1,522 unread emails (after being OOO 2 days). And those are just the stuff I don’t already filter into “To be deleted”


in these economic straitened times it makes no sense in investing ethically. Bring on the cluster bombs, it’s sauve qui peut!


I find it deeply ironic that while prosecuting the #spectrial, the music industry insists on hobbling @spotify_com with geotarding


old Nokia model names really stick to your memory… like Teflon


time to claim some expenses


Ryanair to start charging for toilet visits? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7914542.stm #ryanair #extortion


disappointed the prints I ordered last week weren’t scanned to CD


thepiratebay.com seems offline. has the RIAA launched a pre-emtive strike, or has the #spectrial been good publicity?


enabled scrobbling from #spotify! #last.fm #audioscrobble


dollar is now > 9 SEK, Dow heading towards 7,000 #econocalypse


man I wish I could make calls on my E61 from Nokia’s PC sync


hehe #spotify skyscraper ads don’t resize well




days are getting lighter - half past 5 is grainy dusk and not Stygian blackness


loaded the FM2 with a roll of BW400CN fresh from the fridge


“En film om Olle Ljungström” på SVT2, ska försöka se den på Play senare


checking out new music via tips from Twitter, IRC, Tumblr

tweets for 2009-02-26


wrong day to run out of coffee grounds


testing tweeting from irssi via tircd http://code.google.com/p/tircd/


nice touch, apparently people who are following you get a ‘+’ in front of their nicks


here’s a quick test of how tircd handles Swedish characters: RÄKSMÖRGÅS


lookin’ good! I really like this client


tarek: glasses aren’t the end of hte world ;) how about contacts? Can you use those?


hmm, what to have to dinner


we will be having salmon, potatoes, carrots and onions, prepared in the oven #dinner


DN startar http://dn.se/livsstil. En trend är över!


Andrew O at the Register discusses TPB codefendant’s shady past: http://is.gd/kZyf #spectrial


tircd - Twitter via IRC done right http://tinyurl.com/d2e55l


awesome, tircd tinyfies your links … I <3 this piece of software!


is it just me or has the photo-related blogging slowed down a lot?


getting mad at spoiled spendthrifts on TV (“Lyxfällan”)


Looking forward to the new version of #gravity during my commute tomorrow, so far the auto-updating has been flawless


Leo is off to see “Valkyrie”, hope he manages to take something away from it apart from Tom Cruise in a smart uniform

tweets for 2009-02-25


at home, sick


thanks internets for giving me the skinny on Safari 4. I’ll stick with Chrome


found 2 of the 3 important things I needed to find before J’s interview tomorrow


thinking of giving up booze for Lent, but what about the Fri 13 champagne? #undecided #lent


great, now we have a law (IPRED) that will allow private companies the powers of a police force. Welcome to the Panopticon #ipred


hi @c_of_e and thanks for following me! Dunno if we have much in common though!


yay, my blog at http://gustaf.symbiandiaries.com/weblog/ is back! Thanks @rafe!


Philip Jose Farmer lived in Peoria?? Random. http://is.gd/kQJC


ok “Jessica”, if that is your real name, looks like Twitter is blocking you as fast as you can create robo-accounts!


I know a lot of the FML stories are made up but sometimes they are too bizarre not to be true: http://www.fmylife.com/love/132840

tweets for 2009-02-24


out of battery? Are you serious?


access to gmail timing out…


I thought following the dpreview Nikon lens forum via RSS would be a potent source of luls, but it turns out it’s mostly depressing


how ironic that Twitter confirms that gmail is down…


Gmail: “We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a small subset of users. “ - if by small you mean NZ, UK, and Sweden, then sure


here’s Google’s definition of the entire world as “a small subset”, recorded for posterity: http://is.gd/kEjq


omfg the crown princess is engaged… the pointless spectacle that is our royalty gets another act


Rupert Murdoch’s mom is 100 years old?! Does this mean the old devil himself will be around that long?


hehe ser at http://www.fmylife.com är på väg att bli mainstream… jag gissar att 80% av historierna är påhittade


feeling both dry and phlegmy… cold coming on, I think #tmi #oversharing


off to wrangle servers


I need food for energy, but I don’t have enough to go find food #catch22


Heading home with some leftover “semlor” - trad Swedish Mardi Gras buns


grabbing a fish’n’chips


Viking stayed up for his semla, but Inter-ManUre put him to sleep. Thanks, boring championship football!

tweets for 2009-02-23


Listening to Stack Overflow #41 with Uncle Bob. He has a weird accent. That, or he’s just enunciating very well


lol entire pavement in front of work blocked off because of falling snow/ice from the roof


testing TweetDeck, wishing it had identi.ca support!


man TweetDeck is the Twitter client for nerds. Of course, so far it’s the best client ever!


I kinda wish you could dock random apps to the vista sidebar… there does seem to be an invisible wall separating “normal” apps from it


err TweetDeck notification window? Please get the fsck out of my way, pronto


got a bonus morning sarnie courtesy of my boss, who was concerned there might be traces of nuts in it. Feeling kinda full now


hey all you new app designers, how about choosing another colour than charcoal gray? I know all the cool Mac apps are using it, but still?


oh sweet, make money fast spam on Twitter! I could use some of that (not)


waiting for FedEx to deliver our new tape reader. And in the nick of time too, the old one is seriously fubared


“Physical Volume Library Robot not found.” As I said. FUBAR


German sex! (SFW) http://is.gd/kwq6


Carina Rydberg dubbelmoraliserar om The Pirate Bay: http://is.gd/kwIG. (via @isobelsverkstad) #spectrial


off to rack a tape drive


nothing is ever easy with our rack :(


Good summary of TPB’s finanancier Carl Lundströms murky past: http://is.gd/kxcJ


hmm, maybe running “install Bundle::CPAN" was a mistake…


grrr, wondering why I can’t get my own timeline from @net_twitter


blocking some obvious spam twitterers. A bit passive-aggressive, but the best you can do, unfortunately


“more than 70 United States military advisers and technical specialists” operating in Pakistan http://is.gd/kxA9


Viking lost his first baby tooth just now


“Techcrunch are full of shit.” - http://is.gd/kyml


FINALLY got my Net::Twitter code working. I have no clue why it didn’t work before


when you absolutely, positively have to prevent the coolant from leaking from the core: http://is.gd/kvYx

tweets for 2009-02-22


snow finally stopped


stupid internet is acting up again!


damn got a call


compared the Mac, Windows Vista’s suspend/resume is beyond pathetic


just had to reboot my windows lappy because the fscking VPN connection panel hung


and now of course the stupid piece of shit can’t even boot normally #windowshate

tweets for 2009-02-21


we had good light this morning, but it went away before I could get my ass out of the door. Borrowed Hanna’s micro-Nikkor 55/3.5


this day has sucked


no article by @gruber is complete without the phrase “private beta testing”

tweets for 2009-02-20


Stressful start to the day. Wish there was a good sandwich place near work, could do with a nice sarnie


some people just give me bad vibes when it comes to support


In line at Subways after 45 shooting and ogling old cameras


that should of course be 45 minutes


hmm tracks are disappearing from Spotify. I wonder why?


TGIF, time to head home and fix a nice meal!


Much as I like gravity, having Twitter integrated in WirelessIRC is so convenient! #mobileways.de


this acoustic set by Lloyd Cole in Bremen is fucking brilliant


oh Windows, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways…


haha I found this pretty amusing http://is.gd/kgHh, but I would not even consider downloading anything by U2… they are like totally boring


I find it pretty depressing that DN said Kadima was the “winner” of Israel’s election when anyone w/ a clue could see Likud would form a gob

tweets for 2009-02-19


Love how people will cram themselves into a full subway when another will come along in 2 minutes. Guess they’re eager to get to work #sl


Testing @janole ’s new Twitter client for the S60 (currently in beta). Looking good!


changing at Centralen, such a pain in the butt #sl #centralen #publictransportfail


the Contacts section in Gmail is in no way as slick as the Email part


Grabbing a kebab and chips at Gullmarsplan

tweets for 2009-02-18


Cold sunny day


tvärbanan was fux0red so I walked to Gullmarsplan #sjöstaden


Expressen headline: “9 tips for getting pregnant”. Tip 1, have se


last word should be “sex”. Now, and always ;)


afternoon werk


I am Master of the SOX! (it’s about as uncool as it sounds)


“all the salty margaritas in Los Angeles - I’m gonna drink ’em up”


“they killed to earn their living - and to help out the Congolese”


yet another “best programming font” meme on proggit? why can’t people google?

tweets for 2009-02-17


Frikkin’ cold


my what.cd ratio is just pathetic


disappointing that so many albums aren’t available on spotify in Sweden. Georetarding sucks!


waiting for a run to finish


Putty Connection Manager has its points but it’s a pretty buggy app altogether


I’m still LOLing at the fact that the #spectrial prosecutor had to drop the really meaty charge in the second day.


It’s a wicked cold tonight, sucking the heat right from your body

tweets for 2009-02-16


feel we should get a meal at local $fancy_restaurant before the economy puts a bullet in its brainstem #sjöstaden


looking for a good resource to follow the Pirate Bay trial


searching for neg holders


Heading home to pick up the boys


apropos song of the moment: “Valentine’s Day is over” by Billy Bragg


potatoes, carrots, onions and salmon in foil is in the oven


it was a great dinner, if I can say so myself. Sure it would have been better with some wine, but it’s Monday

tweets for 2009-02-15


On the train home. Thanks Lena and Lasse for a great brunch in Malmö!


Arrived at Alvesta


Of all the photo mags I’ve read, Photo Techniques is the meatiest


back home after a long trip


hmm my blog is unreachable, looks like the entire symbiandiaries.com has fallen off the face of the planet


heading for bed

tweets for 2009-02-14


Watching Melodifestivalen at Hans and Anne-Marie in Lund

tweets for 2009-02-13


Got my replacement driver’s license, yay!


can’t believe I’ve forgotten the Markdown syntax for links! zomg haven’t posted in ages


lol FEAR 2 gets 5/10 at Eurogamer http://is.gd/iZSi. Another game Leo won’t have to buy


app i’d like to see: something that takes my follower list and generates a simple metric for Following/Followers/Posted


when will YOU celebrate the time_t=1234567890??? perl -le ‘print scalar localtime(1234567890)’


time to start moving off to the train station, Lund ahoy!


Ascertaining both cats were in took time, now in a cab to make sure we make the train in time


all this rush and bother, and the train is 5 minutes late


train now 20 minutes late. Yay SJ :/


oh I’m sorry the delay was “only” 14 minutes


man I was counting on us seated around a table, but we’re “in line” :(


we are now 24 minutes late


filling in a 41-page survey


Torn on whether to chuck this giant SIFO survey or drag it home to take a pic of its awfulness


Snow in Nässjö


Delay is now 28 minutes

tweets for 2009-02-12


Freaking out my fellow passengers by watching The Venture Bros. on the ipod


packed subway is packed!


for those who care, Symantec are active on Twitter. Just in time for us to be swithcing to Sophos antivirus. Mhwhahahahaha


oh no, the Chevy Nova mistranslation legend is just not true! http://is.gd/jgvB


waiting until tomorrow to check in with the train tickets… I’m feeling a bit wonky and Viking has a nasty cough


Outlook’s mail filtering solution is so retarded… obscure syntax, limited storage space… oh for a plain-text solution!


it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you


kinda looking forward to my commute home and more Venture Bros!

tweets for 2009-02-11


o hai Twitter, you’re back?


Östermalm reminds me of student days. Nice


need coffee


finished dismantling our decommisioned harddrives, we have a stack of platters that’s 15cm high


knocking off a bit earlier as I promised to pick up Viking at 4pm. Nice to see some light in the sky!


trying to summon up energy to start fixing dinner

tweets for 2009-02-10


Heading to the office after a morning of offsite Akamai wrangling


managed to trim the claws of the last cat. Got the scars to prove it, too


my computer fan is runnign all the time, I wonder why


fan finally quieted down…


On my way home

tweets for 2009-02-09


punching in


new 35/1.8 DX is $199 but €243, apparently Nikon have missed the USD/EUR exchange rate or they’re trying to soak us Euros


back from filling if not stellar pasta lunch, also bought a new watch cap at walterborg.se


spent an enjoyable half-hour dismantling hard drives


heading to school to pick up the boys


amazingly bad experience with the autocheckout at the local Konsum. I hate that idiotic thing


I feel like strangling one of the cats. I’m trimming your claws for your own good, you little bitch


seriously. My New York Review of Books. Give it to me. Now

tweets for 2009-02-08


mad oversleep


considering stopping echoing my Twitter statuses to Facebook.

tweets for 2009-02-07


playing a bit with the very low-contrast scans from the M7, I think I can get better results with some post-processing


So I was planning on not using hte computer today… that worked out really well…


Think tanks tanking - does anyone care? http://is.gd/iLHL


movie adaption of a Philip Roth novel - no thanks

tweets for 2009-02-06


Now I’m on 3 microblogging sites I need one app to bind them all. Will twihrl hack it?


crap, backup failed with a hardware error


sorry for the spam, my putty crapped out


dicking around with conference room bookings


giving up struggling with AD and Exchange and asking for help from the US gurus instead


Waiting for my sub


Re the sub, need to start taking a lunch with me, eating out is too fscking expensive


and it’s not even good eatin’ :(


wildcat garbage strike, great


Quickie brew at the office, now off to pick up kid, dinner and scans!


wth did my woolen cap go


disappointed with my scans, everything looks overexposed.

tweets for 2009-02-05


Forgot my phone at home, so running late


Need to re-read Anthony Burgess’ memoirs


PriceRunner.com in the US is no more


Wonder if Webhallen have managed to find the item I ordered today


webhallen 0, kjell & company 1


yay we have coffee!


scary, our bank losing lotso money http://is.gd/ity4


Ironically, bloggy.se crashes the E61 browser


This has not been a good public transport day.


the giant Fjällräven down jacket trend is alive and well in the northern suburbs


most impatient subway driver ever


implausible domain name: AlltOmKebab.se (AllAboutKebab)


created a bloggy.se site: http://gerikson.bloggy.se


yay, the law that prohibits the planning of new nuclear power plants in Sweden will be repealed.

tweets for 2009-02-04


damn this lack of coffee! Making do with bleh instant, no milk. Contemplating a strike


so apparently we’re not gonna have a receptionist any more. And “collective” care of the kitchen. Like that will work


pondering lunch


ok where are the lightbulbs…


mmm new foam pads for my porta-pros…


man Windows sidebar apps are pretty lame


Trying to stay awake in meeting


wow managed to skim through my Reader unread items (600+).

tweets for 2009-02-03


yay norovirus strikes the household. And by “yay” I mean bleeeeechhhh


looking back, we should have prioritised getting coffee to the new office before networking…


inbox zero


Viking has finished reading his first book by himself!


caught up with my Tumblr follows


twitter is for the loquacious: http://is.gd/igMV

tweets for 2009-02-02


so apparently we have internets now. Will see if this translates into actual bits flowing when I get into the office


in the office, connections are up except to our admin system. Oh well, can’t have everything


your cool web service is only as good as your latest backup: http://is.gd/hRlM


ah coffee… life seems a little more bearable <saves receipt for expenses>


where the heck is my NYRB?

tweets for 2009-02-01


hehe Expressen tipping people off about Cameron Highlands in Malaysia…


apparently you can’t mention Tila Tequila’s name without her permission: http://is.gd/i04E. I guess I’ll see you dudes in court…


Sunday night, should considet hitting the sack. Long day tomorrow.


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