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tweets for 2014-08-30

Oh yeah, Google+ is a thing that exists, right?

Austrian Cargo Economics is basically all they teach over at /r/Bitcoin

I think some twitter bots just blindly retweet anything with “bitcoin” in it, no matter how critical…

tweets for 2014-08-29

Östermalm: det är helt ok att spärra 2 körfält (inkl 2 ledbussar) för att släppa av barn till skolan om man kör BMW

tweets for 2014-08-28

Not knocking on Dog Schidt Optiks, I think it’s a brilliant concept.

tweets for 2014-08-27


🎶 Send lawyers, guns, and Bitcoin - said no one ever

’trep, or strep? SAME SHIT BRO

tweets for 2014-08-26

o/~ Sun comes up, it’s Tuesday morning - NOPE IT’S RAINING NO SUN FOR YOU

tweets for 2014-08-25

Been wodering whether to move to Overcast for podcasts. Itunes helps me make that decision by crashing when updating podcasts.

“Technically, both world wars were started by Austrians” - @varjag

Är något parti i Sthlm för Slussen Plan B? Det är en dealbreaker för mig (dvs jag ska inte rösta på det partiet) #val2014

tweets for 2014-08-23

Slitningar i det Eriksonska hushållet då resultatet av olika valkompasser jämförs #fb

Wow, I love @feedly but this “slider” thing is the dumbest ever.

tweets for 2014-08-22

Rejected gastropub names: “T. Mary’s”, “Ebola Joe”, “Puke & Vomit”

Spending Friday evening getting drunk and reading PDFs critiquing Bitcoin

tweets for 2014-08-18

Semestern är slut, höst i luften och kaos i kollektivtrafiken. Hej på dig, måndag. #fb

School of Hard Knocks - now accepting #Bitcoin for tuition

tweets for 2014-08-16

Insåg precis att det är en månad kvar till valet.

tweets for 2014-08-13

Sennheiser, Koss, AKG… are there any foldable headphones that don’t crap out after a couple of years?

tweets for 2014-08-09

o/~ I fought the Law of Large Numbers, and the Law won

tweets for 2014-08-07

Home in Stockholm!

tweets for 2014-08-06

Chowing down at the JFK Terminal 1 food court. This day has sucked monkey balls so far.

tweets for 2014-08-05

Boarding a Delta flight LAX-JFK. Last time we’ll fly out of LAX if we can at all help it.

Back at the gate for the APU to be checked after it shut down when taxiing. We’re delayed one hour and counting.

Now 2 hours delayed and counting. Still at the gate…

tweets for 2014-08-03

Amazon delivery driver: “you look like that guy in The Matrix! The guy who betrayed everybody! But he’s still famous!”

tweets for 2014-08-01

We’re alive here in Williams AZ but having issues tweeting.


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