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tweets for 2014-02-28

“Sorry for the inconvenience bit coin is lost”

I bet Reddit will find the missing Goxcoins, just like the found the Boston Bomber!

Klas Östergren till stol nummer 11!

tweets for 2014-02-27

I can’t believe it’s 2014 and I’m editing XML configuration files by hand #work

Waiting for the Snowden/Mark Karpeles slash fiction to hit the net any day now #bitcoin

All these ethnic/religious conflicts are making me nostalgic for the Cold War. At least one side didn’t have God on their side!

tweets for 2014-02-26

TRUSTNO1 - except the blockchain. You can totally trust that, because math.

tweets for 2014-02-24

Monday. Just so much… Monday.

Search for file size in Windows Server 2008R2, “gigantic” means files > 128M

Filtering in Explorer and dragging and dropping like some kind of muppet because my PowerShell-fu is weak!

Det finns inte tillräckligt med skämskuddar #talang

Är det lag på att Felix Herngren ska vara med i alla program nu?

tweets for 2014-02-23

Too many Canucks in my stream to really know the hockey score.

“Silverhjältar”… nåja, bättre än att bli utslagen av Vitryssland…

“goto fail;” indeed, Apple

tweets for 2014-02-21

Created a new list in Twitter, tried adding members - it duplicated the list. Huh?

tweets for 2014-02-19

People keep snarking about MtGox created originally for Magic: The Gathering trading but I bet those cards have been a better investment

tweets for 2014-02-18

You know Bitcoin has arrived when someone bothers coding fishing sites for it…

TIL you can fit Koss earphone covers on Sennheiser earphones if you’re prepared to swear a bit

Bitcoin data not conforming to your expectations? Just use log scale!

tweets for 2014-02-17

Mt Gox is the drunk uncle of Bitcoin exchanges - everyone wishes he’d just go away, but he never will.

tweets for 2014-02-12

Bitcoin shows the future of money: bartering in dark alleys with dudes from localbitcoins.

Proposed new military themed Olympic sport: curling with landmines (compare biathlon)

Is Bitcoin the Mark of the Beast from Revelation? Asking for a friend.

tweets for 2014-02-10

There’s no modern engineering problem that cannot be solved by using duct tape and/or depleted uranium (h/t @jimh)


tweets for 2014-02-08

Den flätan! Den kommer följa mig in i mardrömmarna #manda #mello2014

Läkare kommer ordinera Sanna Neilsen för sömnproblem i framtiden.

tweets for 2014-02-07

Schadenfreude is the only true Freude

The God-Emperor of Bitcoin

tweets for 2014-02-06

Oh, it’s gonna be one of those days at #work…

Not gonna open any images posted by @ansiblemag (aka David Langford)…

“DerpGold” is an awesome name for an altcoin. Offered to the community for the low low price of 2 BTC or 1 BAJILLION Doge.

tweets for 2014-02-05

Oh yeah, there’s something called Google+?

It’s impressive how fast it’s taken VC capital to drag the honourable name of Hasselblad through the mud.

tweets for 2014-02-04

I’m beginning to think MacOS X isn’t a very good multiuser system…

Bitcoin is the FEDORAl Reserve


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