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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2009-03-31


9,305 virus warning emails from our worldwide offices. sigh


we’re rewriting a component to be stand-alone for the migration. Motto: Why fix what’s kinda broken?


I can’t believe we’re getting the same crappy security system we had in the last place


hmm looks like the latest version of Last.fm is incompatible with our a/v


2 unresponsive ssh connections… my life is not much to write home about ….


hmm looks like the latest version of Last.fm is incompatible with our a/v


perl calling perl calling perl…


I suspect the popularity of using web tech to produce desktop apps is due to the ease of piping in ads


doing real programming as opposed to #projecteuler: hashes are much more prevalent than arrays IRL


gmail Contacts, where are you?


is there a “I think IPv6 is boring techwankery” group somewhere? Coz I totally wanna join


I still miss the groups in Jaiku and bloggy.se, Twitter needs some stuff like that methinks!


hi there Active Directory! Can you please wake up and notice my new group? kthxbai


gonna bring the 135mm to work tomorrow, try to capture some nice views from the windows

tweets for 2009-03-30


It beats me why MSN thinks I’m interested in the latest Hollywood gossip


oh crap, I’m on call this week


so we’ve got a (company) account on TheCloud’s hotspots. Hotspots, how very 2002.


release deployed. Lovin’ capistrano and our excellent documentation


problem 78 was a toughie, but once I found the correct generating function I got it. ~30m. #projecteuler


heh, clock says <17:05,> sun says <16:05.> DST win


tircd is going crazy, looks like the API interface is unstable


tried being smart w prob 206 but finally went for brute force. 18m and another one bites the dust #projecteuler


Wagoner’s resignation is “fascism”? (http://is.gd/pIxI). The dude should have been fired a long time ago for running GM into the ground

tweets for 2009-03-29


entered bills into the online bank, always a fun thing to do …


wholly missed DST changeover


problem 80 was basically too easy, read the docs for Math::BigFloat #perl #projecteuler


played w/ bro-in-law’s Nokia 5800 yesterday. Not terribly impressed #mobitopia


looping through 1e9 numbers takes a long time in #perl


problem 145 falls to brute force, runtime 54 minutes… not good at all! #projecteuler

tweets for 2009-03-28


Fixed presents. Hope my kid doesn’t follow me (or understand English)


also spent a happy 15m fondling high-end camera bodies and lenses at MediaMarkt


feeling like buying a 500W halogen light and blasting it defiantly out the window at <8:30pm> #earthhour


god what painfully hip kids at Max


mmm tea and chocolate


apparently I’m the last to know that a major Swedish poultry producer has distributed chicken with ground glass #kronfågel


shamed into putting out all the lights by my son, but reading by candlelight sucks so I’m online


getting fed up with my Op/Tech strap, it’s slippier than a lubed ferret on my shoulder


borrowed books 2-5 of “The Walking Dead”, dunno if I have the guts to read them


wtf is Patrick Swayze doing in this British film (besides dying of cancer)?


damn but teenagers are LOUD

tweets for 2009-03-27


Cleaning service Friday morning => I forget Viking’s gym clothes. Black looks from his teacher


ok, moved the office 1 floor up. Now mopping up


who the F request read receipts in this day and age? lame


damn lost a nose pad on my glasses


dead cat bounce over for this time, DOW won’t break up through 8K


snagging some podcasts before the weekend


Plans for the weekend: get presents for Viking’s 7th next Sat


waiting for my tweetstats to load…


behold! My Twitterverse: http://tweetstats.com/graphs/gerikson


bailing out from the net to re-read “Cryptonomicon”

tweets for 2009-03-26




perl module Games::Cards::Poker demolishes problem 54 #projecteuler


deploying a release


surprise! it was the wrong version


with the 270EX, Canon finally catches up with Nikon’s SB-400. Only took them, what, 4 years? #photo


and problem 74 bites the dust! time for a break now I think #projecteuler


yay, my black woolly watchcap turned up! gonna give it a spin in the wash before wearing it though


maybe doing a mass-update of the CPAN modules was a mistake #perl


first ticket I’ve submitted in ages


as ad-laden as Foxit PDF is, it’s still better than Adobe Reader


Finally on my way home


yet again, brute force saves the day! problem 70 done. #projecteuler

tweets for 2009-03-25


stop spamming me, stupid monitoring script!


I’m loving The Daily Beast (not least for the Waugh reference) but I think it’s ultimately doomed


I FAIL at Dijkstra’s algorithm (also, spelling “Dijkstra”) #projecteuler


I love having leftovers from dinner ready for lunch tomorrow

tweets for 2009-03-24


Yawning and planning perl


Kinda wish I had a netbook just for hacking Project Euler on the go


punching in


Svenska Kyrkans webpages suck donkey balls


W00t payday tomorrow


juggling multi-gig files for the Shanghai team


how’s this for PR: “Twitter: more fun than schtupping Jennifer Aniston”


no-one outside Sweden will grok why TPB’s new VPN service is called IPREDATOR


problem 71 was a toughie. Hint: Farey sequences #projecteuler


hint: read the problem description before coding #projecteuler


gotta love it when the Memoize module runs out of memory #projecteuler #perl


Kameradoktorn had my replacement eyepiece for a good price. Nice store, friendly service


How come “Big Me” is such a popular song to cover?


I need a better approach to my minimal-path algo #projecteuler #p082


Jason and Jessica are now following me! How cute! 100 to 1 it’s a couple of spammers though

tweets for 2009-03-23


so my Voip box needs new firmware, but the company providing it has gone off the web. Now in contact with their successor


Finally on my way in to work


hi there Outlook, glad to see you’re with us today - NOT


symbolic math is hard


This will be a week of late evenings :P


nice, 3 qwitter emails. Thanks for nothing, unfollowers!


HAH! In your FACE, problem 102!!


seriously, this shellbox and emacs don’t get along

tweets for 2009-03-22


retraced my steps to try to find the eyepiece, no dice. Oh well, at least I tried


our internet is fucking worthless


man, for some reason the List::Util function “sum” barfs when used on array slices. Reason for most of the frustration on problem 50


investigating Math::Pari


Math::Pari does seem to be a very interesting tookit at this stage of my Project Euler hacking


I hate it when I forget basic high-school math

tweets for 2009-03-21


Heading home from library (just borrowed Ghost World), McD’s, and grocery shopping. Oh yeah, new chinos!


in the Lamino, sipping tea


went out to take some pics and lost my eyepiece (DK-21) for my pains


looks like the recent stock rally was a dead cat bounce, as if anyone is surprised


read “Trollkarlens hatt” for Viking until he fell asleep

tweets for 2009-03-20


Project Euler howto: 1st try brute force, only optimise if that takes > 1 minute


reached level 2 in Project Euler


Heading home with a cupcake for Viking. Gonna grab some grub too, and a few brews


oh for Chrome for the (PowerPC) Mac!


starting the weekend with 0 unread feeds – not good


I need to try to remember that I’ve made some great deals for photo gear, among them the 35-70/2.8 and the FM2


if you find Math::BigInt too slow, take a gander at Math::GMP #perl


cracking open a new can of lager


gonna play some Far Cry 2, suspect the alcohol in my bloodstream will not help


finished Far Cry 2, maybe I should have chosen the other ending

tweets for 2009-03-19


not looking formward to this meeting


Great, sun is peeping out.


making perl run out of memory


another Project Euler problem eats the dust


It’s still light, yay!


stuck on Johanneshovsbron

tweets for 2009-03-18


back at work


bloody SOX


my computer is getting old


pondering lunch


so apparently not everyone agrees with the Pope when it comes to HIV and condoms


3 retweets on the theme of Scoble disappearing. I sense wish-fulfilment fantasies

tweets for 2009-03-16


damn the coffee doesn’t taste good anymore :(


yay got tircd to work! my bad, incorrect irssi incantation

tweets for 2009-03-15


I feel a bit less like death warmed over today


wtf is wrong with tircd now then…


LOL @ newbs wanting to use the Carl Zeiss ZE 50/1.4 wide open. Can you say “spherical abberation”?

tweets for 2009-03-14


time for another headache pill and some rest


finished “Anathem”. Pretty massive, a lot to digest. Will post a review later


the Russian stereotypes are flowing like vodka #melfest


wow, didn’t see THAT coming #melfest


I’m sure nerds everywhere are having geekgasms over the Facebook redesign, but it can be summarized in 3 words: sell more ads

tweets for 2009-03-13


On my way to the pharmacy in search of something for my fever


Friday the 13th – champagne!

tweets for 2009-03-12


so I have: fever, sore throat and a headache. Life is great :P


having problems connecting to #spotify


reading about why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore http://is.gd/n4i2


I might be able to get up to more to put away stuff before the cleaners come. I can’t do squat now though

tweets for 2009-03-11


made a conscious effort not to go online this morning during #commute, instead read New York Review


ah, yEnc, that brings back memories: http://is.gd/mQeV


just not that interested in George Orwell’s diary. Unsubscribing.


ah the tedium of the workday is enlivened by an IM VIRUS!!!


maybe I don’t get it, but I fail to see the appeal of visual voicemail. Perhaps I get too few vmails




I might actually have to think about this Euler problem instead translating halfunderstood python to perl


heading home, not feeling too hot :(


haunted by off-by-one errors. Well not haunted, exactly. More peeved

tweets for 2009-03-10


Snowing like mad


Tried to compose a tweet in Swedish, but couldn’t rid it of Anglicisms


lost in a maze of SELECT statements, all alike


amazed at the amount of perl code I can write without errors


$Boss just recieved 3 fortune cookies from Oracle. Beyond lame


damn but the global economic outlook looks grim :(


the PBX is making our life hell. I hope Alcatel dies in a fire


modern version of “when pigs fly”: “when IPv6 is implemented”


iTunes wedged


as always, analysing the data is harder than gathering it :P


oh Vista, could you be any slower?


Glad to see Patrick Leigh Fermor is still alive!


Idiot in Bålsta aims against policemen with soft air gun, is shot in the leg. Candidate for a Darwin award


“Have you heard about the vegetarian cannibal? He only eats Swedes!”


snow is really pelting down


we have to SDT the entire fscking office for the router move


I can haz Sophos A/V?


finally cracked Project Euler problem 18 (and got 67 in the bargain!)


Waiting for the router to come back up


At Monks enjoying beer and food


Heading home, feeling a bit queesy. Hope it’s not the food :(

tweets for 2009-03-09


Kinda hatin’ on #Gullmarsplan. It’s pitifully underdimensioned for rush-hour traffic. And the fascist entrance gates don’t help


less than 4 weeks until I have to return “Anathem”, and I doubt I can extend the loan


I’m on call this week. Wheee! NOT


seriously pissed that rearranging pictures in Flickr Uploadr doesn’t get reflected in the actual order when uploaded #flickr


apparently 200W incandescent bulbs aren’t made anymore! Got a 150W halogen to try in the PH lamp


ok so you can reorder pics in your stream - by editing the “uploaded date”. Pls Flickr, make it easier, mkay?


Oh no, I left the ball and chain on my desk… said b’n’c being my mobile. Maybe I should embrace my inner dorkiness and get a belt clip


got a call from my Dad, he’s on his way to Tblisi, Georgia (the REAL Georgia, not the US state)


doing the password change dance


great, my new password is 3l33tp@55w0rD. Noting it here for future reference!


stupid PBX is acting up, that piece of shit always puts me in bad mood. Why didn’t we get a mobile-based solution?


Green line seems to have delays, more people than usual on the platforms and the trains. #sl #commute #fail


feeling sorry for the woman with the hairline at the crown of head and the straggly combover


train driver publicly scolded the idiot stopping the train just as it was leaving. Personally I think he should have been thrown under it


Funny how youth subcultures make comeback. Yeah I’m looking at you, “synthare” ca. 1986


hey! who took all my money?

tweets for 2009-03-08


sending prints off to friends and family


ah Sunday morning browsing links


enjoying the writing genius of Alan Moore


tried validating my blog - that was a mistake


Going out for ’zas


Metallica concert in Stockholm cancelled, James Hetfield taken to hospital #metallica #concert

tweets for 2009-03-07


The chubbier you are, the harder you fall. Valleywag rips into poor Scoble: http://is.gd/mfXM


Where is all my money going? Time to track expenses, even with rates at an all-time low we don’t have a surplus


Yay! Found Stephenson’s Anathem at the library in #Sickla


back after a visit to #Sickla. Lots of groceries made for a heavy load going back!


I fear for my son - he’s watching Teletubbies. He’s also nearly 7


reading up on maybe doing a DIY clean and lube of my 50mm. Consensus seems to be: don’t do it. Will get a quote from a repairman


donated some quakes to @daxe so he can go where I don’t want to go


looking forward to reading about the Federalist Papers in the next NYRB: http://is.gd/mi47


I downloaded and enjoyed “Therefore, Repent!” - http://is.gd/l02v . Recommended!

tweets for 2009-03-06


Will it ruin my geek cred to say I read “Watchmen” for the first time 2 weeks ago?


back from a great sub rosa breakfast http://is.gd/m3Cz


planning a dinner out tonight


Not really digging Kathleen Edward’s latest “Asking for Flowers” - spotify:album:3DmH2bQ9wLAp6HBLceR07f


looking around on the web for a way to transplant my #disqus comments from one domain to another, but not having much luck!


some of the stuff on http://www.fmylife.com is funny but a lot of it is really just sad :(


At Nalen, having lunch


checking out Annie Lennox on #spotify


``find ~/blosxom-data -type f -name “*.txt” | wc -l’’ gives me 994 posts! Just 6 to go for a 1,000


why am i putting off getting a coffee…


thanks Seagate for even temporarily shutting Scoble up: http://is.gd/m52c


Finally got my prints!


hmm threw away a New York Review with an article unread


stocked up on a couple cans of lager at #Gullmarsplan


lftp FTW!


Coldplay instrumental is sooo much better than any other Coldplay


“Digital is dead” is the new “Film is dead”


fuck Warner Music: http://is.gd/mbHH

tweets for 2009-03-05


Skynet, Cylons, Matrix AI - don’t try total extermination. Do divide-and-rule and wait 50 yrs for the genocides


Waiting for a call from the PBX wrangler


PBX wrangler has arrived!


we can haz landlinez?


man my 50/1.8 is really soft :( I dunno if it’s my technique or the crappy focus confirmation

tweets for 2009-03-04


using #spotify to check out Lightning Seeds after a tip on #mefi


wut, I have a FOAF file????


man a FB friends list to FOAF file converter would be nice


Damn, prints not done yet


depressing to see how much of my blog’s traffic comes from web spiders


man Spotify may be hacked… that’s a pain


umm Spotify? You think offering Kelly Clarkson is gonna make me want to buy Premium? Thanks, but no thanks.


I fail to see why U2 were so protective of their latest album. It’s pretty shite


calling it a day

tweets for 2009-03-03


Hmm judging from the throng on the platform, the tram is delayed #commute


stuck in a tunnel #commute #fail


oh man we’ve only got to Medborgarplatsen?!


today is our 6-year anniversary #anniversary #marriage


huh, a lot of different pointers on how to do name-based virtual hosting on #lighttpd. Bit confusing tbh


tkjaer: if you compare lighttpd.conf with httpd.conf you’ll see that lighty is way easier to grok


now using lighty for servign the blog, so long fnord and thanks for all the fish!


oh man I’ve gotta head to the Jewish Library today!


spent 15 minutes looking for my lens cap, having forgotten I had put it on the lens 10 minutes before


linking to p2p content is legal in Spain: http://tinyurl.com/3sj9sq


Enjoyed an expensive chicken kebab with fries


nice, new Olle Ljungström album “Sju” up on #spotify


for your listening pleasure: spotify:album:53Xal92hFQ7dtlhOkrT4e1


think I’ve figured out how to do a 301 Moved Permanently in lighty: url.redirect is the answer!

tweets for 2009-03-02


Skanstull #commute


my 2 star ipod playlist keeping my spirits up


Daily excercise: 5 flights of stairs. Pretty pathetic


purchased my first track from iTunes


oh man I love Chrome so much…


LOLing at DN’s pathetic attempt to smear the opposition to FRA as being atroturf.


ugh, don’t think I can do a real 301 redirect using fnord… guess I’ll have to set up apache after all


struggling with fnord (the webserver, not the Discordian term)


Dow breaks thru 7,000, keeps on falling


Heading home, at a loss what to fix for dinner


aw man the grey humid cold is back


I would like to run apache on port 8080, via inetd, and chrooted on FreeBSD. It’s puzzling how to get those pieces together


screw apache, I can’t stand httpd.conf


sad that so many otherwise great flickr pics are ruined by “poetic” (pathetic) titles


lighttpd set up, gonna mess around with it some more later

tweets for 2009-03-01


cats fighting desultory over a spot in the sunlight


heading out with Viking and his bud


back after a nice sunny day!


devoured the rest of yesterday’s dinner - chicken wrapped in Parma ham in a cream-and-balsamico sauce


Listening to some old Olle Ljungström after watching the documentary about him on SVT Play


DN sez that the opposition against FRA was coordinated by PR agencies. I don’t believe it.


BTW DN.se is really slow, getting 503’s all the time. Fix ur code, plz


it’s a pity Herbert’s “Dune” is so popular that spin-offs and prequels have been written: http://is.gd/eykW


“Nip/Tuck” is so far over the shark it’s in orbit


sucked into reading fascinating Atlantic article about talk radio: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200504/wallace


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