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tweets for 2011-08-25

why the HELL doesn’t the Swedish version of mobile web Google show Reader??!!

tweets for 2011-08-22

Sommaren är definitivt slut, regn, skolstart, kö på Essingeleden #fml #fb

tweets for 2011-08-21

Adding a regexp that blocks tweets from Boxee… that part of my script is getting rather large, 12 lines

tweets for 2011-08-20

Picked up “The Crippled God” at Dieselverkstaden today, finally gonna see how a 10 book fantasy series ends #malazan

tweets for 2011-08-19

Herregud vad H&Ms senaste reklam misshandlar “Girls On Film”. #fuckyeahthe80s #fb

Viking och jag skrattar så vi kiknar åt Scritch i “Ice Age 2” #tv4 #fb

“Red Dragon” remake - Edward Norton not really believable as hardened FBI investigator

remember reading Red Dragon and being impressed by Harris’ writing

then he, like everyone else, got drawn into Hannibal Lecter’s orbit and was lost

tweets for 2011-08-17

Välkommen @bjornwallin till Twitter!

tweets for 2011-08-16

work is like war today, long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror #fb

down to 20 open cases, sweet #work #fb

oh shit #PriceRunner svarar inte på webbanrop, tur jag varken är on call eller jobbar kvar längre

hmm det kanske är fel på min uppkoppling, kommer inte åt #Prisjakt heller!

tweets for 2011-08-15

Ser på panelprogram om fotografi på #SVT24. Äntligen lite valuta för licensen ;) #fb

tweets for 2011-08-14

“Det Okända” på TV4 - wtf is this shit? #fb

tweets for 2011-08-12

Not much action this Friday #work

tweets for 2011-08-10

yay, Facebook notifications via RSS is working again. No clue how to get to them though, got a message from my previous feed setup

huh. Maybe I should check my Google+

you know, people keep on bashing Google #Wave but I had more use out it than I’ve had G+ so far

tweets for 2011-08-09

stoked to see the Lev Grossman’s “The Magicians” is getting a sequel!

tweets for 2011-08-08

TIL that grappa and marc are pomace brandies. Also that pisco was developed as an alternative to one

“Dow Jones”… more like “Down Jones”, amirite? As in down to Davey Jones’ locker #doomed

worth noting though, stock market != entire economy. Stuff like interest rates and consumer confidence way more important

of course those metrics are crap too so… #doomed

tweets for 2011-08-06

Looking at a #LostWeekend - not double pneumonia, thankfully, but still feel pretty shit

bit the bullet and ordered new spare parts for my #Nikon D200. Hope this seller isn’t scam like the last #photog

how come I never realised Maine is abbreviated as “ME”? And is it common @NYTimes style to write is as “Me”?

bit surprised that the situation in #Syria isn’t discussed more on Twitter…

tweets for 2011-08-04

not friends with my gadgets right now: car alarm randomly going off, camera grip pealing like a shedding snake #1stworldproblems

tweets for 2011-08-03

have a meeting with customer to resolve one case, leave meeting with 2 new ones #doingitwrong


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