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tweets for 2015-05-29

Ross Ulbrich: he fought the Law, and the Law won.

Of course the Law had some help in his keeping a rudding JOURNAL of his criminal activities.

tweets for 2015-05-23

13-yr old son ditches #ESC2015 for Gravity Falls. Good choice.

Has a ballad ever won #ESC? Asking for half of Europe

I love how #ESC makes me go on wikidives about the Dual Monarchy.

tweets for 2015-05-22

Dagens affärsidé: Förskolan Nietzsche, med avdelningarna Avgrunden, Övermänniskan och Gud Är Död. #subrosa

Referencing Nietzsche is always good for a chuckle in the circles I move in.

tweets for 2015-05-20

Wednesdays are the new Mondays #work

tweets for 2015-05-19

[…] dystopia, I’ve always thought, has to follow the formula: ‘An oppressive system takes on a brave individual-and wins!’ - @amendlocke

tweets for 2015-05-13

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine someone replacing you with a very small shell script - forever”

tweets for 2015-05-12

Really dense cakes have a Schwartzwald radius (h/t @ToreK)


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