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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2008-07-31


Fast food dinner

tweets for 2008-07-30


Me, Viking and his pal Wilmer went to the beach, Viking was stung by a wasp


Camera back, might have some misaligned focus issues… Needs systematic testing


Waiting for the tram, got some red wine and Carlsberg Sort Guld at Systemet


hmm my auction of the tandberg casette deck generated a side-band offer from some chick in Italy… wondering if I should keep my address

tweets for 2008-07-29


My D40 is in the shop getting its focus screen replaced


man that nap I took in the swinging hammock has left me feeling like crap


my drink: 1/2 inch of dubious “fruit” concentrate, 1 inch premium vodka, fill up with cold tap water


thinking of sleeping outside tonight

tweets for 2008-07-28


Impromtu visit to Max, free wifi!


fucking cats made a break for it again

tweets for 2008-07-27


Bday party for cousin Pelle, 4 years old. Family is out in force, but I have the balcony to myself


bills entered


pinging Gustaf Mårtensson about what Twitter account he has – via EMAIL. Can it get more 90s? I dont’t think so!


piping AC/DC from the iPod via my vintage Tandberg receiver … PARTY

tweets for 2008-07-26


both cats finally in

tweets for 2008-07-25


Buses flying rainbow flags today, cool!


Too hot for a jacket, pockets weighed down with junk (wallet keys phone etc)


Finally arrived at Tech museum, having a packed lunch!


Freetards: build your own phone, no-ones stopping you!


I’d settle for a small island in the Aegean… with droit de siegneur ;)


home, bad new on the H front unfortunately. More later


I’m reading so much NYTimes stuff right now I might just have to get an account


soon it’ll be August… sigh


FF3: ``Unable to verify the identity of adsyndication.msn.com as a trusted site.’’ … I’d have to concur


Leo is buying more MS points wiht his allowance


the previous tweet was posted specifically to piss Leo off ;)

tweets for 2008-07-24


back from Blecktornsparken!

tweets for 2008-07-23


not much done today due to differences of opinion with Viking about the merits of bathing vs. museum visiting

tweets for 2008-07-22


Guess we’ll have a “staycation” this year


Taking care of Viking and his cousins is hard work, but strategically placed icecream breaks help!


wtf are the NYTimes editoririals behind their stupid paywall? way to spread the creed, douchebags


Radovan Karadjic arrested - after 13 years


enjoying a (slightly stale) cigar


amazingly irritating twittering noise from the building site across the green


hmm Nikon D300 doesn’t have an electronic rangefinder indicator, that was something I was counting on over the D200


nicotine buzz!!


turns out wife is no a big cigar fan :P


enjoying high-grade carbohydrates and bheer


oh noes empty Google Reader again!!! C’mon Internets, generate me some content plz

tweets for 2008-07-21


the plan to get up at 8 each mornign got off on a rocky start… <09:40> today


On our way to a birthday party. Muggy heat with threat of rain


Turns out my sis-in-law is following me on Twitter! Hi @teagus!


Rained in!


Going to read up.on the ’71 India-Pakistan war, inspired by an obit in the Economist


In the checkout line


yay failwhale


twitter web interface is sloooow


should go to bed but am having trouble lifting my ass from this chair

tweets for 2008-07-20


Enjoying the fine weather at Järla lake


hmm I need to get my work lappy home, it has my main iTunes library and all the podcast subs




time for some zedz

tweets for 2008-07-19


so that ‘no computer use during vacation’ thing? not working out so good


back from the little beach on Järla lake


if you’re bored, random browsing of gear wars on photo fora can provide endless amusement http://is.gd/XSY


Lone Justice’s Pass It On is dated in content, but still a great song

tweets for 2008-07-18


mmm restaurant lunch… such a luxury. And we sat outside too!


painless migration of the support queue stats from MRTG to RRDtool


I need more feeds - Google reader empty again!


Vacation is ON. Getting sushi/teriyaki takeaway for dinner, gonna bust out some red wine to that I think!


Man I need a new battery for the E61. Or a new phone…

tweets for 2008-07-17


Overslept madly


this day has FAIL written all over it


I must admit the build quality of the Nikon F90 is light-years ahead of the D40


I need to code a bot that finds followers I don’t follow and reports some stats:following/followers/no. of posts


thinking of sleeping in the swinging sofa if the weather turns really hot


next to last day at work, w00t


note to eagle-eyed readers re my “next to last day at work”, I’m going on vacation after tomorrow


fuck http://tinyurl.com/5ghweu


a quick glance at the Twitter API docs shows no easy way to get a list of followers and friends


so “trifling” means “disgusting” now? How come? Rhyming slang? http://shorl.com/tredrividohyra

tweets for 2008-07-16


finally getting around to actually doing some work. Way too many fun things on the internet this mornign


oh noes I read all my feeds!!!


just re-watched the first 5 minutes of The IT Crowd, it’s now a topic in the support channel ;)




my cow-orkers are starting to get on my nerves >:(


Tram time, can’t wait to get home


logged into facebook … shudder

tweets for 2008-07-15




trying hard to care, and failing


inbox 0


  1. submit ad 2. wait… 3. profit!


Buying a TV. Now we’ll have one in every room :P


Went to the gym for the first time in ages. Still have my paunch but feeling better about it


maybe I should check out Facebook… nah

tweets for 2008-07-14


punching in. Coworker has a new Windows Mobile phone. Does it work at all? Do bears shit in the woods?


no matter what I do, Windows Vista freezes my USB mouse. It’s like the old joke “mouse movement detected, restart computer?”


I’m not getting any updates via Twitter IM


Eavesdropping on “we’ve got a new flat” convos on the subway


Man I’m out of shape. Tomorrow, the gym!


great, peak phosphate to join peak oil? result: higher fertilizer prices, less food

tweets for 2008-07-13


Breakfast. Packing and cleaning up ahead. Epic yahtzee win by Viking


Huge press of hungry people at McD’s. Amazingly suboptimal cashier station arrangement


Home! Really not looking forward to work tomorrow


looking forward to reviewing my shots from the weekend. A few keepers, I hope!

tweets for 2008-07-12


Forgot to update yesterday. Arrived safely, weather’s not ideal but no rain


Enjoying lunch in Särdal


Afternoon: ice cream, dip in the sea, said hi to my cousin Pelle


Evening: dinner with the parents, yum. Nephew Erik is a handful! Relaxing with a beer

tweets for 2008-07-11


rented a car for the weekend and drove it in, soooo luxurious


I need some way to strip the ads from this crappy Live Messenger app


tried reading a “Star Wars” novel, utter dreck.


I wonder why my feed reader is full of libertarian nutcases


Looked like we were off on a quick start but we were foiled by a tiny metal ball


Oh noes I dropped the tiny black metal ball! Found it again, miraculously


South of Norrköping, filling up on carbs and caffiene

tweets for 2008-07-10


Man I fscking HATE Adobe Reader. How can something so simple become such a bloated carcass of anthrax-ridden pus?


so rumour has it that to type Swedish characters on the iPhone you’ll have to use a “special character” menu.


gearing up mentally for the long drive tomorrow afternoon


another piece of shitty software: the Backup Exec console


I’m pretty happy with this shot http://www.flickr.com/photos/gerikson/2654516299/


browsing the iphone app store


I see no IRC app, that’s a dealbreaker for me ;)


AIM for iPhone. It’s truly the new RAZR


and TypePad? what is this, 2003?


I really need to find out how to mute all notifications from a channel in Irssi

tweets for 2008-07-09


Photogear-themed morning, both good and disappointing


New used lens! Nikkor 35-70/2.8. Plus an Nikon F-90. Just fugly test shots so far


really enjoying google reader. So much more functionality than bloglines


falling in love with unix text tools all over again. cut -d’ ’ -f1 file | sort | uniq -c FTW


every time I’m faced with parsing apache logs I re-invent the same stupid wheel :(


I’m proud to announce that none of my glass is slower than f/2.8. Of course, none if it is faster either…


hmm the log extract is growing by 0.1G every 10s


1 day of logs == 9G


reading about peak oil is freaking me out!


Long wait for the tram :(

tweets for 2008-07-08


mmm twitter still rules the roost


what the hell does this script do?


regexp 101 here I come


my recent itunes migration between disks seems to have messed up my playcount, but it’s all good


man I have to decide lunch


Got the original strap for my new used Domke, much better


I always get performance anxiety when someone famous follows me (hi @rcade!)

tweets for 2008-07-07


identi.ca twitter bot has been offline for more than 24 hours now


I need a command-line app that can post to any microblogging service, or just one


i guess getting bltbee up and running would solve a lot of problems…

tweets for 2008-07-06


lazy sunday morning


I can’t write in Swedish any more :(


friendfeed needs an IM interface. And don’t tell me about crappily coded fugly AIR apps, they don’t cut it!

tweets for 2008-07-05


Heading into the city to see the wife off on the train


Shopping for new shoes, unstereotypically fast


Spent 443 SEK at the SF bookstore in Gamla Stan. Now to update my reading list!

tweets for 2008-07-04


not content with being offline, Twitter IM is now slow as molasses


I always like it when I stumble upon a rich vein of photo-nerdery: http://www.imx.nl/photo/


on my 3rd can of lager @ work


on the terrace having a beer

tweets for 2008-07-03


can’t seem to post via IM to identica, can’t really be arsed to investigate right now


oh for a standard way of exporting your social network! (migrating to identi.ca)


I think having 3 microblogging services is 2 too many. Cmon Twitter, fix your stuff!


heading up to the rooftop terrace for soem fresh air


nice, i can paste the Olympus XA DoF table into my Moleskine


Waiting for a fish ’n chips at the local greasy spoon

tweets for 2008-07-02


damn google is slow today, gmail, reader, search everything

tweets for 2008-07-01


fucking printer acting up again. I HATE PRINTERS


cleaned up my Flickr account, removed some old crap mobile phone shots from public view


Twitter’s removed the “follow” button now? beyond lame


Bus strike led to walk home from Gullmarsplan, took some pics along the way in the old cholera graveyard


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