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tweets for 2012-08-31

Ett märkligt svensk metafor är “stålbad”. Misstänker det har med stärkande av stål i vatten, har jag rätt? #fb

Trist att SVTs “Vem Vet Mest” verkar ha förenklats så mycket. #fb

World’ richest woman looks and talks like some villian from a Roald Dahl book.

Paraphrasing @GreatDismal, the very rich are a different species, not afraid to be seen as total assholes.

tweets for 2012-08-30

Aimee Mann spelar på Nalen 15 Jan 2013, vem vill hänka med mig och se? #fb

New workplace I’ve been assigned is crap. Desk’s tilted => RSI, it’s 50% smaller than my old one, and the room lacks sound damping. #work

I’m glad I took a backup of this here database. Just sayin’ #work

tweets for 2012-08-29

Moved to a new desk, smaller and less stable than the old one :P #work

So excited to get “Charmer” by @aimeemann! 18 Sep, better be available on iTunes here in .SE!

tweets for 2012-08-27

Great, now I’m getting Twitter spam in Russian that even Google Translate can’t deal with.

Wow it’s Monday. If the calendar didn’t say so, the customers remind me of it. #work

Spam från Ingenjörerna - “Så säger du upp dig snyggt” - påminner mig om att säga upp mitt medlemskap. Sagt och gjort! #fb

tweets for 2012-08-26

Really enjoying Jo Walton’s “Tooth and Claw”. It’s Jane Austen - WITH DRAGONS #fantasy

tweets for 2012-08-25

Litet test att twittra på svenska: räksmörgås.

Every time a new episode of a Cartoon Network show starts, my son says “hope the evil guys win!” They never do…

tweets for 2012-08-24

Scene at the library where I’m working right now: 1 table with 2 bald dudes w/ HP lappies, 1 table w/ 2 chicks w/ Macbooks. FIGHT!

tweets for 2012-08-22

``How is being a billionaire better than being a millionaire?’’ oh Quora… #headdesk

Wow today has been pretty damn crappy. #work

tweets for 2012-08-21

Started the last push to listen through “Hyperion”… should be done this week now that the roads are clogged again.

tweets for 2012-08-20

Outlook email search, still fscking useless.

Starting the week off with 20 open cases, that’s a nice round number #work

tweets for 2012-08-15

“Quora is now integrated with Facebook Timeline” - of course it is. Time to delete that account too.

Hmm, is there any way I can add another recipient to a /reply in @ttytter?

Man, didn’t Jaiku have comments under each update? I miss that so much sometimes.

What’s this, new @AimeeMann album in the works?! Colour me excited.

Vem bryr sig om att Netflix kommer till Sverige, jag vill ha en Nexus 7 :( #fb

tweets for 2012-08-14

Dom där läskiga pipen från gården igår? Måsungar #fb

Sometimes I get the feeling we’re all those happy families shown in disaster movies to contrast the coming horrors.

Upgraded my kid’s Minecraft server to the latest version #sysadmindad

A question in the form of “Fucking X, how does it work” can safely be assumed to be rhetorical (unless you’re a juggalo, obviously).

Tonight’s drink experiment: burgundy + Russchian #mesocrazy

tweets for 2012-08-13

Gotta love when a reply to your tweet appears in email before it shows in the client….

Today’s nerdy RSA keycode: 127 486

You know you’re a (watch)nerd when you can identify a Valjoux 7750-based chronograph by the subdial placements #needtogetalife

tweets for 2012-08-12

En massa bortförklaringar just nu #handboll #os12se

NBC are going to have a hell of a time explaining this to the USA…

tweets for 2012-08-11


tweets for 2012-08-10

Giving “The Forgotten Arm” by @AimeeMann a new chance. #music

Sigh being targeted by Twitter spammers. How hard can it be to filter ‘<not follower> @myname <url>’ centrally at Twitter?

Oh yeah, Pinterest. That still exists, I guess.

tweets for 2012-08-08

Normally can’t stand Coldplay but @AimeeMann ’s cover of “The Scientist” rocks.

I’m getting pretty good at finding ways to upload install files to customer machines #work.

Researching heated outdoor pools. They are needed this “summer”.

tweets for 2012-08-06

Maybe I should start #working.

Kind of wish I still had that rotating desktop background image of #Mars I used to have when I was a total Lulnix nerd.

I was torn between stopping and shooting on my way home or providing food for my child. The disappearing light has helped my decision.

Raining like a mofo tonight!

tweets for 2012-08-03

Reminded by @isobelsverkstad and @stefangorling that it’s time to re-read GEB for the first time since high school #nerd


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