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tweets for 2014-05-26

Midnight Zuul

tweets for 2014-05-25

Jaruzelski and Pinochet: “real dictators wear shades”

tweets for 2014-05-19

My life has been reduced to being excited when my commute goes smoothly.

Life lesson from following Bitcoin drama: everything looks better if you use log scale. Try it!

tweets for 2014-05-17

I’ve wondered for days which app disappeared from my home screen, leaving a gap. Realized today it was Facebook.

tweets for 2014-05-16

The Hobbit Part II: The Smaugening @KetchupSenap

“Google Glass App Lets You Pay With Bitcoin” - but of course it does.

tweets for 2014-05-15

Internet: you have failed at providing me amusement today. I’d like my money back please. DOGE not BTC.

tweets for 2014-05-14

The Blockchain is the Solution. We just need to find the problem.

tweets for 2014-05-12

Going head to head with a Reddit boss way above my XP. Wish me luck.

tweets for 2014-05-08

“I am a little high” - this disclaimer should be included in all posts on /r/Bitcoin

Staten har kränkt romer genom att ha dom i olagligt register. Ironiskt nog blir utbetalningen av ersättning smidig pga. sagda register!

Bitcoin: only winners get butt!

tweets for 2014-05-07

Bitcoin: fundamentally misunderstanding butt marketing

tweets for 2014-05-06

Nice #flow today at #work. Rocking out to “Attica!”, the latest album from @wussymusic

Lite sur på Villaägarna som gnäller över “flyttskatter”. Dom blev av med fastighetsskatten? Villaägare det nya frälset?

tweets for 2014-05-01

Something’s sucking all the juice from my iPhone. Decent app available to track energy use? #fb


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