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Wishing she could call him “Heartbreak”, but it’s not a boy’s name

tweets for 2009-12-31


Rose bubbly at the terrace!


This cover singer isn’t half bad #nye


#10yearsago we were at the big Bingolotto Millenium special, no lie #fb


Waiting for 12 o’clock with a very sleepy 7yr old


Happy New Year! #fb

tweets for 2009-12-30


Back after a snorkling trip

tweets for 2009-12-29


Upper level of Grand Makadi reception area is perfect for pr0n surfing

tweets for 2009-12-27


Wife has been diagnosed with gastroenteritis, but has recieved superefficient Egyptian medecines!


Finished Lev Grossman’s The Magicians, an amazing reinvention of the fantasy genre. Harry Potter meets The Secret History


We want this corner table for NYE, but we have to commit for 4 bottles of bubbly.

tweets for 2009-12-25


Fourth day in Makadi Bay, spent swimming in the pool and sea. Merry #Xmas! #egypt0910 #fb

tweets for 2009-12-22


In the taxi on our way to Arlanda


Enplaned in a pretty cramped A321


Sippin’ g&t’s on the terrazo at Grand Makadi #egypt0910


Tired after being up since 3am, but the hotel looks really nice!

tweets for 2009-12-21


depressing reading the (thankfully very few) negative review of the place we’re visiting

tweets for 2009-12-20


Julhandel i Sickla Köpkvarter. Mindre folk än befarat. Snön har slutat vräka ner. #fb


Maybe I should have eaten before #xmas #shopping, feeling faint


I just want to get out of here :(


so tired my hands are literally shaking :P


man this wok we have is the pits


contemplating the “TSA lock” on our new Samsonite suitcase and betting the “secure tools” are already abroad in the underworld


needed, Swedish-English botanical dictionary


when you look at a cat’s front teeth in close up you see the Alien

tweets for 2009-12-18


most pretentious camera review ever? http://craigmod.com/journal/gf1-fieldtest/ #photog


amazing story http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/dec/17/america-most-wanted-mark-weinberger


den här bilden föreställer väl inte glögg? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulled_wine#Gl.C3.B6gg #fb


RIP #Saab


discussing different language’s handling of dates and times, so nerdy


sets up the holiday auto-reply #xmas


brilliant #Achewood http://www.achewood.com/index.php?date=12182009


pondering a final coffee before leaving for xmas


punching out of work for #xmas #newyears!


Röda linjen försenad, kvar i Mörby Centrum #fb


Sony-Ericsson phones still popular in the #xmas ads here, can’t help being reminded of #Saab #otemporaomores


Matthew Sweet’s “Thunderstorm” is 9 freaking minutes long


Is there a more baroque pop song than “The Other End of the Telescope”? #elviscostello #aimeemann


oh by the way? Viking’s second name? Costello, not Presley


hmm the Lindex lingerie ads are shot with front-flash, rather cold look


my walk through a sunny and freezing Danderyd today resulted in exactly zero keepers. That’s how it goes! #photog


weather.com says it’s -14 centigrade in #stockholm!


the Swedish establishment’s and media’s faith in the UN is a bit naive at times #cop15


Leo came home from seeing Avatar, he wasn’t very impressed


a week ago I was worried about my 1000+ unread count, now I’m down to 106 and will plough through them before bedtime

tweets for 2009-12-17


shedloads of snow this morning, and a bitter wind


iphone overtakes windows mobile? not surprised http://bit.ly/8IAcSv


Company meeting, I’m to present myself in slides in 30 minutes


dear skriptkiddies, stop ddos:ing Freenode, it’s not worth the effort


survived my presentation phew


the view out of the window is solid white


belly full of Xmas food #sated


time to punch out!


Still light snow falling here in #Stockholm

tweets for 2009-12-16


Ett av få fördelar att pendla från Mörby C: alltid sittplats för liten tupplur #trött #fb


#Skeptoid ep 46 about “reptoids”, weirdest conspiracy theory ever?


to the whiners about “police brutality” in Copenhagen, man up and wear proper clothes

tweets for 2009-12-15


heading to work sans coffee and breakfast - shades of Bataan #bathos


early at work


so unmotivated


I can’t believe I’m writing a BAT file


sweet, my new used HB-1 hood on the 35-70/2.8 won’t shadow the pop-up flash


crap I have to go to the store #dontwann


time for bed after a good day, productive at work, my Dad over for dinner, and fun times on the ’nets

tweets for 2009-12-14


hmm my newly repaired watch stopped during the night… what’s up with that? is my bedroom HAUNTED? #skeptoid


ironically, despite the tight integration into the OS, IE is still slow as a dog


hmm pretty large dent in the corner of my ipod… seems to be working fine though


time to move my email client to the secondary screen, it’s used way less at this place than previous workplace

tweets for 2009-12-13


känner mig mycket “dagen efter” #fb


reset all my FB privacy settings to their old values… will deal with the details later #fb


Panasonic buys Sanyo, merger of the Helveticas! http://is.gd/5lPjz


I wish I could be the dad JG Ballard was http://bit.ly/7OCIjY

tweets for 2009-12-12


Got shots for bacon plague, diphteria, lockjaw and hepatitis #sore

tweets for 2009-12-11


delayed reaction, seeing Vattenfall’s huge logo on some hulking powerplant in Eastern Berlin was surreal


20 minutes left on call


Finally on my home, leaving my coworker to grapple with the balky client: good luck Frank!


the awkward KTH students out for a night on the town take me back down memory lane


jUploadr is a decent Flickr uploader app for Lulnix


teaching my kid about IRC… come to the Dark Side, the water’s fine! #darthnerd


the young man who not 20 minutes said “I’m never going to bed” is fast asleep beside me…

tweets for 2009-12-10


Heading to the salt-mine sans breakfast, planning on picking some up en-route. Never actually done that for this workplace though


patching client installation by hand, I have 28 minutes left in the window


#redline fail, still in Mörby #sl


Pringles and watered wine, fuck yeah

tweets for 2009-12-09


hell of a morning


I find out that my computer can’t reliably burn CDs after sending off 2 of them to clients #fail


God I suck at bowling #nightoutwithwork


Well this is #fail, missed my stop

tweets for 2009-12-08


after a few added buttons my tab order is shot to hell #winforms


Learning C#, one Google query at a time


Imma gone zone out I think


I’d like a Tri-Nikkor 28-55-90 f/4, 55mm with close focus. Small and compact, great image quality #neverhappen #photog


of all the luser-generated-content sites out there, I’m enjoying http://clientsfromhell.tumblr.com/ most right now


why am I still up? time to head to bed

tweets for 2009-12-07


Whoops! Forgot presents for the boys, now I feel crappy……


Weekly support meeting


I think I forgot my lightmeter in Berlin :(


lunch room was packed. Waiting to nuke my overprocessed crap until later


Great Achewood http://www.achewood.com/comic.php?date=12052009


ok gonna make up for a lot of time here


bara jag som tycker att FRAs nya emblem är riktigt snajsigt tydligen http://is.gd/5flx4


sure the LumaLoop looks good and all but it’s the third strap I’ve seen on those general principles #photog


this website has to be seen to be believed http://www.mabou.ca/

tweets for 2009-12-06


Second day of #Berlin09, soon heading to Bauhaus Museum, then Alexanderplatz. Gonna use the 24mm today #photog #fb


Leaving Berlin after 2 awesome days hanging out with @tkjaer and @jedrek. Light could have been better but it’s Dec #berlin09 #photog #fb


Sounds like I need to change to a bus at Schöneweide, the trains don’t run all the way? My German is rusty :(


Landed safely at Skavsta, now in the bus with good tunes, a good book and great memories! #berlin09


met Viking’s old daycare teacher on the plane! Random. Of course it took me 30 min to place her #old


Coach driver just told the front row to turn off their reading lights. The fuck?

tweets for 2009-12-04


new mobile twitter site looks exactly the same as the old one to me


Scratch an anti-muslim and you often find an anti-semite


new hackable “netbook” @PsiXpda http://bit.ly/7yw9WQ #PsiX via @Ewan


At Cityterminalen, what a horrible example of 80s architecture it is #berlin09


Scarfing down an overpriced pasta and beer at Skavsta #berlin09


air travel was never exactly fun, but 9/11 and Ryanair are doing their best to make it as bad as possible


why am I standing in the queue anyway


ok 15 min until scheduled takeoff and the gate still isn’t open. Fighting hard to be like my dad and go with the flow


Arrived Berlin Scönefeld, now on the train to Ostkreuz. Berliners like their trains warm. #fb


seriously this train is like a sauna

tweets for 2009-12-03


SnagIt is the Outlook of screen capture programs


Delicious tells me “1524 Bookmarks” - #FMR


People are too slow to detrain/entrain from the subway


so sick and tired of Yank wingnuts blaming the entire world recession on poor people of colour and the CRA instead of the batshit Randians

tweets for 2009-12-02


assigned 3 new issues to me #work


man this little twitter-to-wordpress hack I’ve coded is just a snarl of regexps separated by colons and whitespace #perl


“As a punishment by Napoléon Bonaparte, Navy officers have not been addressed as ‘mon’ since the Battle of Trafalgar.”– http://is.gd/59N6N


I wonder why my computer is so goddamn slow. Page swapping? #grr


asked IT for another GB of memory, turned out I already had max installed #luser


Leo presented me with a long list of approved works for reading in English, I picked out “A Modest Proposal” (6 pages) as ideal


Peintre de la Marine - http://is.gd/5a3AD


Sweet Åhlens has Pilot G2 XS pens


Alumnipub på #Agero, alltid like trevligt! #fb


reading this typography book in Swedish makes me appreciate the technical precision in the language


of course most of that precision is on loan from German… #oldschool


wtf my phone saying “max number of connections reached” when I’m trying to open the web browser??

tweets for 2009-12-01


Haha Red the vidcam co obviously didn’t count on today being Red the hipster charity day #overload


musically, I’m living on the thin end of the long tail


hating on C# XML processing, but The Pogue’s “Waltzing Matilda” puts it in perspective… C# > Gallipoli, if not by much


Internal launch of Teleopti Pro Call Reporting freemium


eftermiddagsfika: knäckebröd med gravlax #lyx


one of the fun things about learning new programming languages is handling dates and times. c# is complex but complete #hacking


Can’t help but thinking the dude in Assassin’s Creed II is dressed a bit too flamboyantly for a stealthy killer. More like RenFaire clubbing


Äntligen skaffat SL Access #livinginthefuture #fb


even chubby gothgrls in fake fur and goggle glasses use the iPhone! It’s really a hit now


speaking of gothgirls there’s a chick on the tram w/ lashes 2cm and apparently made of solid kohl


a small test, pls ignore http://google.com http://gerikson.wordpress.com http://gerikson.tumblr.com #vanity


I’m so used at Tumblr being used to re-purpose stuff I’m surprised when anyone uses it for original content


F11 gives you full-screen mode in Chrome now? I love how it just updates behind your back


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