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tweets for 2020-12-31

HNY CET +<00:07:00>

tweets for 2020-12-21

“Apple targets car production by 2024” - iRoll (h/t @varjag)

tweets for 2020-12-18

d e c e n t r a l i z e d

tweets for 2020-12-14

It’s starting to become hard to tell all the assholes who happen to have the name “Epstein” apart…

tweets for 2020-12-12

TV4 streamar “Ernsts julbrasa”. Live - soi disant. Har ngn sett om det är hr Ernst själv som lägger på nya klabbar, eller är det en praktikant i flannelskjorta?!

tweets for 2020-12-07

WTF is Apple “Music” (default player on iOS) randomly “starring” songs in albums I’ve purchased?!

Brexiters: clueless about the EU, Northern Ireland, and how the fishing industry works

tweets for 2020-12-03

Let he who has not tried to escape naked through a window from a gay sex orgy cast the first stone


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