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tweets for 2007-03-31

Twitter down: http://tinyurl.com/22tt24

hey, it’s back up!

tweets for 2007-03-30

breakfast, a day of housecleaning in front of me

one load done, should be able to drive 2 more today

one more load, the easy pickings are getting harder to find

Buddy of mine from way back is moving from apt to house, in Göteborg. Weird

New computer wishlist: http://tinyurl.com/2rj668

dinner is frozen lasagna, delicious :)

uninstalled Titan Quest, even if it was a gorgeous game it was getting repetetive

on a related note, how come I’m always running out of disk space?

tweets for 2007-03-29

introducing Linus to Twitter, we’ll see if he bites

interesting post: http://rawsocket.org/?p=369


<L:work> heading homewards to fetch Viking

man there’s a lot of crap in the basement

waiting to head off to the recycling center

This is a string that’s longer than one hundred and forty characters, I’m posting it to check my automatic too-lengthy-message detection in

tweets for 2007-03-28

en route to the salt mine, lovely weather

nice to see the IM’s working

getting timeouts from reads, testing to post

someone has redirected all our admin requests to a HTTPS address, things are breaking right and left

tweets for 2007-03-27

<l:work> marking time before going home

testing with some data that should be URL-encoded: <foo & bar>

tickling my ticker

another tickle

tweets for 2007-03-26

coping with daylight savings time

on my way to work

work, apparently we need a new receptionist


we sign the contract tonight at <19:00>

heading home, butterflies

It’s done! We’re getting the keys 1 Jun. Now to sell the house…

messing around with a timeline viewer, listening to Sympathy for the Devil with Natalie Merchant

tweets for 2007-03-25

made an offer for 4.4 millian for a condo

New post at: http://tinyurl.com/2gxp8h

Twitter madness has gripped me… should I code a badge, methinks?

ok off to bed

tweets for 2007-03-24

feeling sick, suspect strep throat

tweets for 2007-03-23

test message from the commandline

testing with Jim’s bash script

tweets for 2007-03-22

trying to add mc to my friends list, despite the incredible slowness of twitter

observations for 2007-03-17

Robert Scoble:

Ever wonder why Live.com is slower than Google? Hint: it’s cause Google is out executing Microsoft in the datacenter.

I think it’s because Google is running Linux.

observations for 2007-03-13

James Robertson on the RIAA:

The RIAA have the same problem here as the TV and movie studios - while they all chase after the youth demographic, they completely ignore those of us who have non-trivial amounts of disposable income. […] While they all chase after a limited pile of dollars, they leave the much larger pool on the table. Actually, they make sure to stop next to the table and pee on it…

observations for 2007-03-06

David Nessle:

Det gör alltid ett synnerligen kosmopolitiskt intryck på Carl Bildts blogg när han befinner sig på ett utrikesministermöte och sitter och slöbloggar på laptopen samtidigt som den lettiske utrikesministern fåfängt försöker påkalla hans uppmärksamhet från podiet.


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