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tweets for 2011-01-30

just read R. Crumb’s “Genesis” - a powerful work!

Just posted a photo @ Bistro Voltaire http://instagr.am/p/BSvb7/

tweets for 2011-01-29

SVG graphic showing #Linux distributions: http://is.gd/W9T8Aj - it’s almost one distro per user!

tweets for 2011-01-28

Never launch ships, start a voyage, or reinstall Windows on a Friday

WTF is this #browserchoice bullshit? I’ve already installed Chrome, stop fucking bothering me. This is all that’s wrong with the stupid EU

somehow I can’t login to #Stackexchange using my #Wordpress OpenID. Question about it here http://is.gd/gVV5Fq, but no way to participate…

tweets for 2011-01-27

I can’t really use iTunes while my HDD is trashed so I’m manipulating playlists with cat and grep #nerd

tweets for 2011-01-26

#Skeptoid on #Scientology, this ought to be good http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4242

Banhof: “Vi routar runt Datalagringsdirektivet” http://bit.ly/exI76z - BRA! Önskar jag fortfarande hade dom som ISP #fb

tweets for 2011-01-25

new SSD disk crashed so I’m back to the crappy XP disk. It’s gonna be one of those days

I don’t have words for how pissed I am at my computer situation right now. Protip: avoid Corsair brand SSD’s, we’ve had 10 fail at work

computer issues (@ Teleopti AB) http://4sq.com/hgr2jo

Tele2s kundtjänst var faktiskt riktigt trevliga, +1 för dom idag! #fb

tweets for 2011-01-22

France and Africa: Ties across the Mediterranean | The Economist - http://econ.st/hOGaQB via @TheEconomist

tweets for 2011-01-21

I’ve left 3 rather catty answers and comments on photo.stackexchange that will probably rob me of what little reputation I have #grumpy

The Literary Heroism Of U.S. Grant - Ta-Nehisi Coates http://icio.us/q9JppS

tweets for 2011-01-20

I just ousted stefan p. as the mayor of Essingeleden on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/dBXT16

Review of the Domke F-5xb, for @jedrek http://icio.us/evtU2W

Matt Bors: Afghan Life, Part Six - War is Boring http://icio.us/2s7Cau

tweets for 2011-01-19

Detroit - behind the ruin porn #photog #fb http://icio.us/8aBBLn

lol at getting the Crunked badge on #4sq by checking in to a highway, home and two fast food joints

tweets for 2011-01-18

stau (@ Essingeleden) http://4sq.com/e6MR9r

#Conservapedia responds to @StephenFry ‘s needling with implying he’s overweight because he doesn’t believe in God: http://is.gd/iB8ckC #lol

tweets for 2011-01-16

på väg till Ringen med V (@ Sickla Kaj - tvärbana) http://4sq.com/i5bVyB

Chesterfield http://instagr.am/p/BC8M_/

in questionable taste, but damn funny http://i.imgur.com/ZeomD.jpg #Assange

got introduced to #Viber by Hanna, looks pretty damn awesome

tweets for 2011-01-14

The return of “Duck and Cover” http://icio.us/QCbTU7

Death Wears a Snuggie http://icio.us/HKoxgX

“Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation” - http://is.gd/4WAKr2 (for @amendlocke)

tweets for 2011-01-12

more fscking snow… http://instagr.am/p/-jNL/

Localization - harder than you think! http://goo.gl/QmrLY (via @codinghorror)

tweets for 2011-01-10

“Your patience will be tested many times” - reassembling a Leica lens - http://is.gd/kt5mg (by @varjag)

“a law school degree is a pie eating contest where the reward is more pie” http://icio.us/4RVSeI

Engineering maxims related to spacecraft design - http://spacecraft.ssl.umd.edu/akins_laws.html (h/t @varjag) #fb

NY resolution re healthy living broken (@ Café Soir) http://4sq.com/fcEgDt

Read this interesting interview with Bill Joy from ’84: http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~kirkenda/joy84.html

tweets for 2011-01-09

I just ousted @riskera as the mayor of Max Sjöstaden on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/63dJ4h

SOAP madness, explained http://harmful.cat-v.org/software/xml/soap/simple

tweets for 2011-01-07

My inability to grok Twitter lists weighs on my conscience. And yes, I have RTFM #pleaforhelp

Wakefields vaccinbluff diskuterades i Studio Ett idag, men ingen sa att studien var förfalskad #sweskep

tweets for 2011-01-06

Vaccine-Autism Link Not Only Wrong, But an http://shar.es/XOYOn - #sweskep #fb

hey, #GoogleWave is still around! Using it to plan a trip again

Kvällstidning (minns inte vilken): nu stundar “TÖKAOS”. Relaterat: http://is.gd/kfuFW (h/t @kazarnowicz) #fb

tweets for 2011-01-05

cleaning up the old blog… man i’ve written a ton of crap over the years

The Petty Cash of the Sierra Madre #lessambitiousfilms

tweets for 2011-01-04

twitter.theinfo.org - a tool to view a Twitter conversation. By @aaronsw. Example: http://is.gd/k4y86 #fb

For @Veidit: http://www.boingboing.net/2011/01/04/otaku-apartment-phot.html

tweets for 2011-01-03

Things that have now descended to the level of cliché: Detroit Ruin Porn

waiting to hear back from the client if I saved their bacon or not

yet again I reach for the manpage for Perl’s File::Find...

and suddenly I can’t play stuff in iTunes anymore - AGAIN. Ruling out streaming from @sr_nyheter as the cause #fuckingitunes

this season of “24” just took a sharp left turn into ludicrous territory

tweets for 2011-01-02

dusk @ Skagersvägen http://instagr.am/p/1MOR/

I just became the mayor of Arigato Sushi on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/aPXkOm

picking up Leo (@ Sickla Köpkvarter) http://4sq.com/dPXo9D

Drinking the last of the Veuve Clicqout from NYE and watching “24”

Wow “24” is besmirching @schneier by implying “Blowfish 162” has a backdoor!

for all the faults of “24” season 8, John Voigt makes an excellent Big Bad

OK but right now he lost all motivation - “the gvmt knows we have WMDs, our only hope is to deploy them”

Interesting but long read about US evangelicals http://chronicle.com/article/Among-the-Evangelicals/125647/

tweets for 2011-01-01

Tumblr down again, some things never change!

I was told by @jedrek that I would enjoy “24” better if I saw it as SF. Then I saw Brannon Braga is a writer. That explains a lot


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